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  1. Yes its You Only Live Twice for me too, with an honourable mention to From Russia with Love. I have a compilation LPs of James Bond Themes and I absolutely love it as its got 2o top tracks. It sounds surprisingly good too!
  2. SOLD, Thanks for interest.
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    Hi TurnItUp, I am in Surrey. However I will include shipping in the purchase price if you are interested. Regards, Graham
  6. I agree the 103 would be a poor match with the thorens arm. I owned a DL103 and 103R and even with a matched A23 sut and heavier arm, it is a crude thing when compared to various AT MC & MM carts I have used since. I used to think some of my LPs were damaged on the inner tracks until I changed to a different cart and realised I was listening to distortion induced by the 103.... if you like the AT31, a new needle sounds like a great idea! I can also vouch for the At 630 / Signet SUT that was bundled with the 31. It has worked well with my At 33 and 0C9 carts and would be perfect for the matched 31.
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    Weekend bump
  8. Extremely versatile phono stage with multiple adjustments for gain, impedance, capacitance and equalisation (RIAA/IEC). See specs on 4th image. Balanced XLR and single ended RCA outputs. See review at Excellent condition. Just serviced and re-biased by Simaudio Moon UK distributor. Includes original packaging and manual. If you wish to view the manual, please pm your email address and I will send pdf. Original RRP £1490. For sale at £700.
  9. old style boxy standmounts are fairly stable due to large footprint. The jbls on custom stands are more stable than most floorstanders. At scalford oldius had his 4312 on massively heavy stands. An alternative is to bluetak them to something immovable. IMO old style speakers are much more kid friendly than modern slim speaks.
  10. given your musical tastes, oldius suggestion is a good one. If you are near junction 7/8 of m25 you are welcome to drop in and have a listen to mine. graham
  11. I owned a csa14 for a short while and found it surprisingly responsive to tube rolling. If you want an open revealing sound which may be what is meant by sharp, then try a pair of Tesla e88cc (not JJ but NOS tesla from the likes of Watford Valves). Both the earlier gold grid yellow print and later non gold grid white print editions sounded nice and were very quiet. My fave vintage valve was an Amperex ecc88 bugle boy which had a beautiful tone, while still being extended and dynamic. It was much better balanced in this amp than the Mullard CV2492.
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  13. that looks jolly good value 😊
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    Easter Bump and price reduced to £500.