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  1. Well i have experience of Chris Coaster's work which is excellent and most of the factory upgrade certs you see on eBay are signed by him (when he worked there)
  2. spin
  3. ears stopped ringing?
  4. put your fingers in your ears in case your amp / and or speakers go bang
  5. not according to Chris Coaster . . . .
  6. pot

  8. good job you corrected that Ian !
  9. cream* * good song
  10. that's spring water not spa water which is too coloured for my ears
  11. Pavlova
  12. like you EVER had a grip on reality seriously sorry to miss Ian's again but the rugby club and BEER calls and I have to support the club
  13. you are Terry Wogan and I claim my £5
  14. and I don't ever drink tea so I'll go with beer (on your medical advice mate)
  15. nor afternoon tea at Betty's