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  1. Hear all, see all, say nowt. Eat all, drink all, pay nowt. Its a long time remember, from January to December. So hear all , see all , say nowt. Eat all , sup all , pay nowt. And if ever thy does owt for nowt. Always do it fer th'sen. Count me in
  2. SALE

    Blimey Ian , That's a very low price for one of these. Personally I thought the Vitus with the Grahams sounded sublime at Scalford last week.
  3. No shot fired by me Rick because I reckon you've hit the nail right on the head. What you describe as 'synergy' has been exactly my experience as well , based on 44 years of being involved in this hobby of ours. Can't begin to explain why this is though .
  4. A couple of great/outstanding/interesting experiences in room 239 that I can recall are as follows: When I asked a visitor/s for any requests music wise on 2 separate occasions they asked "got any Jazz ?" To which I had to reply "sorry afraid not, I didn't bring any " ! 10 minutes later, when I asked the same question of another visitor he replied "anything, as long as its NOT Jazz " ! When I apologised to a room full of visitors for the boomy bass in my small bedroom one chap replied, "this isn't boomy bass , if you want to hear boomy bass you ought to go into room *** " ! On more than one occasion a visitor commented to me that in a lot of the rooms the music was being played at too high a volume level, at which point I grabbed the remote control to turn the volume control down on my amp. Now't so queer as folk. The greatest thing for me though as an exhibitor was when at least 5 separate visitors earnestly and very kindly told me on leaving the room that my system was the best sound they had heard at the show . Of course , there is always the chance that they had said this in every room that they had visited .
  5. Yes, Scalford 2017 WAS a great show. The music and equipment are always the number one priority in an event like this but in my view it was made great by all the PEOPLE who put such a lot of hard work in to make it happen. So, my thanks go firstly to Peter as the main man and also to Rachel and Carol who worked so hard at the front end. Thanks also to the Hotel and its staff and everyone else, including the Wam moderators who had a hand in organising such a complex event . The energy and effort put in by all was truly remarkable. But my star of the show was none other than Danny "Duvet" who seemed to be everywhere at once putting huge amounts of effort and enthusiasm into the smooth running of the show . He worked his B***s off and I'm not surprised at all that he was so knackered at the end. So, my biggest thanks go to Danny, seriously well done mate.
  6. SOLD at Scalford to Carl - Top Wammer and all round fine fella.
  7. No, but I'm definitely GETTING excited
  8. OK, if they aren't sold before I will take them to Scalford.
  9. For sale is this pair of the sought after Dynaudio Contour 1.3 Special Edition speakers in lovely Birds Eye Maple finish. There is a slight blemish to the cabinet at the rear of one speaker , see pic. pointing this out. It cant be seen easily but just want to be honest. Also both the tweeters have 2-3 small dimples in each of the soft domes. Its common enough with this type of tweeter and I am convinced that it does not affect the sound of the speakers one bit. I cant hear that it does anyway. The 2 main dive units are in excellent condition . Before I bought these from the previous owner in Austria I had a pair of the Contour 1.3 mk11's and comparing them with these SE's I was staggered at the difference in sound quality between the two. The MK11's are a highly regarded, very good speaker but the SE's modifications place it in a higher league altogether IMO. I don't have the original boxes but do have the box that the speakers survived their journey from Austria in so could be posted at cost. Alternatively they can be collected from post code area LE15 or taken to Scalford Show in a couple of weeks time. Looking for £800 which is what I paid for them and will chuck in a free pair of stands.
  10. Hi,

    RE your post about looking for a phono stage.

    I have an Aqvox Phono 2 CL that I will sell for £450.

    Its a very high quality and very versatile MM/MC stage that retails for 1900 euros , loads of info. about it on the internet.

    Please get back to me if interested.



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    2. robbie010


      I read a little about that. My TT is a Kuzma Stabi which has fixed RCA terminated cable, so the cables may be useful. However, my integrated amp only accepts RCA so not sure the xlr cables will have any benefit?

    3. jhud


      If that's the case you will need to use the supplied RCA to XLR cables as I do.  Whether there is any benefit going fully balanced who knows ? Some say there is , some say there isn't.  !  The unit sounds fabulous to me using the connecting leads. 

      Have to mention that a guy on pink fish media was interested in the Aqvox 3 days ago, I suppose I ought to let him have first dibs on it so have just messaged him asking if he is still interested in it. 



    4. robbie010


      That's fine.

      I'm tossing up, been offered a Musical Fidelity MX-VYNL and a WhestTwo so have a bit of thinking to do.....


  11. Thanks very much for the input Jag.
  12. Sorry to hear your sad news Steve. Time is the only healer when this happens.
  13. I have for sale this pair of Slate Audio SE speaker stands in as new mint condition. I bought them new about 6 months ago from the manufacturer at a cost of £500 specifically to use with my Harbeth P3ESR speakers. I thought they were a perfect match for the P3's though some prefer stands that are taller - these are 600mm high which was perfect in my room. Top plate is 150mm wide x 170mm deep. Bottom plate is 270mm wide x 300mm deep. The Harbs have gone and now so must the stands. They can be easily dismantled and I still have the original packing so could be posted although as they are heavy collection from post code area LE15 would be preferred. They do look very classy IMO and being a very dense and non resonant material slate does allow whatever speakers are used on them to give their very best. Selling for half what I paid for them - £250 If you want more pics. sent via email please let me know.
  14. Definitely pocket springs, extra firm for me . Like loads of others I am a bad back sufferer and I tried a memory foam mattress a few years ago thinking it would help. Fact was it made my back condition worse plus I found that because the foam tends to mould itself around your body I had a job getting out of the bloody thing in the morning - felt like I was laying in a hole ! My wife said she felt as though she was stuck to it ! My sister on the other hand swears by her foam mattress , I just swore AT mine and quickly got rid of it.