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  1. This week we have the first album of singer songwriter Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left chosen by barney's dad.
  2. This weeks WAC album
  3. Yes I never knew Ball played with Young and I was there
  4. Found it Saturday 15th October 1966 my first match Everton 2-1 Sheffield Wednesday Gordon West Tommy Wright Ray Wilson Brian Labone Derek Temple Colin Harvey Jimmy Gabriel Alan Ball Johnny Morrissey Alex Young Alex Scott Gabriel (pen) and Temple
  5. You just couldn't make that up , awesome
  6. RIP a Goodison legend , I think I saw Alex Young play not sure I was very young , I'll have to check the archives. A lot on here will remember the BBC series Play for Today on a Wednesday night they made one called The Golden Vision about Alex and the fans .
  7. Southampton were fantastic far the better side but special players are winners , and has Mourinho ever lost a final
  8. I've got it and the other two , its ok....... maybe I'm missing something I'll re-visted it and give my full attention.
  9. Wow page 2 and its not Tuesday yet ! This album must be good And 11 votes already
  10. Keith lock your do , Stuart may try to enter under a pseudonym do not let him in under any circumstances. You have been warned !
  11. This for me is the definitive Kite photo because it is a "kite" , top top photo , run out of superlatives for your Kite shots Keith so you'll have to make do with reps
  12. Yes love Poser , all of them are fabulous Keith !