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  1. This is the original Dacmagic 1 and was highly rated, it sounds very good to me. In its' original box. I am asking £40 local pickup would post for actual postage cost which would be about £15 extra.
  2. £799 plus £20 shipping. Probably the neatest computer audio solution currently available. Can be set up in minutes (provided your music server is all in order). I was one of the first in the UK to get hold of the microRendu and also the Uptone LPS-1. Having been into computer audio myself for well over 10 years, I can say without a doubt that this is a superb computer audio solution. Personally, I prefer the sound of highly-tweaked audio PCs, but to get one to perform optimally you'll need to spend literally thousands of pounds... and a similar number of hours This microRendu with LPS-1 supply will get you 90% there, with a fraction of the time and cost involved. I've been using the microRendu with Roon, which I now consider to best music management/player solution on the planet. And if you're a little more adventurous, you can feed Roon to HQPlayer and start using the latter's filters and noise-shapers. The whole world of leading-edge computer audio will be open to you. Here's what Chris Connaker over at had to say about the microRendu: The Sonore microRendu is the hottest piece of hardware in HiFi. It's versatile while avoiding the jack of all trades moniker. The mR was custom designed and built to deliver USB audio in the most pristine way possible, and it accomplishes this goal magnificently. Versatile software with uncompromising inflexible hardware is a great combination. There is one way in and one way out, Ethernet to USB. Don't like it, move on. Those willing to try the microRendu will likely be as impressed as I am. With the mR in my system, I'm getting the best sound I've ever heard in my house. That said, it may not be the best "source" available because all components are user and system dependent. Users seeking local storage, network-less audio, and a software/hardware solution from a single vendor must look elsewhere. Everyone else should seek out the microRendu without apprehension. The ultra low noise bespoke design of this unit, a micro computer designed for audio only, has lead to some amazing listening experiences for me over the last several weeks. From the beautiful distortion of Hendrix to the simplistic vocals and whisper soft trumpet of Chet Baker, the microRendu enabled all the music to shine in its best light. I don't believe I've had a sonically better source connected to my system at any time. This listing includes a silver microRendu, a black LPS-1, an iFi 9v supply (with the required 2A output) and also a custom-made DC lead with gold-plated connectors. Everything (apart from the older DC lead) is in as 'new condition'. All original packaging included. If I wasn't into building my own state-of-the-art audio PCs, there's no way I'd be selling this. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers, Mani.
  3. SALE

    Wilson Sophia 1 for sale in their stunning gloss black finish, but with custom-made silver/grey grilles. I waited decades to get Wilsons and I bought these blind. They were better than I ever imagined and although revealing, did a great job with less high-res files too. Incredible dynamics, detail and lifelike sound...and had no problems working wonders in a small room. Thy do have a few minor scratches as you'd expect for their age, but nothing really noticeable. They come with spikes and have had their binding posts upgraded to WBT terminals professionally - the original brass ones were too close together to accept larger speaker cable like my Transparent Super. They also comes with the original black grilles. If you are looking to step into the realm of truly dynamic, clear and heart-stopping high end but have a limited budget....these are what you need to hear. 2800 GBP. Collection from Wells, Somerset. No boxes for couriers for these, and they weigh around 40kg each. I will be back in the UK from 1-7 April and can demo and take more detailed photos then.
  4. SALE

    OK..... I'm not absolutely sure this is what I want to be doing, so it's a bit of a toe in the water jobbie...... If I were to say my lovely Oracle Delphi IV and SME IV were for sale , together or say £3K ( OR DECENT OFFERS) for the Oracle and £1.5K for the arm, would anyone be interested? Loads of pics on the net, mine are bog standard. Just fancy a change and need to see how much I could raise before going hunting.....
  5. SALE

