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  1. FREE

    Great. Scalford? Didn't see the collection thingy.
  2. FREE

    I'd love the short ones
  3. Add these to the Spotify playlist Mark if you can, they're top drawer.
  4. I was thinking the same.
  5. Just put this on. Sound quality jumps out at ya alright.
  6. Well I have given it a go and I am yet to get the fuss. I won't give up though and I will try some more Floyd but so far, just an average listen for me.
  7. A tremendous album. There is something ethereal about his work and it remains a glorious listen. There have been several recommendations for 'older' albums though. I think it would be nice to have a boost in the number of modern choices personally.
  8. Dark Side of the Moon. I actually went to a Pink Floyd concert once at Maine Road in Manchester. I only just remembered so it didn't appeal too much at the time.
  9. I am currently listening to the first Pink Floyd album I have ever listened to. I will report back.
  10. It's funny Bazzer how we can all be so different; it's the end section of Tomorrow that is the album high point for me.
  11. It was my hint at teenage rebellion you see. When all the audiophiles were saying, "You must dig the Floyd, man!" I was lapping up Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Gil Scott Heron and Stevie. Tonight might be the night to see what the fuss was and is about! That and calling them, "The Floyd," put me off no end.
  12. And I have never listened to a Floyd album. I guess that makes me a heretic around these parts!
  13. Sounds like my bag. Will try later cheers.
  14. Totally agree with Bob. Retip only a cartridge of this quality.