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  1. Ah, the things we do for Hi-Fi ! Now where did I put that white spirit ?
  2. Looking good, but how have you managed to keep your top dome (under the hypertweeter) so shiny ?
  3. Recorded Superbowl 51 to my Humax HDR-2000T (4.5 Hours/10.2Gb standard def) and, like last year, decided to back up my recording. Connected up an old 2Tb Seagate USB drive to the front USB port on the Humax and said "Copy". Bunged the copy on to my NAS and, hey presto, instant access from my networked Humax and a hell of a lot easier than faffing with my old Topfield recorder. Just my experience but I`d agree with Tony_J and go for one of the Humax Freeview Play recorders in whatever capacity suits you (500Gb is more than enough for me). M
  4. Yes, used to deal with them when I worked in a hi-fi accessory shop in TCR. Generally good product at reasonable cost and quite helpful too (even used to sell original V15 styli too although I'm sure they're all gone by now) M
  5. Not pointless if it's put me on to new music which is, surely, the point of a Hi-Fi / music forum ?
  6. Well, I've come across a few new (to me) pieces of music which is a fair contribution. As the man said, if you don't like it there's an ignore button.
  7. Don't worry, I bought it myself.
  8. Black, of course - the NHS Trust I work for requires it. Oh, and Green for corrections !
  9. The more he posts the more sense he makes. Chumpy in disguise?
  10. All Them Witches - Brussels, Belgium 3/3/16. Free download from Bandcamp and 24bit 48kHz to boot - Nice !
  11. Chumpy is legend - enjoy suitably !
  12. - - - Updated - - - What is the point of posting a cover, if only you know who it is? Google image search is our friend - Up Close by Eric Johnson
  13. Brilliant ! If only Le Petomane were still alive......
  14. I want one to go with my carbon cables.
  15. That Liv Wave looks interesting livingid. Website doesn`t specify sample rates like it does for its "Ultimate" big brother but I assume it`s at least 24/96 output on the Optical SPDIF ? M