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  1. Is your room upstairs or downstairs Tim? If upstairs, you'll struggle with suspended decks.
  2. Good morning Name written in the relevant column of the original sheet.
  3. Ah yes, now I remember and already done.
  4. cool, I'll PM him. Damn, and I was hoping to annoy someone, anyone, in the room below.... That could explain a lot....
  5. I've not seen anything yet on being able to book rooms. Or is that just me needing to go to specsavers......
  6. Eeurgh, I'm not exhibiting with them! (I'm in room 222 with Robin ) I might help by drinking their booze though.......
  7. Very early Saturday night, I'd wager.....
  8. Be afraid, be very afraid......
  9. Yep, Kenny G is the schizzle. Then there's your personal favourite jazz record of all time:-
  10. We've got to get the meat for the curry somehow......
  11. Bad news, another northerner for the list, please put Robin down.
  12. I'm oop ferret, (that means "up for it" for you southern lot.)
  13. If I can get a hitman for less than £146 I'm up on the deal.....
  14. I thought you got the broom cupboard.....
  15. Fxt