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  1. Worth reading his autobiography. His loyalty to Genesis seems beyond much doubt. But like Rod Stewart & The Faces, a huge solo career pulled them apart. His biggest fault is not so much a musical one. He had little loyalty to the mothers of his children. & a roving eye. Consequently he ended up with kids on just about every continent. This lack of family contact drove him to the bottle and several spells in rehab & intensive care. He came very close to death. Will be donating a number of music books to the wam Scalford raffle, and this will be in there.
  2. Check out if its worth boshing a coat of PVA on the plaster before you tile maybe.
  3. 1 or 2 subs, that is the question. Been discussed on here b4, so knock yourself out with Wam Search. My 2 penurth? One good sub is betterer than 2 middling ones.
  4. And on Spotify
  5. If you're up for tickets, worth having a look here...
  6. Thanks for the heads up Stuart. Leaves a tricky Midlands shaped hole though. So its going to be Manchester I think. B&B at my Mum's.
  7. Mark's a former sound engineer. Don't let that put you off though. For some reason his aim in life is to get as much bang for your buck as possible.
  8. Will be bringing along a sack barrow saturday for anyone to borrow.
  9. The vinyl...
  10. Whilst waiting for Ryan Adams, Prisoner, orvoc*, I'm making do with this masterpiece from 2005, Cold Roses *on red vinyl of course
  11. Those drivers without road tax are likely to not bother with insurance either. Estimates are in the region of 1 million vehicles annually. MIB (Motor Insurers’ Bureau) has confirmed that the UK’s 1.5 millionth uninsured vehicle has been seized in Haringey, North London. The 23 year-old male was caught by the police driving his Vauxhall Corsa without insurance. Who'd have thought it?
  12. A thread for news about the music of Prince Looks like in 2017 accessing the music of Prince is going to be a whole lot easier. The doors of the mythical Paisey Park music vault are opening. And the Purple One's music is available to stream once again.
  13. You've joined at a good time. Dont make any decisions until you've been to the Scalford show. You'll learn more in a weekend than you could just about any other way.
  14. FREE

    Free to a good home, Antistatic Brush. Scalford collection ideally.
  15. Dan's your man Steve