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  1. Great to see everyone and really enjoyed it, thanks. Cheers Rob Steve
  2. No, no, no! It's "how d'ya mean?"
  3. Yes, very happy with it despite the fact it's a second hand older one with smaller output transformers than the current version. Hope the queue goes down quickly for you.
  4. I believe Jack at BD Audio is still an Audio Note dealer. Could be worth PM'ing him.
  5. You're a very, very sad man. It's a wonder you manage to Klingon to reality.....
  6. What about finding a cure for Weeping Willie?
  7. Spoilsport.
  8. I thought the purple lampshade was very you too.....
  9. So long as you don't mean my Cloffo Bagpuss.........
  10. Bugger, if I'd read this thread earlier I could have just stayed at the hotel..... Me and Robin are oop ferret.
  11. Had anybody hidden the forks? I can only echo what others have said and add my thanks. Here, here, went well, dint it. I think between us we had the musical extremes covered......
  12. I wonder if she's persuading Keith right now.....
  13. Stab the bugger with a fork.....
  14. My deepest commiserations.