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  1. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do, Matt.
  2. I'm using a Dell Venue 11 Pro i5 running Windows 10 and find that it runs Roon extremely well. All Roon components run on this tablet.
  3. Just noticed that Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit are playing the Birmingham Symphony Hall on 31st October. Tickets are on sale and are only £24.20.
  4. Well, currently working through some of my favourite albums that are available on Tidal in MQA. Regardless of whether MQA itself makes a difference (I happen to believe it does) or whether it's just the fact they're higher res, they sound so much crisper than the CD quality streams. Can't wait for Tidal to widen their list of MQA titles!
  5. Okay, finally got the Blue MQA light constantly lit on the Explorer 2 when playing MQA files from ROON. It took some fiddling with settings to get it working. I had to use the Meridian ASIO device rather than the one called 'Meridian Explorer 2', turned off the DSP settings and had to set it to control the volume from the System Device (WASAPI). The signal path in Roon shows as 24/48, but the lights on the Explorer2 show either 96 or 192 and they sound like hirez too.
  6. I think that's exactly it, JT. When I connected the Explorer 2 directly to my tablet running Roon, the MQA light DID keep trying to lock I.e. lit up, but then went off again and did this repeatedly. I'll try again later whilst having a play with the settings. Using Tidal Desktop instead of Roon, on the Tablet, I get the full 24/96 or 24/192. And the MQA light stayed lit on the E2?
  7. Thanks Henry, I'll give that a go later 😊 P.s. do you have the E2 attached to a PC/laptop/tablet running Roon or to a streamer?
  8. I've tried playing Masters from Roon and all it outputs is 24/48. Perhaps I have some of the settings wrong , although I have read of others that have found the same thing. In addition, I'm sure I have read posts from the Roon team that say they are hoping to do some changes that will allow full pass through.
  9. Despite the low cost of £129, the Explorer 2 sounds fabulous with MQA files, IMO. At the moment, you have to use it plugged into the USB of a PC/laptop/Tablet running Tidal Desktop, to obtain the full 24/96 or 24/192 resolution. If you use Roon or access Tidal from Squeezebox or other streamer, they play the MQA files at 24/48. Apparently, Roon are working on allowing them to play back at full resolution.
  10. This thread highlights a big negative of using Scalford Hall. Not disabled-friendly. That's the downside of these old buildings 🙁
  11. Wow, hopefully all these labels will be MQA'd then!
  12. Funnily enough, I've just this minute ordered a couple of Peerless Bass units from Falcon as replacements for 2 knackered cones in one of my Gradient SW63's. The foam surrounds had split with age 🙁. Cheaper than any of the competition.
  13. People with disabilities often miss out on things in life that fully abled people are able to enjoy. I just love to hear of stories like these.
  14. I also have my SBT and laptop/tablet running wirelessly, with my NAS cabled into the router. Again, no problems and sounds fabulous.
  15. It certainly was, Colin 😊