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  1. Oh, not heard that in ages, probably give it a spin after this -
  2. Big welcome advantage on the XT2 over the XT1. I've been using a mixture of Transcend and Sandisk and had a couple of Transcend fail recently. Admittedly they have been well used over a lengthy period, perhaps years. I've no idea what a reasonable life cycle would be ? I've bought a number of new cards just recently, primarily based upon the panic over two failures and a holiday looming. I've gone with the Sandisk Pro - never had a failure with them ever. I've replaced all the cards I had for each of my cameras with a spare or two. The older ones are now redirected for music use in the car.
  3. Never heard of them, it sounded familiar, but in a dated way. Was very surprised to see it's a current release. It's played and recorded well and isn't a bad album and although I didn't mind it it's not something I would probably revisit.
  4. I use these Mick Sandisk Pro
  5. Wow - this takes me back. We had a really cool music teacher and when in the 6th form and during my A-levels he led class discussions on The Nice and Edgar Broughton featuring their albums. It's one of my abiding memories of school, sat in a rather staid music room with lots of heads nodding to 'Out Demons Out ' I had the original so I'm familiar with the music. The remaster is a big improvement imho.
  6. Disc 2 of this newly remastered compilation. It's really rather good
  7. Porcupine Tree - Stars Die - The Delerium Years 1991 - 1997 - Steven Wilson CD Remaster 2016
  8. Cackbabble
  9. Big fan me Have a listen to Ineffable Mysteries and Museum of Consciousness. Top stuff !
  10. A couple from mostly a thoroughly miserable weekend weatherwise. Roker Marina by Les, on Flickr Sincerity-S by Les, on Flickr Fuji X-T2 with XF18-55mm f2.8-4 R LM OIS
  11. Darling
  12. Cinema Show is absolutely stellar Big Genesis fan but not a fan of Musical Box personally One track ? - got to be this -