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  1. For some reason I was lazy and didn't Google. What an amazing wealth of covers there are out there. Also discovered Wex photographic a good alternative to Jessops. Do any of you use Nikonians.org?
  2. Thanks. I Googled too and found http://www.wexphotographic.com/optech-rainsleeve-1017072?mkwid=sWKG9cV3l_dc&pcrid=89741453699&kword=&match=&plid=&product=1017072&gclid=CNWL9KPOrdICFZMYGwodT84Pzg but you only get 2 not 5. I avoid Amazon but may have to resort if these Optech don't last long. Further Google revealed a wealth of things from the light cheap plastic to pro durable .
  3. How do you cope with the urge to photograph in wet weather. Light drizzle through to stormy. Find a shelter perhaps? I dont want my lovely camera harmed by the damp.
  4. Strider and others I went on the Nikon support site yesterday and stumbled upon the fact a new Lensprofile BIN file version 2.015 was there. Downloaded and installed. It may help your concerns Strider. http://downloadcenter.nikonimglib.com/en/download/fw/197.html ATB
  5. Yes a good place to look
  6. But peoples tastes are hugely varied and just cos you like something it does mean I will. Forums have taught me to ignore subjectivist opinions. They are usually too keen to tell us their experience
  7. Glad you got there. Some useful tips/experiences too. I got as far as photographing a wall to check for consistancy across the frame/lens. Sorry I did not get to post it here. Alls well
  8. Am I allowed to be interested in both? Other people's subjective opinion is often different to mine I find.
  9. Very likely. It is one thing ridding the bullies but what replaces them?
  10. I avoid it at all costs. Activity Unread for me. HNY
  11. I followed the path you are asking others about. Bought super coax and glass optical. Wow the result was ....... I felt reassured but wasted my money.
  12. I bought one SH but did not find what you have. Using Nokia lenses. Over the holiday I will try to see if I get the same
  13. But you may need it when you find out about it. Thinks
  14. Are you going to refuse to ask EE/Orange, they are the most likely to know - maybe met this before. You are not aloan just a borrow.
  15. As having to be a business is so important to you I paid the fee. I have never bought or sold anything here, nor likely to. I probably won't pay next year. You have had your chance.