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  1. Money and perceived success don't equate to being right.
  2. I won't believe it until its suggested on The Simpsons. That factual programme has its finger on the pulse.
  3. Terrible injury. Here's hoping he comes back even better.
  4. Yeah, he was well punished there by getting what he wanted; an all expenses paid trip to Virginville.
  5. If the inside capacity is anything like the E87 then two six footers in the back will be tight to say the least.
  6. The Cystic Fibrosis Trust does brilliant work with the money donated. My daughter is unfortunately a sufferer.
  7. He (the perpetrator) cannot be held to account for his crimes, but if the others can be legally connected to it then they should feel the full force of the law.
  8. ^ Good post. I said at lunch that I have too one-sided an opinion of the whole affair to be objective. I should really read into it more.
  9. Tell that to the poor horses that were killed in one of the many bomb attacks.
  10. Yes. The good he did was far outweighed by what he did and oversaw as 'Commander' in the IRA.
  11. Flip the arm wires into the phono amp; if it does the same then its the arm/cart.
  12. I was weighing up an OL Silver Mk1 but the write ups were so good on the Jelco arms that I decided to go that way; I'm glad I did.
  13. If you have a Jelco/SME type are with detachable headshell then there is sometimes a grub screw to allow az adjustment. An arm with a fixed headshell having azimuth issues though is a toughie and unless the arm is damaged I can't see how it could happen (if the table is flat)