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  1. Interesting review Richard, would love to hear these (& also the active 40s) Many of your comments remind of the Mk1 SCM40s I used to own. The ability to belt it out but also to sound convincing & involving at low volumes. They could also sound a bit bass light & a touch bright & ragged in the treble - it sounds like ATC's new tweeter is a big improvement on the old. They're also considerably better looking than the old models.
  2. Aye
  3. It's sublime Rabs, the Adagio in partic.
  4. Could be worth an enquiry Peter: http://www.iansbespokefurniture.co.uk/products/specials.html
  5. Good choice - bit cheesy at times but enjoyable.
  6. Catharsis
  7. Good manager is Hughton, Ashley dumping the bloke from the Toon few years back was shabby.
  8. Albion Rovers - doing ok at 7th in Scot league one - should avoid relegation this season.