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  1. I'm afraid that's me too John - family matters in Scotland also Hope you guys have a good day.
  2. Hi Eddie, late to the conversation but I have a very nice Acoustic Solid 111 Wood going for a song (!) - it's a really good quality piece of kit. Fairly recently replaced with an SME 10. The founder of this forum had one too last time I looked, in fact it was hearing his that got me after one. The SME is better but it's also not £400
  3. SALE

    Welcome to the Wam Peter! I bought my SVT rack from him last year (in fact you can just see a corner of it in his photo). He told me the history of these speakers and I suggested he try the Wam to sell them, so I'm glad to see him here. He is a friendly and completely straightforward person to deal with. Best of luck with your sale and please have a look around the forum.
  4. Got home from Scalford, a few days passed before the urge to hear music again struck (and eventually I couldn't bear it). Got it all working again and wondered why I'd bothered. Immediately contemplated selling the lot. Could just have been the fun and faff of Scalford. Probably one of Richard's turntable belts pinged off at the show and wrapped a strangle hold on my favourite interconnect and it's just not letting the music through. (Yes, the Van Damme one). In about late September I expect I'll be enjoying it all again.
  5. It may be going back to Valvebloke again but if I've got it then I'll bring it.
  6. Now listening to Ms C. Bailey Rae's latest on vinyl. Superbly soulful but still can't upload an image. Not qualified to be on this thread
  7. Don't have those, will look out, thanks. I'm doing me cueing on iPhone torch as well - to preserve the 'atmosphere' we've got going here. Might not go well....
  8. Now listening to Pat Metheny, Works. Vinyl, ECM. Edit: could you do this one for me Rick too please (for the hard of Wamming)
  9. Que amigo? MJQ very old Skool, hardly geeky. My internet skilz prob not up to snuff?
  10. MJQ with Laurindo Almeida - Collaboration.
  11. Absolutely brilliant. Well done to everyone who contributed.
  12. Barely more than a week ago I said on this thread I wouldn't touch an NV800 at £6k. Times change fast in this industry, never more so than with MF. They make some truly good products but their marketing strategy sometimes seems bordering on desperate.