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  1. Yeh... great line that. I had forgotten just how many films he had been in until I researched. Never an "a"lister like Brad or Hugh Jackman etc, but they gave him great parts. i hear the Twittersphere has gone mad with people hash tagging "gameover"
  2. "Stop your grinning and drop your linen". I loved his part in Aliens but felt he never quite made it as big as his potential suggested. Shame though...
  3. Impressive ! We do need to capture the imagination of those who have yet to hear vinyl and all of its glorious imperfections. It may not be a Goldmund Reference but sure looks like a lot more fun
  4. Hard to find the CD version on Youtube (live versions / covers / tributes abound). Taking this one to work in my car - good memory stir
  5. Fools Overture:- Surely (at least my assumption to this moment in time) was a ditty about Winston C.
  6. There is a plan, to turn the Type 45 Aspide Aster 15 and Aster 30 Missiles into a point defence. Simple truth ? Who's going to be firing missiles at us ? We are a long way from the front, unlike Eastern Europe, there the Patriot still holds the fort (in its current iteration it's not half bad). So, no plan for us outside that. I know... I'm involved.
  7. Loved the Arcam Atmos demo. £50ks worth and his opening line was:- " today we are demonstrating our soundbar"😎
  8. I'd be delighted to meet up. My first port of call will be caffeine injection point upstairs but my train arrives Bristol Temple meads sometime after 9:30 and given the walk and faff, could not expect to be anywhere prior to 10:15 so understand if you places to be, things to buy. I presume you will have a giant "W" badge on your tweed shooting jacket. Recognise me by the dark glasses, trilby hat, trench coat and rolled up newspaper. * or not perhaps...
  9. I think Steve nailed it. Just google Loudness Wars, or DNR and get ready for a surprise to learn that even old LP's can have as much measured Dynamic range than modern (admittedly compressed) CD's. By design, analogue has an inferior signal to noise ratio, but modern CDs can be even worse to make sure they sound impressive. To add insult to injury, streamed via radio or internet music, can be even worse. in is case, less really is less.
  10. 500 squid, gets you into some great speakers. Why not opt for some very classic KEF 104/2's ? They go loud, are very easy to drive (but like power if you have it) and are well controlled. They will not however, create seismic shifts below 50hz (unless you have the KUBE) if that is your thing. Alternatively, EPOS made some nice noises. Frankly, the choice is huge.
  11. There tomorrow - Friday. Happy to meet for a Wam coffee at RipoffBucks early doors.
  12. Strangely enough, I've been watching UFO in the garage, whilst spinning the legs on the Turbo Trainer. Gay Ellis is once again, my new best friend. 👗👙 Raf Neatishead has a superb museum and I visited there a couple of years back with Mrs Me and we both had a great time. The Cold War room is as they left it in 19whenever.
  13. I was looking for something more esoteric and perhaps technical.... 😳
  14. Have you got a Babelfish ? I appear to have mislaid mine....
  15. Wow... that's commitment to the cause... "Chapeau". Now, how the chuff did you do that ..?