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  1. upgrading the transducers in my system
  2. I think you can count us in for visiting - probably stay in York (my Mrs choice) and day trip into Harrogate.....
  3. I am with Dean on this - I have never heard an AN pre sound thick and syrupy inc. an M6. I'd say there was something wrong with it..... how old are the tubes?
  4. If this is your listening room, I suggest covering the Egger Board with mpingo wood tiles - for a veil lifting experience. For irrefutable proof as to why mpingo is benefical see here and
  5. How does an electrical cable sound? Electrifying!
  6. I am impressed with the build quality of my F3 prime - very nicely put together. However it didn't make a jot of a difference to what I was hearing.
  7. although it'll only stream via Bluetooth.
  8. see if you can find some proper dry perry
  9. indeed they are not completely separate - the fact that homeplugs and things like X10 (home control system) work on radial circuits means there is a common connection........ any "noise" on one radial circuit will find its way on to another........
  10. I genuinely don't get it. I am an engineer and computer scientist, I spend my research career designing ultra accurate ultra low jitter clocks . There is nothing in science or in my listening experience that tells me a mains cable let alone a dedicated radial circuit would have an impact on the enjoyment of listening to music. And I have heard systems on dedicated mains, other systems powered by batteries..... and nope no difference......
  11. what does "simples" mean? I am not familiar with this phrase. as for you asserting my main system isn't fit for purpose, if I enjoyed music on the all-in-one more? You make listening to music something akin to a science experiment..... what a load of nonsense. The music we were listening to was some avant garde experimental jazz. We'd tried three times to listen to on the main system, but didn't enjoy it...... but last night the mood took us, so on the Marantz it was..... and we enjoyed it. Purely down to frame of mind and mood, and nothing to do with systems at all. to me listening to and enjoying music is so much more than the medium it is stored on and the means to reproduce it - it is about mood, state of mind, activity performed whilst listening, ford, drink, smell and touch.......... it is an emotional experience and the level
  12. pedant - I know what I meant.....
  13. isn't that the truth. I use lower bitrate MP3's on my phone (as space is at a premium) with my IEMs and whilst most self-defined audiophiles I know would be aghast, it does not lessen the enjoyment I get from music in any way. Surely this is about our perception of music as reproduced by a bunch of electronics and some transducers. this is where you are way off the mark - this is about the music. Last the Mrs and I was laying in bed listening to cd on a Marantz all in one and some cheapo speakers..... did it lessen our enjoyment of the music
  14. how do know when music is faithfully reproduced? I don't - I never expect my hifi to reproduce a live performance because it can't - and I don't know what the recording engineer, producer and artist(s) actually intended it to sound like. I make an assumption that all parties in the chain are satisfied with the output (but I do realise this is not always the case). Might I ask what genres of music do you favour? where the details can be masked by the 'hash' - and how do you know the subjective 'opaqueness', which superimposes itself over the music signal, is not part of that intended by the recording engineer, producer and artist(s).