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  1. Hi Lads, I can confirm I love my Spendor's (S3/5R2's), when I was looking last year they were around £500 2nd hand, new they were £895, though there has been a price hike since and I think the official retail is now £1050(!), though i notice there are some being offered at £950. They never fail to please/surprise and on lots of occasions they've amazed me Col., I didn't compare them to anything, in fact I bought them unheard . I'd heard lots of speakers here there and everywhere and knew the sound I wanted, these fit the bill very nicely indeed. In fact, they're the best bit of hifi i've ever bought. In my smallish 13 x 12' room they pretty much do all I want them to do. Right now I've got them running with a Chromecast audio (using its own DAC), a Sony '940R amp and playing Spotify, can't really fault what I'm hearing, good lows/mids/highs, lovely!!
  2. Really liking this recent find on Spotify
  3. ... That's exactly what this government is doing.....tell him to treat himself to a new one (BTW life's not fair ).
  4. (sat here starving after reading less than a quarter of this book! )
  5. YES, Prince is on Spotify!!!! (I realise someone will have mentioned it already)
  6. Got this on repeat, just came across it on Spotify, LOVE IT!!!!
  7. Only played the first few tracks but showing great promise this
  8. Looks very nice Alan
  9. The time the Bus's start running please
  10. Also, what time do the bus's start running please, thanks, Phil.