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  1. Great shame the Gimell records website is closing.
  2. The MA700 Gold standmounters I had in the 80s were good looking boxes & much better built & finished than many. The metal dome tweeters were just a bit bright...
  3. Callipygian.
  4. I recall reading in an interview with Anthony Michaelson that MF release new equipment every few years in order to maintain company awareness or some such. He claimed that MF have survived & grown by doing so. The downside of this policy is the public scepticism at short product lifespans as is often voiced. MF had a trade in offer of full RRP of the traded in amp discounted from the NV800 when I bought mine. Having owned a few, the NV800 is the best integrated MF have released but you do wonder what is coming in a year or two.
  5. Endomorph.
  6. Last night was listening to this lass on her fiddle. On vinyl & brilliant.
  7. The plot was hard to follow - partly because it was often difficult to hear what was being said - particularly by Archer. It was strong on atmosphere, painting a very grim & plausibly convincing picture of Britain under Nazi occupation. The two principal SS characters - Huth & Kellerman, were superbly played. Deighton's book is well worth reading & a shame he never wrote a sequel. We'll never know if Archer got the Atomic secrets to the USA.
  8. Off a great album too.
  9. The 6th symphony from this collection. Dark & powerful.
  10. Welcome Blad, I've owned the NV800 for a couple of years & highly recommend it. Not tried it with a Linn DS player but have used it with several digital sources & a couple of turntables - it does the job with all superbly. The only speakers I've used with it are the Audio Physic Scorpio 25s which suit it really well. Smooth with great detail & soundstaging & play all types of music.
  11. Celtic's current total dominance of the SPL means Gers & the rest need to up their game. “You could take all the derby matches in the world and put them together and they still wouldn't equal one-millionth of the Old Firm,”
  12. Fix them to the stands with Blu Tak so an accidental nudge won't move them - or knock 'em off as I once did.