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  1. Yes to this. 1 box.
  2. Swapped from Vodaphone, £40/month, 4gb data, to Virgin, £15/month, 20gb data. Streaming Tidal via Bluetooth hifi quality in the car, hardly dents the data quota. Any album/artist I'd ever want, all available 24/7, pretty much anywhere. Goodbye iPod, goodbye CDs goodbye memory card. Happy bunny.
  3. How your files will be displayed in car depends to an extent on tagging accuarcy/completeness. In my Skoda Octavia III the root folders are by artist, which is not ideal. Hope you get it working.
  4. How did you get Tidal desktop on a tablet? I can access it on my laptop but the not on iPad.
  5. Want to listen to hi res flac masters on Tidal but not via the desktop version? Use it to make a playlist of any master album, save it then play the playlist via the app version, or in my case DS Lightning to my Aries Mini. No difference in what comes out of the speakers but it is 48khz 24 bit, so it must be good. . .
  6. Think I'll wait for Auralic to come up with a software fiddle to "unfold" these files. Not holding my breath though, just seems another way to kid us gullible peeps into "investing" in more hardware, for what I am guessing is no actual audible benefit. Or maybe they've added an expander filter to make the music initially sound more open & expansive. Surely not.
  7. Playing "A Case Of You", a track I know so well, from "Blue". V1 is rip of the original cd, goes Aries Mini hd to Primare dac via USB. V2 goes laptop Tidal Masters, m2tech highface2 to coax in Primare dac So I just swap inputs from the front of the dac. Sound the same to me, except the Masters version is quieter. Not worth the bother of faffing around. YMMV of course.
  8. My speakers have both, soft dome and ribbon above. Most Dalis do, and have done so for many years. Covering each in turn gives a reduction in hf, and different.
  9. What I did. Got a great deal and my last phono stage, PS30 RDT SE.
  10. I've had Dali 300s, then 400 IIs for a few years. Helicon II is still A current product. 2 years ago swapped them for a pair of Epicon 6s. My last speaker. Any issues around resolution in the Helicon resolved. "In the room" experience. And beautiful to behold.
  11. One of these has been sitting in front of my espresso machine for 2 years. A gift from a thoughtful mate.
  12. Just wondered why class A is not an option. My MF AMS 35i is the best amp I have ever owned. Potential low power is not an issue in reality. But, each to his own.
  13. Software interface makes the whole experience pleasurable, or a damn pita. I was happy with Squeezebox, and just as happy with Aries Lightning DS.
  14. My experience also. HiFi Tidal, however, is distinguishable from mid level Spotify.