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  1. ...good idea mate better than selling for peanuts while the market is slack - it's a great pre...
  2. Great post ...i am tempted to have a go with these, unfortunatley the seller has gone dead quiet
  3. Paul will sort these taking great care to preserve the original character as far as possible - especially important given you may need to look for alternative drivers. He is well aware of KEF's attention to component matching and computer analysis techniques... btw, bet these sound ace - I love my 103.2s... holographic is the word...
  4. Get in touch with Paul at RFC. I have been corresponding about making changes to my KEF 103.2 and he is very, very knowledgeable...
  5. Thanks for the tips there Uzzy My initial thought was that the driver comprised a woofer and a tweeter in the manner of Tannoy DC, I am a bit doubtful now whether a single full-range driver will do what I need, although of course only ears can tell...
  6. 'As for listening, do not expect wonders on a rock concert or symphony orchestra, only one hp can not do everything, on the other hand, on small formations of jazz or string quartet, it is a Precision monument; For example, The Four Seasons of Vivadi by Trevor Pinnock. The voice of Callas in Casta Diva (Norma) is sumptuous, the output of 98db allows amps not powerful and dynamics that restore each gap. It is common to read about them that the ends of the bandwidth are truncated, for my part I did not feel it in the top, down just correct the tone setting or turn on the loudness. '
  7. Thanks Vincula that's very helpful. Do you know the impedance? The brochure seems to say 4, 6 or 8 ohms. I do listen to a fair bit of jazz, but also quite a lot of more demanding music. Do you think they will handle more complex material, or contemporary/electronic music? I notice the bass response is fairly limited.
  8. Anyone have experience of these? I want to try something sensitive with a First Watt M2 power amp, and a pair of these has come up for sale elsewhere. Look to be a useful size (ie not too big), full range and using a Dual or maybe even TriConcentric driver. No crossover either. Seems there are a number of versions around but not much info in English. edit: it's the 221 not 211
  9. So there are differences then?
  10. SOLD

    So no-one misses out - I am unable to take this amp after all. Still available and GLWTS of a fine-looking amp...
  11. SOLD

    I will take this please. PM on its way...
  12. Kant or Hegel?
  13. thanks for that guys, I'll drop Steve a line...
  14. I see, great. In the meantime, then, can anyone recommend me somewhere SE that could replace the battery in my Ciunas DAC?
  15. didn't there used to be a sticky detailing recommended engineers - or am i just unable to find it?