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  1. Been messing around with this today trying to solve some very minor hum that's always been there. Thought I'd found a ground loop, swapped some bits around but it didn't make any difference. It's not a massive issue, just a little niggle. I'll swap the tubes out and see if that helps, but I don't have any to test at the moment.
  2. A bit of a classic....
  3. Question for those in the know... Would you go with 4 ohm or 8 ohm drivers?
  4. Thanks Yes, I will dowel and screw the joints - and it will all be glued with PU adhesive - which I like because it set up fast
  5. Here's the article about my car that was published early last year - the spec has changed a lot since then and I am now running much faster times at the track 12.1@114, 3700lb car. http://www.americancarmagazine.com/2017/01/12/second-coming/
  6. Scalford 2018 maybe.... I plan on finalising things over the weekend and then I should be able to lay out the panels on some 'virtual' ply boards before ordering what I need. I need to save up a bit for the drivers, DSP and extra amps too... The hole in the baffle is the same size as the driver cone. I've drawn the lower braces to be tight against the magnet, but will see how it works out when built. Thanks for your input
  7. What do we think to this? I've narrowed the cabinet by around 50mm which has meant I can use all of the available space within it and thats allowed me to eliminate the dead space at the bottom of the cabinet. Each internal enclosure is still right around the optimum volume for the selected drivers in a sealed cabinet. I also added a baffle mid enclosure, but I'm not convinced whether it would do more harm than good? Thoughts?
  8. Made a few minor adjustments today - reduced the distance between the tweeter and the mid, as seems good practice, also shifted the bass unit upward a little. The bass enclosure is now 40 litres. I don't really want to increase it further, as the idea spec for the driver is 37ltr. With the lower section of that enclosure removed it would be 52 litres, which seems too far from ideal for me.
  9. Excellent...! I do have 2 sets of outputs on my pre-amp just need another suitable power amp and we could do quad...
  10. Thanks for the offer. I'm not sure if they would be useful unless they are 6 post ones?
  11. Clean it off with strong detergent, then use something like a low gloss trim dressing fluid from Poor Boys or Chemical Guys that won't leave it shiny....
  12. Thanks Serge. I'm just searching for some binding posts, think I found some that will work nicely. I'm listening to a mix of random stuff - I'm still constantly amazed by my AE's for their size - listening to a Grendel track at the moment.... So here we go then - something like this - I need to lay the panels out on a sheet of ply and see how many I need to buy.... I may yet change the bracing in the bass enclosure and add a vertical one in the mid enclosure with the centre cut away to only leave a frame. I can afford to lose the volume they will take up in trade off for stiffness of the enclosure.
  13. Thanks Serge The terminal box will be right at the bottom of the enclosure, I'll thread wires through sealed holes in the baffles. I'll seal them in place with polyurethane sealant. As for bracing I was thinking along the lines of the image below. The magnet (which is 180mm diameter) would sit against the flat portion of the 2 braces. These would be fixed firmly to all of the other panels as a matter of course. I could probably get away with one, or the 2 pieces glued together, which would make one piece 50mm thick. As it stands the enclosure would weigh in the region of 30kg, not including the drivers.
  14. OK, more or less done with this now. Reduced the height by 200mm overall and set the tweeter at the same height as my AE's on their stands, which works really well. Angled the top of the enclosure, added some radii to the corners of all the panels. I'm pretty happy with the overall external size, shape and driver placement now - so the last thing to do is to figure out some internal bracing/baffling. The main area for that will be in the bass enclosure I think, especially on the side wall of it as there's a reasonably large surface area there. Bass enclosure is now 45 ltr, up from 37, but I don't think that will hurt too much...
  15. Cool. I guess as drivers become more efficient through design improvements the requirements for enclosures are going to change quite dramatically. Good to know that what I have seems about right, and workable. I'll tidy the designs up tonight all being well.