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  1. The sound quality of my Jap pressing is very good so no need to think the Mr Bongo release will be any different. Looking forward to their RSD 2017 release of This Is Marijata by Marijata which has been unavailable for a few years now and if I feel particularly flush I might invest in the half-speed remaster of the Arthur Verocai LP which is another Brazilian classic that no home should be without.
  2. And available at a significantly cheaper price than the Japanese pressing I shelled out for a few years ago.
  3. T. P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo at 229, London, 31st May.
  4. If you like your jazz with a Brazilian flavour Mr Bongo is re-releasing the excellent Embalo LP by Tenorio Jr. Contains the woefully short but beautiful track Nebulosa.
  5. Shame you're at the opposite end the country Geoff as I really enjoyed your room at Scalford. Are you going to serenade your visitors with the chorus of Dyke & The Blazers' Let A Woman Be A Woman And A Man Be A Man like you did at Scalford?
  6. No - it's the more funkier side of Malian music. Contains the original version of Mandjou by Ambassadeurs International with Salif Keita at full throttle. I've been after this track for ages. Will definitely be in my top 5 releases come year end. Buy with confidence.
  7. The Original Sound of Mali from those excellent people at Mr Bongo.
  8. Going to see Mulatu Astatke, the father of Ethiopian jazz, at London's Jazz Cafe on 4th April. It's a sell out.
  9. Sorry, foo free round here Jamie. Scalford packing by any chance?
  10. Does anyone need a lift to Scalford on Sunday from the Beckenham/Croydon area? PM me if interested.
  11. If the leaked list is correct and complete then not much on there that grabs me. The Soul Jazz 7" box sets look interesting but I would only buy if the recordings were ones I didn't have already. Starship Africa by Creation Rebel is the one I do want though.
  12. The only man to have been a world champion on both two and four wheels. That'll never happen again and he did it when motorsport was far, far more dangerous than it is today. What a legacy to leave behind. RIP.