    Selling my mint denon amplifier only purchased it about a month ago from home sound Edinburgh. The amp comes with a two year warranty but not sure if its transferable but happy to help at my end if in the unlikely event a fault was to occur.Reason for sale is a just purchased a unison unico and can't keep both unfortunately. : ) Price is £450 and happy to arrange a courier for UK sale thanks. Location is Edinburgh.
  6. SALE

    Pass Labs XA60.5 monobloc power amps. Super high end and ridiculously expensive amps from this top US brand. Bought from another wammer and hardly used before I emigrated, much to my dismay. Pure class A. They produce such musical detail it's astounding with oodles of quality power. They are RARE to find for sale in the UK and were imported from USA by previous owner...therefore they are 140v and come with a step-up transformer. Boxed as new. 4500 GBP. They provide 60w per channel into 8 ohms, 120w into 4 ohms. Full power gain is 1.10, high freq 100 khz, gain is 26dbs, power consumption is 200w, distortion is just 1% at full power. They measure 19x7x19 inches and weigh 62 lbs. Courier options given on request, all located in Wells, Somerset. I won't be back to give any demos until beginning of April, but collection is welcome before then. Would obviously prefer to keep them in the Wam so giving it a little while here before I advertise them more widely. Happy to listen to sensible offers too.
  7. SALE

    For sale, a fantastic pair of Helicon 800's in piano cherry. They are in superb condition throughout. Grilles are perfect and the bi-wire links are installed. Rare speakers in even rarer condition. Any demo welcome and I can possibly help with transport if needed (by arrangement) to keep them fresh. No boxes so it's strictly no 3rd party couriers for these. The phone pictures don't do them justice. The cabinet finish is superb. £2000
  8. For sale is Lucid Da9624 Dac. Comes with coax, toslink and AES input. XLR and jack out. Also have decent headphone amplifier. One of the volume knobs missing - can swap. Can also be used as pre as have volume control. Great pro dac on cheap. £80 delivered for this one Also have Firestone Fubar Dac USB only. Great USB dac. Can swap opamps to get dofferent sound. Sounds very good on budget. £35 delivered. Payment over Bank transfer.
  9. For sale are my KEF Reference 205 Speakers in Maple Veneer with Black hardware, Grilles, and Original Boxes. (Great Yarmouth NR31) These were bought as an upgrade to my KEF Reference 203s as I love the super clean, detailed KEF sound, but I just wanted it slightly bigger than the 203s delivered. The 205s fit the bill perfectly, and the MK1s with the hypertweeter are (IMO) better than the MK2s. I bought this pair from an audio technician, who I believe purchased them new. I was looking for a cherry pair, but couldn't find one anywhere and so bought this pair. The speakers are in great condition, apart from one mark on the side of one speaker, where the previous owner's guitar fell and hit the speaker. The Maple speakers usually come with silver hardware, but the previous owner specified black hardware when he purchased them. I think this looks much better than the silver as the silver KEF used looks cheap. I have now found a pair in a cherry finish, so this Maple pair are now surplus to requirements. More pics to follow soon. £2395ono From the KEF Website: Reference Series Model 205 (2001-06) Model 205 was a four-way floor standing reflex system primarily for use in free space, but also useable against a boundary with correct setting of the three position ‘boundary compensation device’. It was the successor to Model 3 and was suitable as a main speaker in medium to large sized rooms or as a surround speaker in multi-channel systems based around Model 205 or 207 front speakers. Specification: Model 205System type: Four-way, floor standingEnclosure type: ReflexDimensions (H x W x D): 1155 x 285 x 433mm (45.5 x 11.2 x 17 inches)Weight: 33kg (72.6 lbs)Nominal impedance: 8 ohms (3.2 min.)Amplifier requirements: 50-300WFrequency response: 45Hz to 55kHz +/-3.0dBSensitivity: 90dB at 1m for 2.83VMaximum output: 115dBSystem: SP3354Drive Units: 2 x B200 bass unit (SP1467), B160 Uni-Q (SP1447), NT19 Hypertweeter (SP1476)Crossover: SP2364 and SP2372 (SP2417 and SP2418)
  10. No idea what these go for its just gathering dust but 1meter long with 4 block extension £30 plus postage cheers
  11. SALE

