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  1. Not that I've heard yet. Last night I let Roon choose and a good number of Elbow tracks came up.
  2. Again again? How does it grab you John?
  3. Tarty photography like that will not be tolerated on t'new Wam Richard. Uh uh It's lovely how rich those colours are though on a very grey day, and that viewpoint from the castle is wonderful. Lincolnshire isn't entirely flat! Isn't RAF Coningsby somewhere nearby? Some splendid photo opportunities there too I imagine. For a long time now I've been wanting to revisit an old hobby of mine - photographing from the air. Hope to be able to post a bit after Scalford is over when we have better winds.

    Would a Quadraspire Q4 rack suit Martin? I think I've got 5 shelves spare - maple veneer with standard 19mm silver uprights. Various spacings but I think the whole thing is about 70cm tall.
  5. Dad dancing - should be in the Code of Conduct
  6. Having heard Maverick's tale of waking up still merry at Scalford and then remembering he had promised to fit his room-mate's Shelter 5000 MC (and actually managed it) - I'd steer clear of anything involving 33rpm tonight...
  7. About to open some own-label Chilean Aconcagua pinot noir from Asda to go with some coq au vin. Less jammy and more complex than the Cono Sur Bicicleta pinot we often have and cheaper. Not bad for £5.28!
  8. SALE

    Couldn't agree more. Best of luck with it Carl.
  9. PM'ed you but no worries
  10. We'll strap you to the roof bars and you can make like Superman.... red pants essential (compulsory newbie wammer ID at the show) You'll need somewhere to kip for Saturday night - I'll make an enquiry and get back to you.
  11. He will indeed. Sorry you're not making it to Scalford this year but I watch all the photogs on the Wam with continued delight and amazement.
  12. If Olie is interested, I can see about making space in the car. In return for helping get my speakers up the main stairs of course! 4 hours in a car stuffed to the gunwales with boxes, two wammers you've never met before and unknown taste in music and car snacks? Nope, can't think of a thing.
  13. AFOR&P. Has a playful ring to it. They can keep their soggy pink porkers though.
  14. And passive preamps! See you around...
  15. I'm just along the seafront from you Welcome to the forum Olie. Start a thread with your speaker question in 2-channel and you'll get loads of help quickly. Also, get yourself along to a bake off and you'll get to hear lots of great music and much more kit than is available in dealers (especially where we live). There's one happening on the 4th March which if you are interested and depending on numbers attending, I'd be happy to give you a lift to and introduce you to some other wammers. ATB...Jamie