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  1. Part of this was recorded at the NEC in Birmingham which I was lucky enough to attend. They were an incredible live band - 3 top musicians.
  2. +1. The Hifiracks Podium wall shelf is very good & will have no problem supporting both your pieces of kit side by side. Just make sure to fix it securely to the wall - into a stud if your wall is plasterboard.
  3. I've found that the single ended output sounds better than the balanced - it's quite a bit smoother without any loss of detail. Interestingly the SE o/p uses the NuVista valves & the balanced doesn't... The Trivista DAC is very, very good.
  4. Thanks for the recommendation. Used to enjoy some organ playing occasionally on the odd trip to Durham Cathedral - the lowest notes can be felt as much as heard.
  5. GSP have a loan scheme so you can try them out before buying.
  6. These https://www.hifisystemcomponents.com/interconnects-cables/cusat50-interconnect.html are also decent quality.
  7. A friend of mine had major heart surgery a few years ago at the young age of 41 & has made a full recovery & is now in good health. It must be very scary indeed to go through that. Glad that you are both ok & recovering.
  8. As I understand it the 'plus' versions have revisions to the crossover & a different damping material in the woofer chamber. This is claimed to improve bass control - the one aspect of the Scorpio 25 I think could be improved just a little...
  9. Great TD album. 'Cloudburst Flight' is superb.
  10. The Codex certainly look like Audio Physic speakers - which is no bad thing - but they've changed the driver arrangement quite a bit with the internal subwoofer & front mounted bass driver & done away with the side firing bass drivers with rear port. Will be very interesting to hear these. My Scorpio 25s are sited on the long wall of 5 x 3m room (no alternative in my room) & fire directly at the listening position - the imaging is very precise but I might fiddle around with toe in again & see what happens.
  11. Been running some Scorpio 25s for a few years & really like them - their 'No loss of fine detail' tag isn't an idle boast. Agree with your description - detailed but never clinical or fatiguing & with good soundstaging. There is a slight upper bass emphasis in my room but nothing to get too bothered about. There's an owners thread on this forum - at about page 6.
  12. Hi Ben, You might find a pair of MF100 headphones at around £50 - although they're 'on' ear rather than 'over'. They have good detail & bass but are quite bright. I use a pair with a portable Fiio player with some treble cut.