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  1. FREE

    A rep from me is nowhere near enough praise. Such a kind offer which I took up tonight; it is the Cyrus 3 by the way! Thank you Nick, you are an absolute gent!
  2. FREE

    Nick, I'd love these please. Whereabouts are you?
  3. I had the units refoamed so i am all good there. I will be looking to re-cap the tweeters though; I presumen any poly cap at 4.7 uf will suffice?
  4. My plan was to get a Mk1 import, at probable great cost from Goodwood Sportscars or someone like that. They all come over rust-free (or so they say) but this climate seems to eat them. I had a VX220 before, so know exactly how the MX5 should handle (which is what I wanted it for mainly) but I can't be coming out every day worrying about the sills and arches bubbling.
  5. Yeah, I won't be getting one after careful thought!
  6. I heard it (Smell The Roses) on R6 this morning and I hear more than a passing resemblance to 'Have A Cigar'. Go on, sing the words over the music...I dare you.
  7. My AP3 are back on duty but am interested in taking them back down to replace the tweeter caps. Are they situated directly behind the speaker terminals or up towards the tweeter itself?
  8. Here we go....Mr Hyde appears...
  9. Why should what one person's opinion on what sounds good mean it does sound good - taking hearing ability into consideration- whereas measured numbers are the true standard and mean the same thing to everyone? For example, my father in law has been diagnosed with diminished hearing at higher frequencies so couldn't be relied upon to cast opinion on any setup, but he could analyse a set of figures on that setup and be able to deduce if it was any good, with the same results as Serge. What I'm getting at is that the figures are constant and reliable. .
  10. Elitism
  11. Elitism; that's the one. Ultimately, without the music there'd be no hi-fi, but without hi-fi you could still listen to the music.....just a lot more cheaply!