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  1. you mean I gotta do writing? I'll need to buy an additional ticket for my amanuensis.......... actually maybe she could wait outside whilst me and the Mrs spent all day enjoying ourselves..... still going to cost me an extra bus ticket.....
  2. eh - how? you going to provide a print station?
  3. It is a shame that non-exhibitors are no longer allowed printed badges. They are so useful for putting names to faces etc....and enhances the social occasion. Nevermind - I'll use last years. S
  4. I am inclined to agree, I enjoyed a few rooms, enjoyed some music more, enjoyed chatting to the few people we bumped into. Am vaguely interested in DACs and streamers but I don't think this type of show is for me. Strangely our taxi driver to the restaurant on Saturday night kind 9f summed it up for me after I had explained what we doing......." oh hifi, I thought all that lot petered out in the 1990s, why would anyone want to bother with all those ugly boxes when an iPhone does the job, especially since it is all about the music".......... in many ways I think he has point......
  5. Mick you are right. I for one would be willing to chip in a couple of quid for charity for someone to print me a nice badge.......... mind you I could always did out the one from last year or the year before.........
  6. Looked like HE version of the J's to me. 18w per channel is plenty. I like the AN room, and Mario is good to chat to. Harbeth room was sounding nice. Music First Audio was very musical with their tape machine. After that it was off to the pie shop in town. Now in the Old Duke.
  7. we'll be there tomorrow at some point - we are driving down tonight - staying over tonight, then nice dinner on Saturday night and home on Sunday. I can normally be spotted in Gin related T-shirt........
  8. would some DVDs suit? I am sure I can sort out a batch of say 10 DVDs.........although I'll only be able to drop them off on Sunday when the show opens....
  9. oh no..........
  10. none of the Yello'ists playing "Si Señor The Hairy Grill"? (from the album "One Second" by Yello) I see no grime and no drum'n'bass on anyones lists....looks like I'll be supplying then..........
  11. is it walking distance from the centre of Melton? quite a few stay in Melton, and walk to the park'n'ride
  12. just use a b&d workmate
  13. See what SF have to say. Could be the drivers were made/tweaked by Dynaudio to a spec by SF and so are not bog standard MW-180's
  14. From what the OP has said - I'd say this is a pretty good diagnosis.......
  15. what are the symptoms? Woofer not working at all? How do you known its blown a gasket?