    I'm selling my world-class Modwright LS36.5 valve pre-amp. This needs no introduction as it's known to be one of the best on the market. Over 5000 GBP new, this one is around 6 years old I believe and I had a valve specialist in the UK perform the following upgrades: replaced the 5AR4 rectifier with a Mullard GZ34, higher spec fuse and 4 capacitors. Perfect condition, boxed with remote but no power cord. The sound has brilliant imagery and realism, ideal in front of a SS power amp. I really have no good reason to sell this other than I'll probably buy an integrated for my new house abroad. 2400 GBP but happy to listen to sensible offers. Location for collection is Wells, Somerset but this can be couriered. I'll give it a couple of weeks here on the Wam before advertising it more widely. Specs: 1 XLR input and 1 XLR balanced output 4 RCA inputs and 2 RCA outputs Home Theatre Bypass function remote control for volume, phase, mute. gain is -12dbs 27 lbs
  12. SALE

    I have a few bits to sell, I will include the postage costs in the prices which will be up to 3 day economy delivery via Post Office I have one pair of original version 1m Merlin Chopin RCA interconnects, these are the flat versions with the blue noise absorbing system on them £38 (these are a real steal) TCI 94cm Constrictor power cable with AMR fuse £50 & an unused TCI 90cm+ Constrictor cable, never been opened from box although the box has very mild damage to it (no special fuse included) £50 Kimber 8PR speaker cable, each of the 2 lengths measures approximately 2.25m with no original factory termination although banana connectors are supplied £70 Kimber 4TC long(ish) home made style jumpers with solder splodge over the nice looking banana connectors all in bare form(no heat shrink wraps) The 4TC jumpers are not half bad at all the way they should and bend nicely when they're all connected £16 A pair of 1.6m Ridge Street Audio Design Poiema! speaker cables (googling them shows they are spade lugged), can negotiate the price down a bit from the £170 I feel these are worth. Please Private Message me any enquiries/offers etc...discretion always highly valued To add to the list I'm selling a Kimber Kable PK10 1.6m power cable....Quite simply I have too many power cables ranging from Wireworld Electra/Silver Electra/Nordost Vishnu/Thrax Blue etc. My Simaudio Neo transport/DAC runs off a home brewed DH labs cable in 4m configuration which beats out the water the far more expensive power cables for this one piece of equipment. I'm looking for £135 for the Kimber PK10 PC that has a Wattgate 320i IEC and basic Clipsal see through uk plug containing AMR 13A fuse Also library pic of it's hoselike quality
  13. I have for sale a Pair of Crystal H Interconnects These were initially designed by Russ Andrews with Kimber produced materials and sold for a while as a Crystal H interconnect with the signal travelling one end using copper and coming back the other way using silver. They proved to be a very useful interconnect and was rebadged & rebranded to sell internationally by Kimber Kable using the same choice of phono connecters Russ had chosen for this particular interconnect. Kimber Kable put these in the Hero catergory and renamed and rebranded them as Kimber Kable Hero Hybrid (Hero HB for short) The original Kimber Hero interconnect is more the budget interconnect although pretty good it does not fall into the same league as the Hybrid Hero which now sells on Russ Andrew website for £779 1m in length with Ultra plate RCA connectors and £1006 for 1m pair using WBT copper connectors. In my opinion the WBT connectors are an old design RCA connectorthat does not warrant the mark up in price (I think Russ and Kimber are just being a bit cheeky there) I had the original ultraplate connectors on my Crystal H interconnects and enjoyed them enough that I wanted to upgrade connector mainly due to one of the ends having a slight loose connection. I chose to try the new Eichmann KLEI Pure Harmony Phono/RCA connectors brought from Mark Grant and soldered on professionally by him, these are pure silver connectors. Sonically they made quite a difference to how they were before, I've been very pleased by them to date. My asking price bearing in mind the connector upgrade cost me almost £120, I would like £225 for these. Feel free to ask me anything in PM Also here is a review for them although the publisher has added a picture of the inferior more basic Kimber Hero interconnect rather than a picture of the Hero Hybrid interconnect to confuse matters!
  14. SALE

