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  1. Great follower of big band music, must have over 40 albums of Ted Heath (My favourite) especially the phase4, Jasmine and Decca labels, Also like Benny Goodman, Syd Lawrence, Tommy Dorsey, Les Browne, Artie Shaw, Jerry Gray and many others. I find that this genre of music will test your hi-fi system to the limits
  2. Thanks for that, You learn something everyday. May just do that. Thanks.
  3. Picked this up recently in a joblot as you do and rather intrigued as I have never seen or come across this type of record/lp, wondering if anyone has any info on it. a) It is approx. half and inch bigger in diameter than your standard vinyl. b) It is metallic for sure but not magnetic. c) Printed label says "HALLELUJAH" Wembley County School Senior Choir 1950. d) Haven't played it for fear of ruining my stylus, but does it need a special stylus?
  4. Still looking for a Pioneer PL-90 turntable :whistle:.

  5. Congrats, Rest assured you will not be disappointed what are mikes amps and speakers? Look forward to the pics. You will probably need a remote control unit with the cdp as they do not often come with it as they are either lost or sold on separately!! I have found out, if so there are a number of different ones you can use, I found one with luck on a forum.
  6. I often get these special offers from p&o and they had one where you could get 6 bottles of wine free which in effect paid for the ferry and as Dover is not to far I found one advertised on the German e-bay site (they have some great gear on there) made arrangements to collect from Holland and made a lovely day of it for me and the wife. paid 400 euros for it, was it worth it ? you bet!!
  7. These are the links that came with the speaker they look and feel the part but of course they need to be compared, and to bi-wire they would have to be removed, but what I cannot get me head around is the hi frequency and low frequency being wired separately and I think that is what they are quoting in the instruction, but again I may be wrong.
  8. The reason I asked is that in the instructions for the new speakers they quote ' Bi-wiring Connections Bi-wiring requires two cables for each speaker, one for high frequencies and one for low frequencies. Using separate cables for the high end and low end improves the sound ' Would this be true? I am hoping to borrow some by-wire cables just to see if they are really worth it, If not then I will probably have to look into upgrading for new cables.
  9. The stands are Ebony stained oak however I took a profile of the base of the speakers and had it milled to shape and then stained that so all matches, in total came to about £160 plus lots of hard wax polishing, new (that is if you can find them) I believe are about £1200. Yes, you have made me jealous that Pioneer PL-7L is truly stunning and if I cannot find a PL-90 then that might be my only choice, only reason I am after a PL-90 is the rosewood finish to match the rest of my system.
  10. SALE

    Recently sold my c1s and could have sold them 8x over, I would just like to add that these really are quite superb speakers and they do need auditioning to give a true perspective on how good the sound from these speakers are, I never had the need for a sub as the bass was so powerful and direct. Just read the superb reviews they receive.
  11. Wow, you must have some shed, does any work get done in it?
  12. Lovely idea it would be idea to start a vintage hi-fi dealership, I would come out of retirement for that however head rules the heart, Mind you the way prices have gone and are going for some of the selective vintage gear it is proving to be a highly enjoyable investment that its better than having money in the bank. I doubt modern equipment will achieve such returns but I may be wrong.
  13. Agree, Just have to wait for one to come along. The JVC are truly superb if I was not after the PL-90 I would keep mine, I would loved to have had the QL66Y but they very rarely come up for sale.
  14. Update:-, Managed to add the CT-91a cassette player and my new S-2EX speakers, the only item I need now to complete is pioneer PL-90 turntable, so if anyone has one or knows of one then I would be very grateful. Once I have that then I will sell my stunning (imo) JVC turntable. Thanks
  15. Topics like this always remind me of that brilliant episode from only fools and horses 'Peckham spring water'