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  1. Er no, but obviously I need to work on my ironic responses!
  2. Thanks for this. If the usual indifference means just popping in now and again to criticise other people's contributions then that's a different kind of indifference from my indifference but hey, it's a free world! I appreciate your concerns and the time you've taken to express them. Allow me to address them one by one to ensure I do them justice. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind. I have a few grands' worth of cables if I tot them all up so I'm hardly at one end of the subjectivist-measurist scale and on a mind-changing campaign trail. I just find that extreme foo makes me shake my head in disbelief. And as this is a thread about foo I thought I'd share an example. I do occasionally try to be humorous and it appears I succeed occasionally because people rep my posts. Obviously humour is a personal experience so whilst I apologise if you don't find my "funny" posts amusing, it might just be that we have a sense-of-humour mismatch and will have to agree that we are free to post what we want but neither of us will find the other amusing. I think that's ok on a forum like this. I don't want to subscribe to the online edition. I buy the hard copy magazine a few times a year when there is something of specific interest which i want to read in that edition. I do not shuffle, I stand still. It takes no more than five minutes to decide if I am to buy that copy or leave it this month. The only subscription I pay relating to hifi is my Super Wammer Plus membership because I value the forum in so many ways; I'd thoroughly recommend this. I hope that addresses satisfactorily all the points you took the time to make. Thanks and have a great evening. Nigel
  3. I think you're taking this rather too seriously... other threads are available! I skim-read an article in the magazine, enough to convince me I did not want to buy the magazine and read it properly. I tried but but could not find it online. The article I linked to is a different one and is available online free of charge. I still only skim-read it as it seemed remarkably rich in foo. As this is a thread about foo, I thought it was appropriate to share it. I hope this clarifies.
  4. Not true. I read the first few words of each paragraph to pick up the tenor of the argument 's progression. Er no, this isn't about cables.
  5. Ok, so I tried to find the article in question but found this instead. I think if we all read this we can close the thread as there is probably little more to say...
  6. Indeed! My post was prompted by popping into WHSmith for a quick browse to see if there was anything of interest in any of the mags to amuse me during a short solo lunch, and picking up a copy of HiFiPlus which had an apparently serious article by Alan Sircom about some exotic cables. Now I like my exotic cables but at one point he says, and I paraphrase as I didn't buy the mag, something like "what is unusual about these neutral but incisive cables is that unlike some manufacturers' products, you do not need to install a whole loom in order to get the best out of them, you can simply use them where you want". Which to the innocent might sound like an advance in cable design but anyone else would ask "WTF? Your magazine has been largely responsible for promulgating "loom theory" in earlier reviews based on nothing recognisably objective/scientific at all but purely on certain manufacturers' clever marketing strategies ("like these interconnects? Well try them with our our mains cables and you'll really hear them at their best!". The loomatics have definitely taken over the asylum.
  7. Saw this pic and thought of a few Wammers... March for Science: Rallies worldwide to protest against political interference
  8. Stop, stop, get off that eBay right now. Don't even think of searching "Pioneer 505" and buying something that may or may not sound nice but sure as hell looks like sex. IMHO Hope that helps. Cheers!
  9. Got your back, Eddie... you said £300ish and in good faith are being encouraged to nudge this budget upwards by... well, 100% actually, but it's only a Wam love thing... Back to your original toe-in-the-water challenge: a mere 6 hours ago, Radioham put up his nicely tweaked SL1210 (=SL1200) with aforementioned feet, brand new lid, etc for bang on £300. This is not some DJ's cast-off, it looks seriously cherished and, as my adult offspring in London would no doubt say, a bit of a "barg"(ain). Just sayin'. N
  10. Fuse: a protective device, used in an electric circuit, containing a conductor that melts under heat produced by an excess current, thereby opening the circuit (courtesy of Gold or silver plated foose: a protective device containing a patented conductor which is specifically designed, exhaustively tested and manufactured to tight tolerances to improve the sound produced by hifi components, thereby opening the wallet.
  11. That is just mad...
  12. Is there anything in the FooKingdom more maxi-foo than "loom theory" which suggests that synergy (of brand and model) amongst mains cables, interconnects and speaker cables leads to a coherence of sound unobtainable by any mix of individual components? This just surely be the most cynical of foos...
  13. Broadcasting from there right now on Radio 3. I can't listen because I'm otherwise engaged!
  14. Not sure if this link works but take a peek at @BBCRadio3. To mark Record Store Day, broadcasting from Spiritland this morning. Some photos up. I love the idea of a listening café and travel to/from Kings Cross often so must track it down. What I have loved about Radio 3 so far is that Andrew McGregor has referred at least twice to the venue having been built around one of the most impressive hifi systems he's ever seen (yes, seen, he didn't say heard). It will be great if this event encourages music lovers to think just a little more about the systems on which they listen to their music; if you're on the Wam you know how closely linked a love of music and a love of a decent sound system are, but many music lovers simply don't... Enjoy. Nigel
  15. I have tried repeatedly to convince my wife that if something is too small to be measured, it can't matter. She disagrees. But back to hifi... I know nothing about DIY audio in general or speaker design in particular but my dream project above all others would be just this, to build my own three-way [EDIT: and tri-amped] active speakers using SS for at least the bass and experimenting with valves and SS for mid and treble. Why? Because active three-ways have blown me away twice at Scalford; they just seem to be in a league of their own across a range of musical genres. Not all of them I hasten to add - the ability to fine-tune crossover, driver volumes etc makes it possible to carefully construct t something which just doesn't sound nice - but get it right and it appears to be unbeatable. Hence I'll be keeping an eye on your project and learning from your experiences and the advice offered, as I have already this morning. Good luck!