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    NAS Interspace Jr
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    RB300 / DL103
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    Pro-Ject Tube Box II
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    Rega Planet
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    Pioneer DV-868AVi
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  1. Well, I've had the System 600s in for about a fortnight now and I am very pleased with them. They are not too fussy about positioning but with a little toe in they give a really nice stereo image.
  2. Yeah, I like this; minimalist but sings.
  3. FREE

    Only problem with closing the spirit to non-paid wammers is that non-paid up wammers still may want to donate. Fair play to you though, a very generous gesture and one that you shouldn't be castigated for.
  4. Fred West! I don't know the album BTW!!
  5. I can shoot you a Pro-Ject Tube Box II for £120 posted. That'd tide you over.
  6. The Wam made me spend money on hi-fi.
  7. I've sent you a message.
  8. My Triangle Titus are still here if you are interested.
  9. Thanks, received and replied.
  10. Fletch, I have just bought a set of Tannoy System 600s and my Triangle Titus bookshelf/standmounts are sitting here doing nothing. Fire me a PM if you are interested, but I can't post (well, won't post!) and am in Marlow, Bucks.
  11. I'll take the Blue please. PM me your payment requirements and I'll fire the money across to you.
  12. I enjoy the DL103 personally but think the OP would be better recommending the AT440MLb MM cart at that price point. Tracks like a demon and picks lots of detail out; some say its a bit toppy but I'm not so sure.
  13. Ha ha, not sure how to take that!!
  14. Jerry, is there a list anywhere of what is currently up for grabs or is it listed as you get it?