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  1. 6 Music festival on the telly tonite beeb 4. Bloody good line up.
  2. Solange. Seat at the Table
  3. Sorted, though I did like Teddy Pardon.

  4. Not zactly "live" "per se" but bloody good line up Goldfrapp, Mary Chain, Future Islands etc available on the idiot box Red Button or online http://www.bbc.co.uk/events/e368gw/live/cp4mxj http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/articles/6d8f21cf-424e-4f59-9f24-1caba34d4467
  5. The real shocker from that era was the segregation. Thankfully there was none of that when American artists toured Britain & Europe.
  6. Excellent revue Sera. The interior shot looks a lot like mine, a 530D M Sport. So I'm a bit down on bhp & 0-60. Am looking at a 535D M Sport though next time. Although an M5 would be nicer.
  7. Genius choice. Back in '77 shared a house with a couple of guys who were into Genesis, Yes, etc etc. Came home with this & hit the stereo. They had a house meeting to discuss if I should be asked to leave they were so outraged. Happy daze. Why produce a triple concept album when you can say it in just a 2 minutes. onetwothreefow.......Lobotomy, lobotomeeee....
  8. NIce one Sera. Its an Art Audio Vinyl One PS btw.
  9. Phono stage & SUTs guys?
  10. Got it. Cheers Ian
  11. As a subscriber to Spotty, how do I find your playlist? Have summat that even that shipbroker found a bit "demanding"
  12. 30th for me.