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    JVC QL-66Y, Techie
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    Russel Technologies
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    Sony CDP-557ESD
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    Yamaha DVD2700,
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    W4Sound,MusFid V90
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    Luxman L5
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    Khozmo zfoil passive
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    Luxkit Z504, Z501
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    Urei 811, 12"M Golds
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade
  1. Interesting...thanks...
  2. Thiananmensquare
  3. Spellczech
  4. Most recent biggie, passive preamps. Moving from Linn Isobariks to Tannoy Monitor Golds was memorable too. Cheapest recent was hooking upWyred4Sound Remedy/ Musical Fidelity V90 DAC optically instead of coax.
  5. Fuxit!
  6. Duchess of Coolsville is a good intro to the R L J material beyond the hi fi show fave of her eponymous album. Massive talent IMHO, and when she's on top form, such as Evening of my Best Day or Pop Pop she concedes to no one. Even an album of stark covers like The Devil you Know shines fresh light on each track. All material is extremely well recorded too - no tin ears here.
  7. Comet come to Me...also just got Peace beyond Passion and that's equally good on a couple of listens.
  8. Enjoying Me'Shell Ndgeo'Cello Geoff, thanks for the recommendation.
  9. I'll just say I had transport trouble I was never able to resolve with a Micromega.
  10. I'd wire it as I did...as many inputs as you want (five in my case) through a selector, with a selector position, say 6 with nothing connected. A further pair of inputs straight to the input on the volume switch wafer. Normal listening you go through the selector....your favourite source goes straight to volume bypassing selector, and you select 6 while listening, so no crosstalk. If you use your selected inputs you turn off or disconnect your fave input. Don't know what you'd do if you have two favourites.... I imagine an MC2 would be well tasty...
  11. Insured? Will you manage ok one down?
  12. Transformers on inputs?
  13. Interesting...you'll have me off again at this rate! Actually, bearing in mind that my S&B implementation is not the standard one, and that none of the S&Bs you mention above are as straight thru as I'm going for, and that mine are silver traffos I think I'd want to try a comparison before pulling the trigger and building another pre. Maybe some bakeoff sometime....