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'Quite simply the best show we have ever had the pleasure to exhibit! Huge amounts of enthusiasm from so many Wammers who clearly share our passion for music. Can't wait for next year..........'

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  1. Is anyone looking to sell a Michell Gyrodec or Gyrodec SE? A friend of a friend is seeking a Gyrodec with an arm (e.g. Rega or Technoarm etc) or a turnkey Gyrodec with arm and cart. The buyer is located in Devon but he's willing to travel for the right deck. If anyone has something suitable, please contact me and I will pass on your details. Many thanks, Graham
  2. bump, will sell for 800 to wammers only.
  3. by the description it sounds like one channel was short circuited which would not impact other channel which is on an entirely different board. Also if it was sent to quad I would imagine they would have checked over the whole amp. graham
  4. On their 50th anniversary, there is an interesting article on the Sugden brand and products in the just released HiFiChoice mag. A real family affair.
  5. thanks for the tip spen, I dont have that album. Most of my ND LPs are found in the bargain bins at record fairs or charity shops 😉
  6. hi john, your views pretty much mirror mine. Interestingly I recently also listened to some classic queen albums - opera and races and although I love the music, i have always struggled to listen to these old LPs as they are pretty compressed and over produced. however i listened to them for the first time them via the jbls and at-150, it was like listening to them as a kid when sound quality is just not a factor and you just enjoy the music. these LPs never sounded this good when using much more expensive MC carts, or for that matter some other well regarded MMs. using a valve stage the 150sa is punchy, detailed and energetic without being bright or analytical. I have certainly given up my cart search 😊.
  7. lovely spen, they look much nicer in teak , if as good as stated, snap em up before they go. Brilliant speaks that you would have no trouble shifting if they didn't suit your room.
  8. I confess I like Neil, I have rather too many of his albums. For anyone who missed out, I can highly recommend Stones and of course Hot August Night. His voice takes me straight back to listening to radio 2 on the 70s kitchen radio.
  9. A very astute observation John. yes i agree this is a cart that would appeal to an ex flat earther, it has PRaT in abundance 😉. But it can do subtlety when required. I just hope the replacement 750 retains a similar balance. It even continues to sound better, or maybe that is my rose tinted ears.....
  10. hi spen, snells would make a great choice for some fizz and pace. I have always been impressed at the ones I have heard, K J and the amazing A. And of course old school JBLs 4*** studio monitors such as Oldius 4312 are brill with faster material. I find they give all material a bit of extra energy. I use 4311 in my main system as they make all music that more engaging. As I write I am even tapping my foot to Neil diamond which is testament to the Jbl's rhythm or my bad taste in music! 😉
  11. Very cool and even worse, just up the road...... So its just as well I have 4 sets of speaks already....... They look in amazing condition cosmetically.
  12. Good to meet you at Scalford Geoff, your system sounded great. Your JBLs are lovely and they are in fabulous condition. If you are ever down south in Surrey, you are most welcome to pop in and have a listen to mine. Graham
  13. This was a fabulous show, a real variety of sounds and system philosophies to ponder and be amazed by. And of course being able to chat with the exhibitors about the system background. This is a great event that we can be proud of. So well done to everyone who made the considerable effort to display their beloved wares and of course to organise the event. Great job!
  14. hi cambs, I may be able to help, where do you need the pick up from?


    1. Cambs12


      Hi Graham,and thanks.Its from Guildford...if this is possible,let me know by pm, thanks and regards.

      Hi Graham,and thanks.Its from Guildford...if this is possible,let me know by pm, thanks and regards.