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  1. This is liable to change - but here's a list of my random stuff. I'll have my NAS with me which is crammed full of all sorts of FLAC files, and I'll also bring a box full of CD's too. Saturday night will be some of the more unusual, heavier and gothic stuff.... Scalford Track Listing.xlsx
  2. Just about time to fit in another one before Scalford I reckon..... At our place near Wisbech It will either be 5th or 12th March depending on which date people prefer. If anyone wants to bring some music and kit to swap around and play that's great (I have Tidal and Spotify so can access most stuff anyway). I'd certainly be interested in hearing some different pre/power combos. Space for 3-4 people. I'll provide grub. Let me know if anyone's interested. Kit: DIY Valve pre and MOSFET power amps Roksan K2 CDP Roksan Radius TT/RB250/Ortofon 2m Black AE2/Reference Stands/BK Electronics XXLS400 Sub (normally off!) Breeze Audio XMOS 384k/32bit DAC
  3. Not really - just habit. To be honest I reach blindly around the back to turn it on/off anyway. If the front panel light's on then I know what state the amp's in anyway
  4. Power supply and speaker protection relays built up - there's more work in this little lot than there is in building the boards.... Made a few minor changes in the second version of the power supply. Same transformer and capacitor layout but I've tidied a few things up. I've upgraded the speaker binding posts to copper, and finally standardised the wiring colours throughout. I've also moved the protection relays to the bottom of the case rather than the rear panel, mainly for logistics! All signal grounds go back to the same location on the copper plate now (right hand end), the other location (left) is just for the safety ground to the chassis and the other wire is a ground to the speaker protection circuit. On the previous version the signal and power grounds went to the 2 different ends of the copper plate, but it wasn't particular good practice. Although it works absolutely fine and there's no noise at all. Twisted triplets are the +/-56VDC supplies and power ground to each of the amplifier boards which I'm yet to build. The other odd loose cables are for the soft start circuit (bottom right) and the speaker protection circuit (top right). The small frame transformer is a 9VAC supply for the soft start board - ultimately I'll add another secondary winding to the main transformer for this, which will free up some more space in the case. The relays at the top of the photo are for the speaker protection. They have a snubber network across the output to prevent any arc forming should they be needed in the case of a fault with the amps causing a DC output.
  5. Another amp in progress... almost got the power supply done
  6. Its a good product - and super easy to set up. I don't really understand why people don't rate the SQ - I've done a few tests with mine and it's actually incredibly capable as a single box solution to streaming... Price hike doesn't surprise me - the £-$ is rubbish and it will be that driving the increase. The pound is incredibly weak compared to 12 months ago as well, not just to euro and USD, but many other major world currencies. So it shouldn't a big surprise. While the weak £ makes it good for UK based business to sell abroad, we import nearly all 'consumer' items (or the major components if they are assembled here), so that just pushes up prices. Working in manufacturing, we are feeling the effects of this in a big way....
  7. Having compared it directly to CD I'd have to disagree. Besides, in fixed volume mode and playing from a FLAC source (as I do) the digital output if the Sonos is bit perfect to the source. So it can't be 'veiled' playing through an external DAC.
  8. Thanks for the info guys, really appreciate it. I have a wooden floor at home too, so will just have to see what happens. I'll bring my sub anyway at least it's there... Hopefully the older bit of the building has thicker walls so I can get the volume up a bit. At home I normally listen at about 80dB average. So hopefully that's not too obnoxious! The first challenge of the weekend is going to be fitting everything in my car for the journey. Might have to make 2 trips.
  9. Here's another bit....
  10. I'm clearly in the wrong job.... lol It's nice to get a bit of positive feedback every now and again
  11. Yes, I'll be there from Saturday afternoon - hopefully reasonably early as we aren't too far away, then I can get stuck in to a bottle of JD.... I've heard that it can be a tough one to crack. My listening room (read lounge) at home isn't all that easy either, with it's wooden floor and low ceiling. Just a different set of challenges Happy to go with whatever works when I get there.
  12. Scalford virgin... yup, that's me. No idea - and I've been rather lucky (?!) and landed the Gun Room. And I'm looking forward to what looks like what will be a challenging room to exhibit in. If anyone has any photos from previous years I'd love to see them so I can get some kind of idea of previous set ups in that room. I'm just building another power amp to match my other one - so I'll be running 4x ESP P101 amps on the AE2's. I still haven't decided if I will be bringing my turntable with me or not - at this point I am not planning to, so it will be digital music only. I'm happy to play requests - so don't be afraid to ask - I also have a substantial playlist with a very random mix included. Finally (for now), I'm not the most outgoing of people so while I'm looking forward to meeting a few of you, don't be surprised if I'm pretty quiet most of the time! (Although the music should make up for that!) Kit List Pre-amp: DIY (owner) built Vacuum Tube Audio. Line: SP12 (4x JJ 12AU7) Phono: PH12 2x JAN 6922 http://www.tubes4hifi.com/pre11.htm Power amp: DIY (Owner) Built 4x Elliot Sound Products P101 http://sound.whsites.net/project101.htm Parameter Measurement Conditions Output Power > 150WPC 8Ω > 210WPC 4Ω THD 0.015% No load, 30V RMS output, 1kHz 0.017% 8 Ohms, 30V RMS output, 1kHz 0.02% 4 Ohms, 30V RMS output, 1kHz Output Impedance < 10 mΩ 1kHz, 4Ω load < 25 mΩ 10kHz, 4Ω load Frequency Response 10Hz - 50kHz @1W, -1.5dB Speakers: Acoustic Energy AE2, Acoustic Energy Reference Stands, BK Electronics XXLS400 Sub Digital Sources: Streaming: Sonos Connect, WD NAS FLAC CD rips CD: Roksan K2 DAC: Breeze Audio AK4118+AK4490+XMOS, 384K, 32 bit. Used for USB only
  13. I'm also not going to butcher my AE's.... This is mostly as prep for the active speaker project - I've also got a few bits on the way to build some 60w amps for the tweeters in those. That'll cover all 6 channels that I'll need.
  14. I've just ordered all of the parts I need to build another identical amp.... maybe I'll have it all up and running prior to Scalford. If so I'll be bi-amping my AE's just for giggles.