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Found 403 results

  1. I need a Kef B200 / SP1014 8" Mid/Bass drivers PLEASE Thanks
  2. Not sure where the best place to post this was so I've plumped for Analogue section. Looking for one or two of the rubber rings that go around the platter of a Garrard 401 platter to help damp the ringing. hoping to have my plinth at least functional for Scalford so starting to think about set up and I thought a couple of these to play with might help it sound at it's best. cheers

    I'm looking for a decent amp with a phono stage for a friend on a tight budget to match some KEF C10s that I've given him. Budget is less than £50 Please let me know if you have something suitable. I can collect within reasonable distance from Cambs. thanks Adrian

    I'm looking for a decent starter TT for a friend - something like a Project Debut but anything better on offer would be great considering his budget is under £100. I can collect within reasonable distance from Cambs. Please let me know if yo have anything suitable. thanks Adrian

    My 5 shelf Stands Unique is too tall to fit where it needs to go, so I'm looking for a replacement. I still need the equivalent of 5 shelves worth of space (at least), but the new rack needs to be a maximum of around 70cm high (width isn't an issue) Something modular (Atacama Equinox?) might be the answer, or possibly an AV style rack. Edit: it can be pretty much any colour other than black. I can pay cash or do a deal against my current rack if you are interested.
  6. As per the title, looking for an inexpensive female XLR to rca cable, ideally 1m but no more that 2m long. Thanks
  7. I'm looking for a set of seismic bars or podiums at the right price. Must be the right size withe the right springs (my speakers are 28.5cm wide, and weigh 33kg each). Also, must be in good, as new, condition. Thanks.
  8. Looking for a friend who recently borrowed my Leben CS300x (can't bring myself to sell it) and is smitten! Needs to be in v good condition with original packaging etc. European voltage probably OK (he is Polish). Please PM if you are prepared to sell. NB - Has to be the XS version Thanks, Richard

    Bit of a longshot, but this forum has got me itching to try a pair of as the title says if you have a pair available please let me know.
  10. Hi All ive just purchased a nice Denon micro system for my elderly uncle. The only thing missing is an aerial for the am/fm/dab radio. If anyone has a cheap one lying around somewhere, can you please late me know. One of the simple wire ones would do. cheers Rich
  11. As title... Now sorted thanks. Mad-moon thanks for the discrete nod.
  12. Hi, I've got a bit too much gain in my new amp and the built in attentuator on my PSAudio DAC (-20db) is slightly too much. Result is some hiss/white noice from my speakers between tracks, or I set DAC attenuator to on and have to wind the DAC volume up to max. I can't afford a preamp so I'm looking to try a pair of -10db Rothwell XLR attenuators to see if they do the trick without harming the SQ. If anyone has tried these attenuators and has an opinion on their effectiveness (or not), I'd be very interested? Thanks, Mike.
  13. Hi Thinking seriously about changing my room around, this would mean a change of speakers from large floor standing Kef 104/2's to probably a bookshelf type speaker on a stand. Must work close up to a wall. Must not be too big, think Rega RS3 kind of size for floor stander or Acoustic Energy AE1 type size for stand mounters. As present I have some Atacama SE24 stands so something that fitted them would be good. Will be firing across my room about 13 foot accross. I have a few things in mind but a limited budget perhaps £300. (could factor in sale of some of my other speakers to help make it a bit more) I like Royd's so if anyone has some of Royd stand mounts that could be good. Audio note AX-2 would also be cool but don't think budget will stretch that far. Amp is a 18w valve integrated so they will need to be relatively sensitive. Let me know if you've got anything.
  14. Starting to think seriously about how I'm going to arrange my room at Scalford. I've got something for the amp, phono stages and two turntables to stand on. I could do with a Target style type turntable table to complete the set up. Has anyone got one they can loan me or let me have dirt cheap. I know I could use an ikea lack table but I'm trying to get the room "just so" and a Target type table would be ideal. Cheers 0
  15. WANTED

    Hi All I'm looking for a TT for a friend. Budge is around £200 (less would be good) it needs to be simple to set up and maintain. If it came with a decent cart, that would be a bonus. Something like a Rega or similar would be ideal. Thanks Rich
  16. As per title. I've done a search and made a short list but thought I would see what other have to offer before I decide? Thanks.
  17. As title, would love to buy this if any Wammers willing to let it go. Cheers
  18. WANTED

    I am after a phonostage to use with my active system. After playing around with various inputs I have realised that the analogue input on my Nadja DSP is a weak link. So I have decided I would like to try a phonostage with a dedicated ADC, so I can directly input digital. So has someone got a Joplin in the cupboard gathering dust that they want to part with?
  19. WANTED

    Wanted Kuzma Stabi XL, will pay cash or SME 20/3 + cash.
  20. As the title suggests, I am looking for either a Michell Gyrodec or Gyrodec SE without a tonearm. Please pm me if you have one available. Thanks for looking.
  21. Looking for a complete hi fi system near coventry cd turntable amp speakers tuner tape?? full system wanted up to around £1500 for a 2nd system in bedroom also have a quad 909 and 99-2 cd + 99 tuner + pre i can px in also all like new boxed
  22. Hi all, Well after clumsy old me wiped out the cantilever on my AT OC9 last night I'll be on the look out for a replacement. Let me know what you've got for sale. Haven't got loads to spare as not a planned purchase might stretch to somewhere around the £300 to £350 mark but would prefer less if possible. Cheers
  23. Looking for pair of these, preferably with stands (Something Solid preferred). Have mint pair of Harbeth P3 ESR's in Eucalyptus on Something Solid stands which would be prepared to part ex if interested.
  24. WANTED

    Looking for pair of these, preferably with stands (Something Solid preferred). Have mint pair of Harbeth P3 ESR's in Eucalyptus on Something Solid stands which would be prepared to part ex if interested.
  25. Would someone have 8 x small michell tenderfeet they wish to sell me? Kindly pm if you can help me out. Thanks.