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  1. Yes please Graham. I'm very glad to say I own no glam rock but can rustle up something on the electronica side of things with maybe emphasis on electronica
  2. This jazz classic is due for a re-release by Be With Records on 24th March. I have a number of Be With's re-releases and they are always very well mastered and pressed. This one uses the original album artwork and will be on 180gm vinyl.
  3. Pre-1976 Kool and the Gang is definitely their best period but Ladies Night and the awful Cherish brought in the cash and the fame. This my favourite from the Live at PJs album and has been a sampled a fair few times too.
  4. A wonderful voice - provided vocals for one of my favourite jazz tracks.
  5. No worries - good to know there're fellow Wammers that appreciate good music.
  6. No - Father's Children was the group not Breakwater.
  7. Nice TT and arm you'll have there. I'm sure you'll be very pleased.
  8. How does seeking opinion = forum approval?
  9. Hadn't picked up on this until today but David Axelrod passed away at the weekend. A massive influence on hip hop but this piece of his obituary I feel sums him up perfectly. Aside from Isaac Hayes, virtually nobody's compositions could hit that sweet spot between “beautiful music” opulence, uncannily strange pop-psychedelia, and deeper-than-deep soul quite like Axelrod. Here's my favourite production of his. A monster of a track but oh so short.