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  1. Water off a whippets back. Must try harder.
  2. A first at work then....Radio 3 Cheers matey.
  3. Shed loads of info from the bbc...can I find what time its on? No.
  4. This has been driving me nuts since it started. How do you pick one track? Impossible....unless its this from Jimi...
  5. What's the situation with Whippets and Ferrets? As in, are they compulsory like?
  6. Had to trek down the Smoke to see these a couple of years ago. Stunning live band. Doing some small venues as a warm up....Leicester O2 for me.
  7. Typing this on a Lenovo ideapad 100. Refurbed, 150 quid. Very rapid & does the job.
  8. She's hoping for a bigger/better Brexit stick.
  9. Sooooo much more than just deciding which party (Tory) is going to run the country.
  10. Natch is also a tenacious weed occurring in wooded, shaded areas* *may have lied about that bit.
  11. Just reminded the better 1/2, who's aware of it, natch.
  12. No getting past you, even if its crack of dawn on a Bank Holiday!

    Well spotted Ben


    1. Bolts


      Ha ha no worries Steve - kids woke me up early, so onto the iPad...;-)

  13. Doing my duty with this weeks WAC So far, so good....(he said 1/2 way thro track 1)