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'Quite simply the best show we have ever had the pleasure to exhibit! Huge amounts of enthusiasm from so many Wammers who clearly share our passion for music. Can't wait for next year..........'

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  1. tease
  2. terrible idea, badly managed programme and without testing meters (free for all market) they don't save you money - electricity costs the same they will slow down market churn - "we don't accept that type of meter sir not up to our standard" they can cut you off remotely if you fall behind with payments, VERY easily do we trust that the central hub will never be cracked? read 1-3 and you wonder why the supply companies are so keen?
  3. he's got a spare pair of speakers he can sell
  4. that look needs a better caption!
  5. oh dear
  6. that's what the setting is for people
  7. be good to see you mate if you make it, I did serious damage to a bottle of malt with help from James and a little from Dean, however others led the charge from the front and could easily be identified on Sunday morning
  8. tasty
  9. ask admin or Duvet (Danny), but I am guessing 500-600 visitors and around 75-100 wammers but could be wildly out
  10. each to his own, I loved them as suitable for smaller domestic situations (and where WAF is important) but I only had a short listen so going to try to drop in for a longer listen with my music, just the minor issue of Elite being 300 miles away
  11. Pavlova
  12. after Jack's efforts mine a poor 3rd but if you ever use any of mine a simple acknowledgement in back will suffice have a couple of anecdotes if / when you need them . . .
  13. many thanks from me, sadly I never made a session due to room duties (guarding kit for my room mate the hungover zombie) you seem decent blokes and mucked it, you did more for Linn's reputation here than 1 million ads (disclaimer I have a Linn TT and still happy with it >25 years later) now . . . . sober? all relative! maybe we adopt Wam standards of measure? bit like The Register:https://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/08/24/vulture_central_standards/ now they have a convertor https://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/page/reg-standards-converter.html so I'll start, what is the conversion rate for 1 Rabski to 1 James? . . . (yes I know it's off topic, but heck it's nearly Friday)
  14. sure is, and poorly understood by "barrack room lawyers"