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  1. Just poor!
  2. Actually, box making! I make quite a lot of my own stuff, so the I am in fact modifying the boxes most of the time. And commercial products are usually kept for years, the 845 SETs which I sold to Keith, I had for 8 or 9 years! My previous DAC stayed for about 5 years, TT for 3 or 4 years now and the previous one for 15 years. The active crossover (now out of circuit) I built 35 years ago!
  3. Interesting. We all seem to listen differently, and even hear differently. The types of music that I listen to, in the way I listen, I find differences can show up slowly. Maybe that's because they aren't huge differences, but with something like Arvo Part's choral music, the interplay between the voices shows subtle differences in timbre that matter to me. Balancing the sound of different drivers with different amps can be rewarding (or frustrating!), but it's often not instant. I guess I don't even try to compare, just listen, and tweak, until I get the best balance between elements that I can. If I'm not satisfied I change things again, and try to relate what I hear at home to what I hear live. At least it keeps me busy!
  4. Give them back!
  5. Quite. Mine were only used on the midrange.
  6. Ah, 845 SETs on the mids of mine definitely sounded different from various SS amps. And better.
  7. Rats. My mother had me tested too. And I was! But I'm OK now.
  8. Probably. Unless it is coming from three houses along on the same phase, a baby intercom.
  9. Never learnt to play football, it was rugby at my school. Mind you I couldn't play that either.
  10. Why am I now getting an advert for the Harrogate show appearing right in the middle of the page in this thread? STOP IT!
  11. Here you go-, diy projects.htm Scroll down to 1981. He is still active (sic) and you can get updates from him, but he is a bit crusty if you get into a disagreement with him! I updated the ICs, caps and slopes . crossover
  12. You're not taking this seriously, are you? Mind you, this has been the most fun since they closed the 5 year thread on diyAudio, Are you really interested in 'Hi-Fi'?
  13. Mine cost about £30 ( I did the work myself), and I can definitely hear £30 worth of improvement. Maybe even double that!
  14. Is this the right forum for this post? Who knows? Anyway, after discovering that Mat (mattykuss) lives in the Plymouth area I arranged a visit. I was intrigued to hear how his totally different system would sound, so grabbed a few CDs and drove over last night. He and his missus Helen) were very welcoming, and so was one of the cats. The other one had more sense. They live in a rented house with neighbours above and to both sides, so can only listen at low levels, unlike me. I am lucky, no-one above and thick walls both sides, so I can wind it up. His Rega CD player is much prettier in the flesh than the photos, I rather like it. And the little ATCs are very nicely made. I have heard them before and liked them, but not big enough for me! At low (or sane) levels they were very clear, similarly the Primare power amp, so well suited to their situation, I guess. Vocals came through nicely, not boomy or shrill, a well balanced presentation. And the noise floor was commendably low, essential for low volume listening. I rather liked the white bricks used as non-resonant speaker stands, but would want them raised higher personally, but in a rented house cutting the mantelpiece wouldn't be appreciated. Still, some coloured LEDs shining up the gaps would be ace. Or is that just me? So all in all, a nicely balanced system for a difficult environment. But I'll have to get them over here and deafen them!
  15. My new 01A DHT pre has too much gain, so I use a TVC on the output as the volume control, bypassing the pot on the input. A well known method with these things.