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  1. would it be his political leanings?
  2. ooh somebody's very sharp this afternoon! or is it that you've finally realised being work isn't so bad when the kids are on half term?
  3. especially if you don't put the legs on properly how did you know what look like before my 1st coffee of the day?
  4. are you ever?
  5. boutique supplier is the best, Zen have always been highly regarded, mine is one that you'll have never heard of (BIG clue there), if I have a problem 1st call straight through to an engineer 24x7 usually begins "hi Paul, not heard from you in a while, whatsup?" (I'm probably flagged "don't bullshit" he knows about stuff) I pay for an odd fibre package (probably bespoked as I've been with them for years), basically full unlimited FTTC so max 65-ish (cabinet a distance away) out of office hours which is fine - so mirror of a business contract "unlimited" is at all times, I can get slowed down during the day - still pretty fast though, i am guessing around 20-25 min down / 10 up, so IF I am at home I am alone and wouldn't notice however "unlimited" is key as when the students are home you would not believe how much data they chew through have a few mates with them, everyone seems happy so you get what you pay for - mine is £36/month, my calls are with them via C&W anyone interested PM me PS any supplier with advertising that states "award winning" / "best in class" / "highly rated" / "great customer service" / "industry leading" - well you know what you will actually get don't you? and and
  6. of course you have to put the legs on the right way up, beyond many wammers that mine are nicer
  7. good answer you can of course adjust a lack table to level by unscrewing some legs as the screws are quite long
  8. just ordered one for delivery tomorrow for my DIY ultrasonic cleaner project in the dim & distant hope of completing it soon easy transport to Scalford, shall I bring a Lack as well? payment in malt whisky is accepted for "VAT free" payments
  9. Tim I have two lack table kicking about and a workmate available as well, let me know if you didn't hear Jim's rig on a workmate then let me assure you that it was working VERY well for a TT that expensive on one! (well i would have robbed him) as long as you are on the ground floor mate you will be fine
  10. behave
  11. from two of my favourite shooters, you guys rock
  12. more Chris Rea required, specifically "A rain Coat and a Rose" (major favourite) and more from Dire Straits "Communique" a very fine album indeed Eagles Hotel California (Live) gets a Eddi Reader is always U2 sorry but missing Kate Bush I'd say overall sex on a stick
  13. we had a Audio Al's LP12 a couple of year back running just fine in 207 which is downstairs, lot of visitors and not a murmur
  14. very nice recording, good pressing and great double vinyl album