    Up for grabs less than a month old Chord mojo, I like the sound quality hence im selling to climb chord very exspensive ladder! Using as a line level dac In to my pathos amp and enjoyed the results, Selling with the leather case and Audioquest evergreen headphone to rca cable Have box and recipt for peace of mind for new owner £360 inc postage bargain! Or local pick up is fine were in ringwood hampshire
  15. SALE

    Having now resurrected my Castle Stirlings to carry out midrange duties in my 4 way active setup the time has come to move on my Fostex 206en Back Loaded Horns. Ive had these for almost 4 years and loved their detailed sound working well with my MingDa 845 monoblocks. The only reason for selling them is because using them for just midrange duties was not making best use of thier potential - particularly with lower powered valves. detail of the stepped horn driver phase plug The cabinets are built to the fostex plans from mdf with a brushed on Oak stain I added phase plugs and damping to the driver chassis as on this thread 1100 x 500 x 340 mm they are neither small nor light and need to collected from Wrexham and you can have audition too. Only shown one speaker....they are a pair -lol. The drivers are £250 a pair new alone so you get the cabs free £250 ono
  16. SALE

    Very good condition pioneer BDP LX88 with original box,still has 5 months warranty left on the unit.not a mark on it. £600 or sensible offers
  17. SALE

    Self titled solo album reissue Ba Da Bing! ‎– Bing 075, Universal Music Special Markets ‎– B0015254-01 Sealed of course £60 plus postage Ta Danny
  18. SALE

    My Wadia 8 is up for sale! Beautiful half-width transport (but the depth does go back a fair way) from the pioneers of digital. I've owned this transport since 2006 and it's worked faultlessly. The laser was checked over by a specialist in 2014 and deemed fine. I first had it connected to its sister DAC, the Wadia 15 (sold) and since then the Wadia 321 which will also be up for sale. You know the build. It's heavy and seriously well built. It weighs as much as most good amplifiers. Please check the web for reviews and specs if you need them. These units were well over 3000 GBP back in the early 1990s. A taste of American digital high end for 800 GBP here. Collection from Wells, Somerset or could possibly courier.
  19. I messed up my training shoe purchase a few months ago. I have been buying Salomon trainers (the predecessor of these) for years with no problem until they were replaced with these These are Salomon mens XA Pro 3D GTX trail running shoes in black UK size9. The GTX means they have Gortex and are good for winter/wet weather. I wore their predecessors as casual trainers. Note these are the new model and now appear to be coming up narrow which is why I am selling them. Anyway, the new model doesn't fit me, they are too narrow. The retailer I bought them from won't take them back as I have worn them once for about 20 minutes and because I'm lazy it took me months to contact them. Price: £45 plus postage OR collection from AL10 (bank transfer or cash). This price is less than half I paid and they are in as new condition.
  20. Hi Forum members, I have for sale my Sonneteer Orton VII Amplifier. It was bought on this forum last year and it's been lightly used. As much as I love the sound of this amplifier it never worked in our L shaped room. It's in good condition. A few marks on the top of the casing and the front panel is in excellent condition. I have the remote and power lead with it. I can post this item securely or collection from Leeds is welcome. Any other questions please ask. Pictures willl be uploaded soon. £900 ONO. Thanks
  21. SALE

