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  1. Let's face it, Jeff, even if Rodgers's voice is not quite as good as in his younger days, he still sings better than most. I'm sure it'll be a great gig.
  2. Went to see 'Free at Last' tonight at a small pub in Cannock. Third time I've seen them and they are superb. They are technically excellent but more importantly, they capture the feel of the band's music. The singer sings better than Paul Rodgers does these days and I was amazed to discover tonight that this tribute's lead singer is now 72 years old. Had a fantastic evening and urge anyone to check them out that likes Free/Bad Co.
  3. That's my feeling too, but my speakers are probably more full range than the headphones. I also miss the front-to-back on the headphones. I WAS impressed with the Audeze 'phones when I heard them though, especially the bass, which was unbelievableve, much better than my Stax earspeakers.
  4. That video is truly gruesome!
  5. Ahhh, thanks very much for that information, Ross. 👍 I didn't see any 96khz mics of that ilk. I'll have a further look later.
  7. Hi Serge, it's just that the minidsp 2x4hd does 96khz. I've read a few comments on the net saying they found that filters created using measurements taken with the UMIK-1 44.1/48khz mic didn't sound right. The ECM8000 mic wouldn't work into a pc then, to use REW and Dirac. Do you happen to know the cheapest, suitable USB mic for the job, please?
  8. I wonder which is the cheapest, adequate microphone that will do 96khz? Perhaps the Behringer ECM8000 at £60ish would suffice? Seems to get good reviews...
  9. Thanks Luke, that's very encouraging information. I assume you've looked at the list of FIR filter tools on the minidsp site?
  10. Thanks Serge, I was sure you would know the answer. So it seems that in theory, FIR filtering is worthwhile. The minidsp 2x4 hd unit allows this, all the more reason I need to try one.
  11. So when did comfort take priority over sound quality! Call yourself an audiophile? 😉
  12. A genuine question and one that I do not know the answer to - when listening to a live, unamplified band, would all frequencies reach our ears at the same time? If the answer is no, then wouldn't FIR be a move away from high fidelity?
  13. There have been a few upgrades which increased my satisfaction of my system :- moving to an LP12 with Mission 774 and Lentek Entre MC cart (in the days before digital); moving from my Meridian 101/103D amp to Audio Innovations 300 valve amp (less detail but more natural sound); from AI 300 to EAR 509 100w monoblocs; going from Snell Type E's to Quad ESL63's; the introduction of digital done well, with my Audio Synthesis Dax Discrete, but the best for me was the addition of Gradient SW63's and active crossover to partner the Quads ( with an additional set of monoblocs to enable biamping). So I guess it's the speakers - the marriage of Electrostatics with well matched dipole subwoofers gives me the sound that I'm finally happy with. Oh and lest I forget, moving my system from a small bedroom in the 80's to a larger room was a BIG improvement. I hadn't appreciated back then just how much the room was holding my system back!
  14. "We've Got Tonight" by the late, great Jeff Healey.