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  1. I would not expect anything less Serge, good man for the extra detail . . . OK so so what is the median shit worth in SI units?
  2. or a good shit
  3. just checked my cheapo one £2.00 defined as 12.0g by RM checked a new one 12.05g (wife's purse as my pocket money isn't due yet ) seems OK to me as not even ½% out
  4. sage advice that
  5. this is more than true, repped even though you made me cry before my 1st coffee
  6. And Dean, don't forget Dean!
  7. cake? you mean there was cake?
  8. for me the new music that I decide to buy is a big plus, and the banter of course
  9. or install the free RPM Calculator app
  10. another dead one? well flip me you still alive mate? call me sometime, getting together at the club 11th Feb if you are free from your social whirl
  11. no they didn't
  12. actually I have, famous for his photobombing skilz gonna go hungry, he's not that big - much more meat on other wammers out there
  13. bit harsh, he's a nice chap
  14. FREE

    morning Chris, mine arrived on Saturday - very many thanks Paul