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  1. SALE

    So no-one misses out - I am unable to take this amp after all. Still available and GLWTS of a fine-looking amp...
  2. SALE

    I will take this please. PM on its way...
  3. Kant or Hegel?
  4. thanks for that guys, I'll drop Steve a line...
  5. I see, great. In the meantime, then, can anyone recommend me somewhere SE that could replace the battery in my Ciunas DAC?
  6. didn't there used to be a sticky detailing recommended engineers - or am i just unable to find it?
  7. ok, gotcha. so to get the full 'experience' I need to get the wee Explorer2...
  8. Am I hearing MQA? I'm running the Tidal desktop app then outputting to my Ciunas DAC... playing albums from the 'Masters' section with the 'HiFi/Masters' toggle selected... Is this just partly 'unfolded'? Either way my first impression is of better dynamic range and less distortion - Joni Mitchell's voice for example is clean as a whistle through the peak high notes where it shows some breakup on Spotify and also via FLAC in Audirvana+ Sound is noticeably darker on some albums though which is not necessarily great - CSNY a case in point.
  9. I moved to the Unison Research from a Sugden A21... not as refined perhaps but a more realistic sound I thought and way more drive... Copland ought to be great too.
  10. sorry that was a bit brief. that's the going rate - roughly - when the original Unico (not the cheaper Primo version) crops up second hand. it has plenty of grip, sounding a good deal more powerful than its rated 95W, and should give you warmth, texture and excellent, tuneful bass.
  11. You should be able to get a Unico integrated for less than £500
  12. Unison Research Unico
  13. And the award for best thread of 2016 goes to...
  14. got a few leads now - thanks all...