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    ahhhhh, the perils of reading the deranged ramblings of a bunch of half deaf blokes stuck in the 70s who should know better. I would have thought your studio 1s would have put you off these relics but clearly you are similarly afflicted! 😉 But seriously Spencer, if you ever come darf sarf, you are more than welcome to listen to mine. all the best Graham
  2. och you haggis munching Sassenach sell out, as I was spawned o'looking the banks of the silvery Tay, I can only assume you mean I cannae tell up from doon 😉.
  3. This is one reason why i decided to skip the jumble this time, too many temptations and expensive ideas at the jumble . I am trying to be sell a few items atm not acquire more ! :-)
  4. yes those are the current version of mine, and I suspect they will sound fairly similar, maybe a little brighter at the top end as these have a metal dome (magnesium) Tweeter. also the L pad crossover will make it sound a bit fizzy on account of the overlap between the drivers which is addressed with the aftermarket troels crossover installed by RFC. its a shame.they dont offer the walnut finish which is a lot nicer than crackle black. And the white logo is rather crass too. But if you are planning a party, these are the speakers to get , they go very loud 😁
  5. Hi Ian, I have owned the QC24 and found it to have an stereotypical valve sound, being rich and warm and a little rolled off at the extremes. In conjunction with my 405-2, it gave a big hearted mid focused and very forgiving sound. I suspect the voicing is quite deliberately old school and made to match the new Quad II range. With my 10" Tannoy Eatons the overall result was a bit too warm and cuddly. However with a more neutral sounding speaker, I imagine the pairing could work very well. Like many valve pre-amps, the gain was high into the 405, although the volume control still gave fine control despite only operating in the lower registers and there were seemed to be no compatibility problems. It was a simple device to use with quick warm up and there was little or no noise through the speakers, although the toroid did make a hum. In a larger room, this was not an issue, but in my smaller study it was noticeable during gaps in speech. The 34 is less obviously tonally coloured than the QC24 but it is more veiled with a hint of transistor grain. Overall I consider the 34 is better featured and is much nicer to use than the QC24, or for that matter the rather fiddly and toy like 33 (which IMO is rather limited sonically at least in stock form). So although the 34 is not the most detailed or transparent pre, ergonomically it is a delight and it makes such a nice non fatiguing sound. As mentioned in a recent post, if you want more detail, dynamics, soundstaging etc, I can highly recommend using a high quality TVC passive such as the Glasshouse TVC C-Core which brings the transparency of a passive with a touch of warmth more commonly associated with a wide bandwidth valve design. However, some passives (and I have tried rather too many) can make Quad 405 amps sound rather flat dynamically so be prepared for a long search to find the perfect match! Graham.
  6. Yes I absolutely agree with Ian here. TBH, I thought the dated, and non mirrored, driver topology would preclude the JBLs being able to place instruments so accurately, and convincingly portray the little details, but they did a fine job on the end of Ian's amp and phono stage. Only in the rolled off-top end are they obviously lacking compared to Ian's NS1000s which have a shimmer the JBLs cant match. However the bottom end is a real strength of the JBL and the MW amp brought at least an extra 10hz of depth. Although tonally very different to todays speakers, I can see why the 4311s were able to function as studio monitors in their day, as they can be pretty revealing when fed with high quality kit. And they really do justice to the 70s flavoured music they were used to mix.
  7. Yes it was a really fun afternoon. I was very impressed by the Modwright / Vida combination, they work really well together melding the strengths of solid state with the fluidity that one associates with valves. Going from the YBA and Quad valve phono stage to the MW/Vida the warm tonal balance and large scale was remarkably similar. However the 3D soundstage, extra detail, top end air and deeper bass control in particular was hard to ignore. My combo is rather 2 dimensional in comparison, concentrating on the meat of the performance at the expense of audiophile niceties. Timing and rhythm was also excellent good in both, only in a couple of tracks did the extra pace of the YBA/Quad combo make itself apparent which aided heavier rock. And I suspect this is because the leading edge is a little emphasized in my combo. It actually occurred me yesterday that I may have built myself a rather "flat earth" flavoured system without that really being a stated aim! Mixing and matching didn't work, the Quad QC24 phono sounded really poor into the MW, and the Vida sounded a bit slower into the YBA. So we didn't waste much time on this. Interestingly, when I switched back to my system after Ian had left, it sounded just as good to me as previously, so I think its weaknesses are more sins of omission. Which is fortunate, as a MW weighs about 30kg vs 10kg for the compact YBA. Post hernia, such heavyweight beasts are not a proposition for me any more! The Vida also proved a happy match for the relatively budget Audio Technica 150Sa. I thought the combo sounded excellent, bringing additional refinement while keeping the snap and rhythm of this MM cart. Thanks to Ian for bringing his excellent kit around and for putting up with listening to AC/DCs Hells Bells and Shoot to Thrill 3 times!!! .
