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  1. gesundheit
  2. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
  3. Added one of my unapologetically messy home set up
  4. 2 upgrades spring to mind.... 1. My valve pre-amp made a huge difference to the sound of my system, which I now prefer. 2. Moving my speakers by about 6"!
  5. Anyway, you are all totally missing the point... until you have used these you will never truly know what your system sounds like! Of course the spikes are a 100% necessary addition.... They look like they need batteries and then their little legs walk across adjusting the stereo image.....😅. Some people have no imagination.
  6. Isolation for turntables - yes. Valve kit - yes - all valves are microphonic at some level. Much of it is inaudible, but there are clear physical reasons to do it. Solid state kit - no - no merit whatsoever. None, not one bit. As far as isolation goes - compressible things (squash balls, sorbothane etc) need to be compressed about 30% to be effective - so you need the correct amount of compliance to make it work properly. The thin marble chopping boards - simply not heavy enough to damps audio frequency vibrations. What many people do when they think they are isolating something is actually effectively recoupling it.
  7. Woohoo... free reign! All my cables are conductive, from various manufacturers and I use different ones in each location every time I move my system, just to wind up those with OCD... Some of these magical conductors have been given to me for free over the years by people who have been 'upgrading' their system... the others are ones I have built out of studio grade cable and decent connectors, they all work well enough for me. And yes I have a few looms....the last one I built was for an engine swap for my truck and looked like this
  8. If anyone else is interested at the last minute then please just let me know 1 space is available
  9. that one's done over 400k miles all original running gear. Madness. It's not mine, belongs to father-in-law
  10. Pending final dates then I'd be up for it too...
  11. Went out for the first drive of 2017 on Monday. Still mental 550hp/500lbft
  12. Competitor to my baby Bimmer I had a play in the RS too, but preferred the insanity of the M140i so went for that The RS is a cracking car though, and super fast on the road.
  13. Not sure it actually does anything.... can't actually remember... I only use it for USB or Coax.
  14. Not yet I had a leaky oil cooler so have had to replace that and then been getting a few jobs done on my car and truck