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  1. I have a welded five shelf rack or a deconstructable (screw-in leg sections) rack that you could borrow if you want Tim. Could even supply a marble shelf for the top.
  2. Love that tufted duck Rick - comin' right at ya!
  3. Hadn't thought of you as the medallion-wearing type
  4. H Keith, That's fine - just PM me to say what time.
  5. I'm not exhibiting this year, but have been very grateful to others for giving me a break when I did. So... who would like a room-sitter for an hour? (warning, may bring own music...)
  6. A visit to a local club last night prompted me to me start this topic. Bungalow Bliss were the guests (https://www.reverbnation.com/bungalowbliss), not pro musicians but very together, they played a wide-ranging set at Crookes folk club in Sheffield.
  7. Is it just my impression, or are folk clubs in a bit of a renaissance? There are a lot of young performers coming into the folk scene, which is good to see. Thought I'd start a topic for this type of live music, so use it to flag upcoming gigs, recommendations for clubs and performers or to blow your own trumpet / penny whistle / whatever PS for any who have never been, most clubs rely on local performers to do floor spots before a booked artist comes on (or sometimes rely just on locals). It's "shut up and listen" when someone is on, and all are encouraged.
  8. Had a great night at Crookes folk club with Bungalow Bliss: https://www.reverbnation.com/bungalowbliss Eclectic mix in the set, from Trad folk to Love (And more again). Hilary Blythe among the floor singers: https://www.reverbnation.com/hilaryblythebobhall3 I even sang a couple myself (duly forgetting the words halfway through the first -doh!)
  9. You've got the scale about right there Ross
  10. Another thought... does it happen if you have the PC to nanoDSP link disconnected, or the nanoDSP to DAC? just wonder if the origin is in the digital side. Is the nanoDSP being powered by a wallwart? (have to sign off for tonight, off to a ceilidh)
  11. If you want to borrow a few 2-channel DACs to try a swap then just drop me a line. I have some Belkin PF30 mains filters too, if needed.
  12. Has this problem suddenly appeared or has it existed all the time that you have been running this setup?
  13. Cats are so last year anyway http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-38702996
  14. In my old field, analytical chemistry, precision is defined as the reproducibility of a result, while accuracy is the closeness to the true value. By these definitions your bathroom scales were neither accurate nor precise (shock horror, Serge having an inadequate measuring instrument!)