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  1. For me still the best speakers I have heard were/are the Apogee Scintilla ribbons from 1985 or perhaps the even earlier Beverage electrostatics, but you need a very large and well acoustically treated room to get them to work properly as well as a very capable power amp able to deal with the very low impedance. I nearly brought a pair of Scintillas in the 80's, but my very honest dealer dissuaded me from doing so because my room was too small and they would just not sound good. So I 'm still running my 36 year old active Meridian M10's, that I had slightly modified by Meridian before a purchase from new, as they still have IMHO a correct frequency response curve and sound correct rather than 'impressive'. There are many components of loudspeakers that have shown improvement especially with 'box' Loudspeakers. The cabinets and materials, drive units etc. but unfortunately too manufactures are now producing, for whatever their reasons speakers with an incorrectly tailored frequency response. I can't really understand makers like B & W who put a lot of money, research and effort into most aspects of their loudspeakers. They clearly know what they are doing, yet sell speakers with such odd frequency curves. The result to me are in most cases all to audible. I suppose they also know what sells quickly & well?
  2. If in London then Ray's Jazz Shop inside Foyles in Charring Cross Road always has a good selection of both new & S/H CD's and LP's. If starting a collection then although I have been critical of one or two them (mastering) when I have compared to original pressings in general the DeAgostini Jazz 33 reissues are very good, giving good coverage. They are now up to number 29. I have 27 of them ( only one returned) and with the one exception all have been amongst the flattest and quietest pressings I have. Search not showing thread on here under Recorded Music somewhere? But also a thread here: http://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/showthread.php?t=183254&highlight=DeAgostini+Jazz You can take out a subscription online or order through your newsagent. Back numbers available from their website. https://www.deagostini.com/uk/collections/jazz-vinyl/
  3. Is this thump problem volume control dependant? If I switch my DM25 DAC, that is contected to my active speakers via my pre-amp, on or off with the volume control in my normal listening position it makes an unnervingly loud crack/thump even if a different input is selected. With the volume control at zero there is just a small click.
  4. Well you could order up a few of these to play on your new purchase: https://horchhouse.com/masterbnerjazz-1 a bargain at about 300 Euros each.
  5. The semi auto German 'Nessie' RCM has the reputation of being very quiet and appears well built, but does cost £1,399 in the UK without the cover.
  6. As just seen on QI. Only a single run shown and no price, but probably expensive given the celebrity connections? http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b086t55z/qi-series-n-9-noel
  7. I have owned a number of Ortofon cartridges and am presently running a Cadenza Blue. In all cases when new they were perfectly aligned, but I did have a Quazar MC that showed a similar misalignment to the OP's after about a year of use. It still had plenty of life left in it so I re-aligned along the line of the cantilever. It again seemed fine to me, as good as previous, so almost certainly no internal coil position problems. I always find it best when setting up a cartridge to sight align along the lenght of the cantilever rather than assume the stylus is square to the sides of the cartridge body.
  8. I am a fan of the Ringmat and have used most of the versions. I am currently running the Anniversary with stat mats & ring cap on the steel platter of my L-07D, which IMHO offers an improvement over the record directly on the platter. I have continuously on the fly fine and repeatable VTA adjustment on one arm and easily adjusted VTA on the other, so have no use for the shims. I would think you would not want to use the shims as a means of adjusting the relative arm height unless you can't get it any other way? The Ringmat is approx 3mm high. If you want to use one increase the arm height by that amount and then fine tune the VTA from there.
  9. I think I must have had mine for over 30 years as part of a DiscWasher cleaning kit. Sits in the kits wooden block with the rest of the bits when not in use so still in good condition. Still seems to work fine, so if it removes the static it's hard to think what the 3 can add?
  10. Sounds like a bias problem if the arm is 'skating' across the dead wax at any speed. I have two different arms on my turntable and always cue with the arm lift/lower. I aim to drop the arm(s) clear of the record edge, but in the dead wax and it (they) slowly runs in to the start groove, which allows me a few seconds to return to my seat before the music starts. Do you have access to a blank disk or a test record with blank space in the middle for designed for setting bias. This is not really the optimum way to set bias, but any movement of the arm should be minimal and slow. Another way to judge if you have an arm and/or bias problem is to carefully balance out the arm/cartridge to zero tracking force and bias and the arm should just 'float' above the record surface without movement inwards or outwards. Clamp the arm again and with the tracking force still at zero add a small amount of bias. Release the arm and it should just move slowly outwards.
  11. I have had a Burmester 808 in my system for 35 years with no inclination to change it. Mine is an early one up graded to nearly Mk 3 level (improved power supply). Very transparent, very low noise, (including the phono modules), exceptional build quality, totally reliable (except the LCD that is now not properly readable on mine after that many years, but that does not effect its operation) and as it is modular configurable and very flexible. A new 808 Mk 5 will be outside your budget, but a S/H one may be possible depending on configuration. Not very common in the UK, but a few S/H available in Germany via HiFi Shark at about £9K. An earlier Mk3 which is still excellent should be about £5K. Midland Audio Exchange did have a new Mk 5 on demo at one time. Not sure they still do. I think the Music Room in Glasgow still does.
  12. The new Mark Levinson 526 probably fits the bill, but at £20K is outside your budget. The 523 is the same, but without the built in DAC (I think it retains the high spec phono stage) so may be closer to your budget. Review of the 526 in this months (December issue) HiFi News.
  13. Couple of favourable reviews: http://www.hifinews.co.uk/news/article/leema-pyxis-hydra-ii-pound;3995-pound;3495/9435 http://studio-hifi.com/images/Hi-Fi_World_UK_2011-07_Leema.pdf I have heard one in combination with the Hydra II power amps, but not on its own and not in my system. Leema stuff always sounds pretty good to me. If you need a power amp as well then the Tucana II is probably better value as it sounds very similar to the above combination.
  14. Try contacting Dom at Northwest Analogue Services: http://www.northwestanalogue.com/cartridge-repairs.html who has quite a lot of experience with Koetsu repairs. May be possible to transpose the innards into another body if one is available or at least give you some advice?
  15. At present playing Adelhard Roidinger 'Schattseite' on ECM LP, but I think I'll play my original mono LP of this next as I have not given it a spin in sometime. How good is the remaster?