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  1. Back up for sale bump !
  2. SALE

  3. SALE

    Back up for sale. You will not find a better example of a D200 anywhere.
  4. On offer my Chord Signature Digital Tuned Aray cable. Bought late last year from Sevenoaks Sound and Vision I bought this to compare to my reference Transparent cable. After much deliberation i prefer my Transparent cable but I am splitting hairs. The Chord has much more bass (I had to turn the sam feature on my Devialet amps off when using the Chord) if your system is bass light you need to hear this ! Completely as new in every way, looking for £sale pending.
  5. SALE

  6. SALE

    10/2/17 Back up for sale was going to keep it but change of plan. 4 months old used for less than 10 hours. Bought from authorised uk dealer Oxford Audio in September 2016 (Alisdair I'm sure will confirm this)it is in immaculate condition it will be like buying a new one, over 4 1/2 years transferable warranty. Please google for reviews stunning performance.Complete with all original packaging, manual,sd card,white gloves and devialet bag. I'm keeping my other one. The D200 is the sweetspot in performance/price ratio. rrp £5,500 available for £3,895. There are much older ones available for £3,500 but these are a few years old (some are even the old 170 upgraded to 200). If you think it is worth paying a little more for a nearly new example then this is for you.
  7. Downgrading hopefully have too much money invested need to make this hobby fun again.
  8. Cheers Phil yes love my Sasha's too thankfully didn't sell them so still enjoying the Wilson sound !
  9. Miss my WP7'S.......They look and sound stunning Jamie ! Happy xmas.
  10. Me too !
  11. SALE

    cheers Jamie hope you are keeping well.
  12. SALE

    Had long hard think about this, the speakers I had in mind were coming from Europe and with the exchange rate as it is it wouldn't have worked out favourably for me. Have moved the Sasha's well out in the room as far as I can go without getting a divorce !! and they are sounding pretty damn good so I will take stock for now and see how I feel in new year.
  13. SALE

    Withdrawn from sale.
  14. SALE

    Transparent music wave super available to the buyer at competitive rate.