  8. Hi Richard, Welcome to the WAM! Another option is to consider using a different pre-amp with the 303. I have used a fully modded Net Audio 405-3 with a Fidele Audio modded 34 ST for some time in a few systems. The combo works very well together but IMO, the power amp is the stronger of the two. I was really impressed when I tried a Glasshouse Audio pre-amp with the 405, in this case the TVC C-core transformer model. It lifts the performance to a whole different level. It does all the audiophile stuff, detail, sound-staging, transparency while keeping on the warmer side of neutral unlike most passives which can sound a bit lean. I also had good results with an MFA classic, but the balance of the Glasshouse was better being fuller and warmer, and the gain was also a much better match to the 405. As Serge says, if you need more power or current, then you may need a different power amp. But as it sounds like your existing speakers work well with the 303 then it may be worth investigating. All the best, Graham.
  9. hi Stewart, sorry I didn't see this, too busy listening to music 🎶. I apologise for the short notice, it was unfortunately unavoidable . But I will make sure I tell you next time I do something, or when i have a spare afternoon that might suit you to visit. we had a good time listening to electronic music then progressed to reggae, dub, rock music etc... We also swapped in ians excellent modwright amp and aurorasound Vida phono. thanks to Ian for lugging over his monstrously heavy amp 😊
  10. The bake-off is on and there is room for more. Vote is for electronica, but its not compulsory so please feel free to bring other music too. Post here or drop me a pm if you can make it.
  11. bump to see if we can get more takers. thanks for the kind words Jamie
  12. Any interest? I realise that half term was possibly not the best time for this....
  13. I realise it's not a lot of notice but this Sat arvo is free so thought it could be a good opportunity to listen some tunes and talk krap. Venue is near junction 8 of the M25 in Surrey, and was thinking of starting at 12:30 and wrap up 6ish. I don't want to spend much time swapping equipment unless its something simple like a phono stage. Its more a chance for anyone (newbies are very welcome) to have a listen to a vintage themed system that is geared toward rock, electro and popular music. Vinyl front end is a Garrard 401, Audio Note Arm 1 and Audio Technica 150Sa. CDP is an Acoustic Precision Eikos. Amp is an older YBA Integre DT. Phono stage is a Quad QC24P, Speakers are restored JBL 4311 with Troels Gravesen crossovers. IMO, the system sounds better with vinyl so will stick mainly to the black stuff. To add a bit of interest, I was thinking of a music theme to match the system. So there is a choice of the following, just indicate your preference and we'll go with the majority. Glam rock, e.g. Bowie, T-Rex, Queen, Kiss, Abba, Alice, Elton John, anything (excluding wammers...) in platforms and make-up. ** OR ** Early electronica e.g. Kraftwerk, Jean Michel-Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Eno, early Floyd etc. But anything that fits the theme is strongly encouraged. So bring some LPs or CDs and we'll take it in turns to spin your fave 2-3 tracks from each album. After we've done a few albums, we can open it up so bring anything you would like to hear on the JBLs, they love anything with soul and rhythm. My house is not that big so 2-4 people are all that's needed.
  14. hi peter, you could try contacting Wembley loudspeakers near earls court. They may well be able to suggest and supply an alternative or maybe resurrect your tweeters. however some newer tweeters can be a bit more efficient so a tweak to the crossover may be needed. It may make sense to send the crossover and tweeters as they should be relatively safe to ship if well wrapped. if you don't want to diy then I can firmly recommend Paul coupe at reference fidelity components. He is very helpful and would be a good guy to have a chat to about options. Graham
  15. nice one Matty, look very much in keeping with the quad 405. I like it 😊