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  1. Back in the 1980's going from passive B&W DM2A speakers to active Meridian M1's with a 101 pre-amp. Moving from them to Meridian M10 actives was a difference rather than an improvement, but changing the pre with them to a Burmester 808 was.
  2. Well luckily we were mid terrace at that time and they had to come over the fences in three back gardens to get to us. This limited what they could take. No money or jewellery in the house, but they seemed to target the HiFi and records. All the HiFi was to heavy for them to remove by the route they came as they could not get out via the front door and porch, but it did sustain some repairable damage. They did seem to be fairly knowledgeable as from about 1,500 records I had at that time they took virtually all the Japanese pressings I had, about 20. Luckily not totally knowledgeable or possibly no time to check as they left some greater value original pressings.
  3. Yes this is a fabulous 10" LP that I play often. It is a digital recording, but sounds great on vinyl. I did at one time have two copies an original UK pressing and a Japanese pressing. The Japanese mastering and pressing was better still. Unfortunately it was stolen years ago when I was burgled. At least the burglar had good taste.
  4. Easily adjustable to what you want with the loading plugs.
  5. I am 70 and my last hearing test showed only slightly better upper frequency loss than expected for my age, but I still find that too many modern speakers have an upward tilted upper frequency balance and sound to 'bright'. So I would probably running from the room if I had my 20 year old ears back!
  6. I am in the camp that thinks the DL103 (no experience of the DL110) is one of the few real audio bargains (I run one alongside a Cadeza Blue and Koetsu Rosewood), but as has been said above it really needs the correct arm (fairly high mass i.e 16g+) and correct loading to sound anywhere near its best. If you are using the Thorens as in your profile then the arm mass is nowhere near enough (7.5g) and it would not be a good match. You can add extra mass to the headshell, but not ideal probably with that arm. I not sure your phono stage would be ideal either. A new stylus would be the best bet.
  7. Yes as long as any weight is evenly distributed they they will take a heavy loading without any problems. I have had two marble slabs, just about the full size of the top and a 35kg turntable (probably about 70kg total) on mine for years without problem. These setup has been better for isolation of the turntable than any commercial 'proper' racks I have used in the past.
  8. Ph of 4 seems a bit acidic, well enough to kill some fish, but not enough to put on my chips. I'll have to find some litmus paper. I was really talking about well over 25 (some) years ago when we had a still (time flies). We had pretty much moved all of our QC type of analysis to NIR by the time I left. With some HPLC done in our central research lab.
  9. If you really want to have water of reliable purity you need to know that the supplier is producing it to an agreed standard on the levels of impurities and carrying out regular testing, e.g. Reagent Chemical grade (what we used to call ANLAR). Also if you store it for a time and keep opening the container it is not going to stay pure for very long. When I managed a QC lab some years ago we distilled all our own water with a large glass still and used it straight away for critical analysis. This still had to be taken apart cleaned and decontaminated ever couple of weeks and that was a time consuming procedure. Then if I needed any pure water I could just take some home. Unfortunately not available to me now, but as in my post above IMHO water from a clothes dryer condenser, if you have one, is likely to be a safer bet (and fit for purpose) than from some uncertified supplier off ebay. Some guidance on water purity here: https://www.orf.od.nih.gov/PoliciesAndGuidelines/Documents/DTR White Papers/Laboratory Water-Its Importance and Application-March-2013_508.pdf
  10. If you have a condenser clothes dryer then the water from them is virtually distilled. Should have no mineral content as just condensed steam. It is worth filtering through a paper coffee filter into a cleaned and flushed (with the condensate) container just incase a tiny bit of clothes fluff manages to pass the condenser.
  11. I note earlier that you say there was a channel imbalance. Did you cure this? This is usually due to incorrect azimuth and apparently the instructions for the Stogi arm were incorrect re setting this and also ambiguous regarding setting the correct tracking weight to ensure it is correct at the record surface. See Michael Fremer's review: http://www.analogplanet.com/content/kuzma-stogi-s-se-12-tonearm-vta-tower-serious-overachiever#Gbg8iysPhv8sOfZf.97 Generally I find that most cartridges like about two thirds of the tracking weight as bias, but some makers recommend little or none. Still best set with a test record and then fine tuned with music program by ear. It maybe the MC10 prefers very little. Can you just disable it entirely or remove the bias weight to try? If all the above is OK and it just about tracks the side 1 +14db track and only slightly buzzes on the side 2 +15db tracks then I would not worry too much as that is about as good as I can get on my Ortofon Cadenza Blue in an SME V, and it still sounds secure on demanding music tracks.
  12. For me still the best speakers I have heard were/are the Apogee Scintilla ribbons from 1985 or perhaps the even earlier Beverage electrostatics, but you need a very large and well acoustically treated room to get them to work properly as well as a very capable power amp able to deal with the very low impedance. I nearly brought a pair of Scintillas in the 80's, but my very honest dealer dissuaded me from doing so because my room was too small and they would just not sound good. So I 'm still running my 36 year old active Meridian M10's, that I had slightly modified by Meridian before a purchase from new, as they still have IMHO a correct frequency response curve and sound correct rather than 'impressive'. There are many components of loudspeakers that have shown improvement especially with 'box' Loudspeakers. The cabinets and materials, drive units etc. but unfortunately too manufactures are now producing, for whatever their reasons speakers with an incorrectly tailored frequency response. I can't really understand makers like B & W who put a lot of money, research and effort into most aspects of their loudspeakers. They clearly know what they are doing, yet sell speakers with such odd frequency curves. The result to me are in most cases all to audible. I suppose they also know what sells quickly & well?
  13. If in London then Ray's Jazz Shop inside Foyles in Charring Cross Road always has a good selection of both new & S/H CD's and LP's. If starting a collection then although I have been critical of one or two them (mastering) when I have compared to original pressings in general the DeAgostini Jazz 33 reissues are very good, giving good coverage. They are now up to number 29. I have 27 of them ( only one returned) and with the one exception all have been amongst the flattest and quietest pressings I have. Search not showing thread on here under Recorded Music somewhere? But also a thread here: http://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/showthread.php?t=183254&highlight=DeAgostini+Jazz You can take out a subscription online or order through your newsagent. Back numbers available from their website. https://www.deagostini.com/uk/collections/jazz-vinyl/
  14. Is this thump problem volume control dependant? If I switch my DM25 DAC, that is contected to my active speakers via my pre-amp, on or off with the volume control in my normal listening position it makes an unnervingly loud crack/thump even if a different input is selected. With the volume control at zero there is just a small click.