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  1. All the above is spot on. If you're not tempted by Rab's Telefunkens I can flog you some genuine Mullard ECC88 gold pins but I'd steer you in the direction of the JJs too!
  2. Yep, very pleased with speed and space! Just the floor now, that pile of wood in front of it! Once the foundations were done the rest was pretty quick and our guy has creocoted everything that we can't get at. The actual cosy of this shed Annabel from tuin.co.uk is around £3,200 with extra thick floor and 40mm wall logs
  3. Don't know what the acoustics will be like but my new garden office /workshop is 5 x 4 metres and very nicely finished. Comes as a kit and inc. build foundations etc comes in around £4k without wiring costs. No planning permission required as less than 2.5m in height
  4. I've just spent a couple of hundred quid on a Rega Planar 3 and RB 300. Add an AT95e to the package and it's within your budget and I'm sure I'll be a happy bunny. Even in the days I had a fully pimped LP12 Aikito and moving coil cartridge I always hankered after a Rega Planar 3 and RB300, so I've finally scratched the itch. But my needs are different to most. Demand for my preamps with phono stage and phono stages is such that I needed a decent vinyl source along with my computer simulated RIAA curve and test gear to try out the phono stages. I kept some bootlegs and other special recordings when I flogged the Linn set up, so have some decent material. Let's wait and see if I get bitten by the vinyl bug again!
  5. Tempting to say it's my super dynamic graphene-based earthing system guaranteed to stop all hum anywhere in your system but April 1's gone! It's for the earth post for phono use more than line.........
  6. Here's some pics of the finished products. The phono stage is also available at various levels /costs as a stand alone unit.
  7. It's always exciting unwrapping a new box of casework for the AD Audio preamps. These are selling well in both phono and line variants, some with remote and others with attenuators. It seems to hit the spot in terms of high performance at reasonable cost. The line variant comes in a shallower case than the phono version which packs in entirely separate power supplies for the phono stage as well as the phono part itself.
  8. This would have made much more sense if posted 10 days ago
  9. Cables! 20 years ago I spent a lot of money on interconnects and speaker cables only to discover that a) I could make an equal interconnect for much less and b) the expensive speaker cables actually made my solid state amp oscillate because of too much inductance on long runs!
  10. Wilmslow pcbs are decent quality and as others have said will clean up well. I've yet to see one lift despite several solderings. The pcbs are also generic, despite the individual crossover being bespoke, so there are other holes that can be used for soldering connections too. Check that all the original components are soldered in properly (they aren't always on Wilmslow's crossovers) and if you are thinking of upgrading then the inductors are the place to look if throwing any serious power at your speakers. The inductors are generally small gauge air cores which I would guess will saturate if given any serious power. Caps are generally decent quality polyprops.
  11. Funny thing this. A longish thread about Dacs and (unless I missed it) no mention of one of the biggest differentiators of Dacs-Non Oversampling /non digitally filtered or the usual oversampling /digitally filtered. I strongly suggest you listen to these different topologies and whilst a bake off is a great starting point, IMO you need to do a home demo of a shortlist to really know whether you can live with a particular Dac or not
  12. I know 7DJ8 is 7v but I was asking you if you know what voltage the heater circuit of your pre is? Some manufacturers run PCC88 or 7DJ8 on 6.3v. I think CJ run theirs on 6.58v, a little high for 6.3v heaters but easily dropped with a resistor as 7DJ8s are harder to come by than some other types
  13. Tube Amp Doctor http://www.tubeampdoctor.com/en/shop_Tubes_amp_Accessoires_NOS_Rare_amp_Vintage/?page=2 But is your pre running 6.3v or 7v heaters? If 6.3v, easily checked with the fast responding CJ technical help e mail, you can use ECC88 rather than PCC or 7DJ8 David
  14. Hi All, My first visit to Scalford and a very enjoyable occasion in many ways. I went with a couple of clients and met another potential one there which made it fun, but of course the best bit was poking around many rooms. At risk of missing praise to many I'll pick a few that did the biz for me. Brumjam's system with DDDac etc sounded great to me both form the source, amplification and speakers point of view. I loved Ross's speakers. Great sound and amazing walkaround imaging. If tehy were waterproof I'd have a pair for the garden! I didn't expect that at all. I enjoyed the Mastersound 845 integrated, cause I've got the monoblocks, the small JBL speakers which I think use the same drivers as the much more pricey Zingali version, Ian's system, a room full of Audio Note stuff sounding like a room full of Audio Note stuff, and others I can't remember. I'll definitely think about exhibiting my wares next year, but with a Wammer's system or parts thereof, so it's not just about my gear. Most of all it was great putting faces to names etc and meeting some friendly competition over a fast moving half day Sunday. If I missed anything it was hearing some mega horn set ups with tiny SE amplification. I don't come across those so often so it's always a joy to behold. David
  15. I havn't measured on those particular amps as hum wasn't a problem either before or after repairs /upgrades. But with my 94db speakers if I can only hear hum with my ear very close to the speakers in a quiet room that normally means less than 0.5mv