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  1. I love this, definitely a grower.
  2. "Time Has Told Me" resonates massively from my youth, first hearing it on a sampler album called "Nice Enough To Eat". I think it's decent, haven't listened for ages though it's not a regular on my playlist at all which kind of sums up how I feel about it. All have his solo albums have merit and it would have been interesting to see how he would have developed as he matured. I'll give it a spin this week and see whether a fresh spin changes anything for me.
  3. Or alternatively provide a camera envy emoji
  4. Shows him at his best, solo acoustic and plenty of chatter between tunes. My faves are Ashes and Fire, Gold and the Whiskeytown albums. He is a little too prolific for this own good but my goodness when he is on form he is bloody great
  5. Disc 2 - Bonus disc of acoustic tracks
  6. Thing is it's not really a secondary market these days - it's become the norm and few promoters try to do anything about it.
  7. I've got the original vinyl spinning and actually it sounds fine. I've got the original and remastered CDs too. Some great songs on it. Probably have a bit of Blue Moves next ...
  8. Just looking to see what to spin and that'll do nicely - not listened to it in ages.
  9. My link above is showing standing tickets at Manchester Lee
  10. Go here and try The password is PINBALL (upper case)
  11. Oooh hhang on ! Got a mail from Spotify giving me a link and got 2 tix for Gateshead
  12. No luck for Gateshead, Manchester or Edinburgh ... Another 'chance' on Friday I suppose.
  13. On mine too. Someone I know works there told me there are only 100 tickets in the pre-sale for The Sage. It's capacity is around 1600, he reckons by the time sponsors and their guests plus other priority catagories are sorted there will only be 900 tickets on public sale. I'm going to look at Edinburgh too (or at least SWMBO will while I'm trying Gateshead and Manchester)