Replace SBT with what?

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7 hours ago, martinm said:

Thank you.

I'm not sure I want to be dropping £300 on a PSU.

Think I may wait and just get a new unit if when the CDP packs up

The price has escalated massively.  Mine was just over £100. No, I agree, £300 makes no sense for a SBT PSU. 


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18 hours ago, SergeAuckland said:

Yes it can, but only slowly. If you have a large music library, it will take ages (several hours) to index the library, and a long time, many seconds, even minutes, to search the library and find any specific track.  The internal server is best kept only for the occasional USB stick, not for a normal sized library. I tried attaching my hard-drive directly, and it took a very long time to index the library, which at the time was only some 13,000 tracks.   


As Serge says - and the kids stream to their Sonos things.

I had a hard drive plugged in prior to getting a NAS. It kept falling over and having to rescan.

Every time you get a new CD you need to through a right faff to get it on a USB. With the NAS I just pop CD in the computer and it auto rips - job done

Guys thanks for all the responses. I've actually taken the SBT to work.

This with a cheap amp and speakers has replaced the pants old radio! Production is rocking and staff are much happier

I'll revisit the home system again at some point ( possibly some sort of Pi solution)


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