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  1. I used a pair of Edison 12s (the HFA kit amp by another name) to biamp Snell Es and it was a memorable experience. But I had occasion to take one to the (admittedly highly sceptical) John Casswell for a scan and he wasnt impressed re how well they were lasting. I wouldnt pay proper money for one now. At the £500 price point it would make equal sense to look for a PP valve amp as well as a SET - whether or not the amp you quote is PP or SET. I read good things about Jolida - Icon Audio have been hoisted out of the 'value' market. Croft? I find it helps to have a support network with amps (ie a good and cheap mender) - Ive gone through a few.
  2. The term 'Jazz' should be treated in the same way as the term 'classical'..namely it refers to a Universe, not of similarity but of difference. One word to sum up such a heterogenous, sprawling, confusing mess misleads. Ive been cleaning my collection of records recently and playing a variety of styles and genres to check condition and I was forcibly reminded how much I 'get' bebop and Hard Bop and dont get the rest.of this 'Jazz' thing. So when the venerable Stephen Fry makes a crack against Jazz at the Baftas he completely ignores complexity in favour of a cheap gag. Or is that his scripwriter I should be criticising..? Jack NSM
  3. Yes, they are well thought of..but its become a reflex action to praise vintage Audio Inno products. I went to an amp bake off one time (no names no pack drill) but the line up was OTO SET, Audio Inno 500, Rogue 88 (LV modded), some massive SET monoblocs (the manufacturer I forget , Sonic Frontiers?) and a DIY 2a3 valve amp. The audio Inno boasted many upgrades and it followed my Rogue in but it was totally outclassed into the Horn system provided and was quickly unplugged by the owner. I would look elsewhere..if only in search for something different. Jack
  4. I agree with Andrei on the need for isolation for valve equipment : my DIY Supply Basie pre benefitted and also a valve phono stage. For the weightier SS kit I recommend hockey pucks as a cheap solution. Jack
  5. David - My method of cleaning vinyl is cheap and effective. Here goes : I. I have roped in an old TD124. Its not connected (water everywhere!). I place the record on the turntable and spin it by hand (having got the loose dust off with a carbon fibre brush), wetting the surface a bit with your rinsing fluid ( in my case reverse osmosis water ( any aquarium at a garden centre stocks it at 1.75 for bucket full) with a few drops of 'rinseaid' (any supermarket £ 1.35). The latter prevents the formation of droplets which dont get into the groove; equivalent of photographic fluid which you see recommended. 2. Then I add my cleaning fluid from a small squirter with one hand whilst handspinning the platter with the other hand. This is one part alcohol to 1 part rinsing fluid due to the fact I have already wet the surface. 3. the TT is still spinning and I use a micro fibre 'flannel' or cloth to gently spread and rub in the cleaning fluid for 2 or 3 revolutions. Next, 4, I liberally squeeze out warm (optional) rinsing fluid from another micro flannel on to the still spinning TT . The amount is such that the surface of the record is immersed but not swimming. Then I pick up the Karcher with the window cleaning attachment on it ( about 6" broad) with my left hand (I aM a leftie) and spinning with my right hand I press the Karcher ribber blades at 9 00 o'clock and hold it stationary for 2/3 spins whilst it sucks up the glop. I usually do it twice per side depending on the state of the record. Finally, from 'The Range' I picked up a folding wooden slatted draining item and place the record to drain and dry. The perfection ist will take a cloth to buff out any tide marks on the run out groove. I can do 8 records in 20 mins. Whilst at the supermarket invest in some hand cream - you will see what I mean.. J
  6. I run such a system (getting back to the OP). Its a 5 way horn system with SS on the sub bass (up to 80 HZ), SS on the bass (80Hz - 450Hz) and valves thereafter. Crossing over is done with an analogue (Ashly) crossover. I would only need 3 ways with direct radiating speakers but horns are narrow band so it has to be 5. Most analogue crossovers do 4 max so you have to run a 5th path to the tweeter via a passive crossover. I do hope nobody on here is arguing that if something cant be measured it doesnt exist. Jack NSM
  7. Newcomer to this thread.. I'm curry mad and like a powerful wine that isnt drowned out by full spicey flavours. So far Shiraz has been my choice - but willing to experiment (on a budget).. Jack NSM
  8. OK - I'm out of the closet! I stuck a bog standard feeder in the lawn prior to Xmas and really enjoy watching my mates gorging themselves on my suet offerings whilst the coffee is brewing.. It's a delight when a blue tit engages. My robin is a little bastard, but even he has to give way when the starlings descend en masse. A feature has been watching the birds learning how to feed on the contraptions - I have large crows who have mastered a dingly dangly plastic feeder. Amaaazing. Jack (still waiting for a Goldfinch. that would make my day.)
  9. Keep an eye out for the ERA Mk V1. Its French, well designed and has a 24 pole motor. The arm boards were usually cut for the old SME (not the arm you are looking for) but its a simple deck (non-suspended) and it would be easy to cut a fresh ply amboard to suit, say, a Rega RB250 or 300. Ive seen several of these unsung heros go for £60. The arm would set you back £125 and an AT95 (see above) or similar would bring it well within budget and leave enough for a reasonable isolation sub table to damp those unwanted vibrations. Look under joblots on the internet exchange for old vinyl, preferably near to home - expect to pay 25-30p per single and well under £1 for an LP. Get a Karcher handheld window cleaner with the appropriate attachment and research DIY wet cleaning. (I have a spare attachment.) Jack NSM
  10. I realise that now, Alan..having thought about it. My daughter says I have no sense of humour - and she's right..! In fact we have a good laugh about it.. Jack
  11. We had our hands full, Allen. And when we had finished manhandling a 5 foot horn down that staircase together with the rest of the kit and boxing up Jamie's speaker stands (all of which took 2 hours) we did a shift moving Batterredhaggis and Rabski's monster system. Looking forward to meeting you and hopefully hearing that magnificent valve amp of yours. Jack NSM
  12. I saw Allen humping that John Wood amp back to his car via the staircase (he was a couple of doors down from me in Cottermore on the 1st floor) - very very carefully.. (Unfortunately I didnt catch the system - if I had I might have to have eaten my words re the Impulse H6s (which I think I saw Allen also carrying ) that I might have slagged off a while back on the Wam...ho hum...) Jack
  13. Another option is an AT33 mono i've just acquired from Petrat. I think that this more conventional load would be better suited to comparing Flapland's M2 and Speedracer's Art Audio V1. Its an MC of course so we could also run a comparison of the SUTs that are coming. The AT would go in a Tabriz on my Garrard 401 (which has a Rega arm board - perfect for the Tabriz). (Save the Decca for next time..) Then again, I have an AT33 PTG, which would make more sense as we wont be restricted to mono LPs.... Jack NSM
  14. Good stuff Brook - will the V1 be MM and MC configurable? I ask because I'm toying with the idea of bringing my Decca Gold mono on something...and maybe we can tempt Wizmax to crack open the cellophane on his Beatles mono box set..ooer.. Jack NSM
  15. I could bring some early Triangle Antals - they would do to kick off with. (Floorstanders, about 90 db/watt, 4 Ohms). Also, I should be able to produce a turntable/arm and cartridge to try against the Mantra. Jack NSM