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  1. Sold elsewhere, please archive.
  2. Cheers Phil thought it would have been snapped up by now, fantastic cable. Only reason for sale I have completely revamped my system and am now using the balanced inputs on my cd player.
  3. Any Chord fans out there ? This is a stunning digital cable the amount of detail retrieval this is capable of is a testament to Chord and the Tuned Aray technology.
  4. reduced £295 incl next day delivery, bargain !
  5. Bump amazing digital cable you have to pay 4 figures to beat this !
  6. SALE

  7. SALE

    There's a silver pair for sale on hififorsae for £11,500 !
  8. would consider a swap for a pair of xlr balanced interconnects ?
  9. SALE

    Fantastic speakers Carl good luck with the sale amazing price !
  10. SALE

    withdrawn holding on to it for now.
  11. SALE

  12. SALE

    Back up for sale. You will not find a better example of a D200 anywhere.