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  1. bloody hell... chooon (s) Now, at risk of getting into even more trouble, here is my current favourite (along with another 50 that are also my favourites...) It gets epic at 3:30 onwards, but frankly chaps and chappesses, it's good all the way through
  2. As seen on P2 of this thread - posted by me... Pete, you must have one too many Pan Galactic gargle blasters mate... But, I will grant you, it is a good tune...
  3. Well well, some epic music here chaps. Not only super chilled, but perhaps the best artwork on YT ! Ho hum, here's one that has its barbs into me at the moment. I'd welcome comments Cheers for now. @ Orbscure... you have some epic taste going on. I so love that ZIMPSON and BRAAK... Snakes Alive, its good.
  4. Sad that it has a German boiler system... but, well done chaps. Footnote:- What I really mean, is where was the uk boiler making industry when they rebuilt this fabulous machine ? (Yes yes, I realise lots was manufactured in the U.K.)
  5. SALE

    Indeed. The extension / roll off and the sensitivity of the 104/2 was designed to favour the latter over the former, and was achieved via the cavity coupled bass. In essence, all the bass comes out of the huge port at the front - none of the front radiated energy was available and the narrow band pass design had great characteristics in some areas (phase) but not well extended (at least not when considering the size of the cabinet). Kubes were required for a few of the range from that era but fell out of favour as cheap power became available, this removing the need for high sensitivity. It took me ages to tune into the sound of the band pass design and I'm sure you will like the sound . ..KUBE or not. Happy listening
  6. And yet, those NS1000 owners will say that their treble and mid is:- Liquid, clear, transparent and so on... im not sold at all on this "metal = harsh" viewpoint. I feel much more is due to the crossover selection than cone material. Sorry, there it is... (stands back, ready to repel rotten fruit from the back of the tent)
  7. A close working collegue from Mitsubishi Electric used to (IIRC) work there. I can reach out ? PM me if required.
  8. Nice find ! - very humbling.
  9. Got plenty of contacts out there if you want an unbiased view / reference.
  10. Sitting in my local coffee shop (Costa) today, I was reading the paper, messing with my emails, and about to leave having enjoyed my favourite bean based beverage. Now, I do not live here, but I do come in a few times a week. It was quiet and I made polite but not overly intrusive conversation with the servers. Next thing, out of nowhere, one of the girls wandered up to me and offered me a free refill - on them. Sure it might dent the profit by a gnats chuff, but talk about surprising. It's rare in today's profit hungry, win at any cost, not personal because of technology environment.. you see this happen much. I thanked her and asked why she offered.. "you're a regular and I thought it might be a nice surprise for you". Gulp. Who here has been a little surprised lately by what could be called a "random act of kindness ?". And if anyone from Costa is on the line, this lady did more for brand loyalty than any advert might. Its all about people... (and of course, the coffee is no so bad ).
  11. I know them well. In fact, I had a position with them that lasted for..... ...3 hours ! Like many Global's, it depends which Busness unit you are in as to how the culture and philosophy is applied. It's a big gig my friend and you can get lost in there . the BMS sector is quite busy these days and with the IOT rampaging around, I'm sure it will get busier. I used to work alongside this sector for a large aircon company but that was 10+ years ago now. Where will you be based ?
  12. And the washing machine
  13. This I can only agree - owning 105/3's - they initally sounded empty comapred to the overblown, ported Missions I used prior. They are ruthless.
  14. You have to admire some people... completely bold and brave - against all odds ! 10/10 for intent...
  15. no returns accepted.... I wonder why ?