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  1. Hello Jamie. pm sent.
  2. Please confirm date and forward address details. Thanks
  3. Sorry, I should have made it clear I did not mean sub-woofers but woofers incorporated into speaker units, but still trying to get my head around why 2 woofers would be better than one, because you see/hear many floor standers with single woofers.
  4. Thinking of buying some speakers (Pioneers)but not sure whether to get the stand mount or floorstanders, they both have the same driver units but the floorstander has an additional woofer and is obviously more expensive, so does it make any difference in terms of sound quality (not volume) whether you have 1 woofer or 2? Thanks
  5. As with all things hi-fi I am thinking of changing my current speakers which are dynaudio c1 for a pair of pioneer s-2ex standmounts, as the Pioneers have tad drivers and front ported is there likely to be much of an improvement? and has anyone listened to the Pioneers? and what was there impression of them? Thanks
  6. As you know it's all subjective, but I like many others happen to think that R2R is the ultimate format. Copy and pasted below is a couple of paragraphs which help explain and I have also put a link onto the page it came from, it is a good read, It puts it across better than I can. It helps to understand how vinyl and tape albums are manufactured. To make a record, the MT signal must be compressed to match the dynamic limits of vinyl. Some of the highs and lows are slashed in the bargain. All the other audio tricks needed to shoehorn a signal into those tiny grooves compromises the signal even more. Dubbing 1/4-inch tapes is a much simpler task. With no need to squeeze or tweak the original signal, it can be transferred from the MT relatively unscathed. Then there’s the dicey issue of playback. With turntables, all sorts of mechanical foibles — rumble, skips, speed stability, inner groove distortion, et cetera — can further degrade the signal. In contrast, R2R is an exercise in simplicity. The only moving part at the point of signal retrieval is the tape, which travels in a straight line across a stationary playback head. Efficiency equals fidelity. http://www.theverge.com/2015/10/5/9409563/reel-to-reel-tape-retro-audio-trend
  7. Very nice, But I think I would sooner buy this one if it ever comes out. Revox.
  8. If you like something lively that will definitely test even the best system then I suggest you listen to this. On a Philips label 6381 072 in vinyl.
  9. pm sent, will be interesting as I have never been to one yet.
  10. Looking at an item on eBay which is located in Germany, but it needs to be collected and bought back to the UK, has anyone used or know of a good courier company they have used? Thanks.
  11. WANTED

    May even consider the Pioneer ct-91a if it helps.
  12. Friday afternoon, sun is out and nice cup of tea in hand.
  13. Could not see a section for cassette players so have placed wanted here. Anyway, as I have had such good response to my other previous wants, I am now looking to complete my setup and only now require a cassette player and the one I am after is a Pioneer CT-93, I know it may be a long shot so thought I would give it a go.