    Anyone collect old 35mm compact cameras? I have a Halina Micro 35 with its soft case, metal wrist strap and user manual, and a Konica Z-up 60e with original soft case and wrist strap. The sponge inside the door of the Halina has gone sticky so either needs removing or replacing. The Konica has a new CR2 battery and works fine. Halina Micro 35 - £5.00 Konica Z-up 60e - £10.00
  22. For sale: a pair of 1m Coherent Systems 3D interconnects, terminated with (I believe) Eichmann silver bullets. These are very high-end ICs costing £750 new: I've owned these for 2 years and have been absolutely delighted with them. A huge upgrade from several mid-range cables I owned before. Price is £195 delivered.
  23. £599 & £20 shipping. Please note: This converter is only 16/44.1 capable. If you're into hirez or upsampling, this unit is NOT for you. However, if most of the music you listen to is actually 16/44.1 (which can sound stunning anyway) then read on! This is probably the hardest item I've ever had to list. It took me 5 years of constant nagging to get Pat at AR-T to make one of these for me... really! (Feel free to ask him yourself if you think I'm exaggerating!) If you have a state-of-the-art DAC and use its spdif input exclusively, you need to use the highest quality USB-to-spdif converter, and there are only two converters worth considering: the Berkeley and the AR-T. Period. Pat calls this unit the 'Veloce'. It's actually a Legato without a built-in power supply, but rather a 9v DC input socket instead. This listing includes the superb Paul Hynes 9v PSU (best quality PSU available), and also a custom-made AR-T USB cable that Pat made up especially for me. Feel free to read more about the Legato on the AR-T website here: And if you really want to know what all the fuss is about, read here: Good luck! This unit is special... really, really special. My preferred DAC has no spdif input - if it did, I'd be taking this unit to the grave with me. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers, Mani.
  24. £159 & £20 shipping. Here is my Furutech RD-2, which I've owned from new. The Furutech uses a powerful ring magnet. It first ramps up voltage to magnetize the CD resting stationary above, then reverses polarity to demagnetize the charge in what's referred to as a "loop ebbing" process. If you're into ripping your CDs to a hard-drive, this Furutech will probably not make any difference to the sound (especially if you're using dBpoweramp or EAC). But if you have a good CD transport/player and prefer to play CDs in real time (many believe this still gives the best sound quality), then this machine is an absolute must for optimal performance. I can't for the life of me find the original packaging, but will ensure the unit is well packaged for shipping. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers, Mani.
  25. £315 & £20 shipping. Here is a superb pair of Jade Audio Vermeil Gold 1m interconnects, which I've owned from new. Jade Audio no longer offer these Vermeil Gold interconnects, which I think is a real shame. From the Jade Audio website: Vermeil Gold (gold plated silver conductors) This is a gold plated silver wire specifically developed for my interconnects. The silver wire is a 99.99% pure soft temper annealed silver wire. 99.99% pure gold plating is applied to the surface of the silver conductor in various thicknesses depending on the wire gauge. The finer wire has the thicker gold plating, allowing for more gold to be carrying the treble signal, thus greater color and hue in the treble notes. The heavier gauge wire has thinner gold plating, allowing the bass signal to benefit from the power and slam of silver. This allows for the unprecedented coefficient of resistance only found in silver while providing the sonic richness and naturalness of gold. Not only does this create a conductor beyond the performance of any other material, but due to gold’s resistance to corrosion, these wires are not prone to tarnish and any associated drop in performance. The other benefit is of course cost, for a fraction of the cost of solid gold, Vermeil wire provided 90% of the performance and 1/5th the cost. This particular pair have the superb Furutech FP-101 Gold RCA connectors. Although the cables look (and indeed are) rather thick, they are actually very light in weight because the gold-plated silver wires have no actual covering - they are surrounded by virgin cotton, so essentially air becomes the dielectric. And air is absolutely the best dielectric there is! To get a pair of these into the UK today would cost well over £1,000 (after import taxes and shipping). These are truly superb interconnects. Give them a go - I think you'll be over the moon. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers, Mani.