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  1. Bumped and now a bargain at £300
  2. Hi Garcar, Your amp is not autobiasing-it's manual hence the pots. I don't quite understand exactly what you mean by Can you explain further?
  3. I'm selling these on behalf of a client who's upgraded to my KT150 amps and preamp. These have been converted to cathode follower design as an improvement over the original hummy WAD design. The build contains every possible upgrade including: Tocos carbon pot in shunt mode with Vishay naked foil resistors, Vishay naked foil grid resistors, Jupiter beeswax signal caps. The power supply has an upgraded 30 Henry choke, Schottky heater diodes, and Hexfred HT diodes. The valve is an ECC88 gold pin Mullard. Excellent sounding line pre in daily use. Front panels in good condition, some scratches on sides of black chassis.
  4. I should also add that the KT150s come with Tung Sol 6SL7s as standard, but there is scope for tube rolling there. The heater supply is very easily configurable for 12.6v and my colleague who runs a pair of the prototypes loves using some NOS 12SL7s here. 12SL7s have always been much cheaper than their 6SL7 (6 volt) equivalent
  5. Thanks for the good wishes Guys! And well spotted Jamie! The kit versions have always used the KT120s and the original set of KT120s is still going strong after 5 years in the original kit prototype which is very decent life. However the KT120 is running at around 85% of its max rating. In practice this means there is quite a high rejection rate of tubes not quite operating to specification. As a small enterprise, it's easier for me to use 150s and not have to end up sending back tubes that don't quite meet spec. Some people prefer the sound of the KT150 over the 120 too, and the 150 is running at 75% of max rating so it's being run less hard. In terms of looks, most including me prefer the KT150 look.
  6. Wembley are a good shout. I don't know if they repair voice coils but they do practically everything else for speakers. Wit a £1,299 quote well worth a try!
  7. Does Spotify use this too? I've never liked their SQ
  8. A PS really. After my two helpful conversations with Parcelforce and Border Force, duty was removed and VAT reassessed at £8. Note to Brexiters: is this a foretaste of life after the EU?
  9. AD Audio has agreed a licensing arrangement with Oddwatt Audio of the USA to produce their amplifiers and preamplifiers under licence. The first production models are the KT150 monoblocks, which use a novel CCS circuit to pump out 50 watts of glorious Class A with no feedback, and a preamp which is available as a line only or phono and line model. These are both now available. The KT150 amplifiers are called the Cannonballs,and the preamp is called the 'Satchmo'. These are amplifiers and preamps that measure as well as they sound and provide adequate drive for even the most demanding of speakers. For full details and specifications see here https://adaudio.wordpress.com
  10. I'm not really a solid state man as I specialise in valve gear and Dacs but I get a few solid state amps in to repair and I'm often amazed by their sound quality. Again, I don't go out my way to listen to many new solid state amps but get to hear some at clients' /friends' houses and I would wager that a competently modded good 'un would still be hard to beat. Most importantly, you already know you like the sound!
  11. Well blow me down! two quick phone calls-to Parcelforce and Border Force-where I speak to knowledgeable helpful staff and the problem appears to be sorted. The sender had written the value in Taiwanese Dollars 800 = £20 approx, hence the steep duty. I am supposed to receive a call back within 72 hours following reassessment or if not I can call back on the same number. Fingers crossed then!
  12. Certainly worth a phone call before deciding anything further! Thanks for the advice Guys
  13. I'm not VAT registered otherwise I could just reclaim on my next return. It is a legitimate business expense whatever happens. Would recovering it be so bad? Tax returns /rebates seem to get dealt with fairly efficiently these days
  14. The problem there is no process of appeal with Parcelforce. The only options are: 1. pay and try and reclaim from HMRC 2. let the parcel go back to taiwan and lose all or at least the transport part of it. As I need these parts, option (1) seems better but one wonders about one's chances with HMRC. The seller states he declared the correct value and I trust him: why would he declare a higher value? Possibly it is a decimal point issue