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  1. ^^ Excellent Keith , In the horse field by my house last week were two Great Black Backed Gulls , very odd must have gone off course , they were huge and the wings a lot blacker , which is the case I believe.
  2. I take it the reserve is open air ? The Blue Tit must have come from a nest in the reserve.
  3. I notice he is ringed.
  4. The speaker cable will not reach any further
  5. He is just so cute looking , lovely shot Amar.
  6. Saw and heard 7/8 Blackcaps this morning but just could not get a shot. Had to settle for a quick snap of a Robin. Robin by Baz, on Flickr
  7. SALE

    Fixed and variable volume settings.
  8. Missed the bus
  9. Funny they haven't spread up north seeing they have been wild since 1930.
  10. Foregate Street , Chester this morning :
  11. I still can't believe Mandarin ducks are residential in the UK they are so exotic , not sure we have any up here and I've never seen one in the wild.
  12. Nice shot Ben , didn't know what it was myself.
  13. Mower friendly