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  1. So which model of AE's are those beauties above...? Awesome looking things...!!
  2. So what's the IBIS system Richard....? I've never heard of this. Thanks: Pete
  3. Seems valve amps are really holding their value right now, most stuff is often overpriced.
  4. Richard, what's the difference between the EM1 Mk1 'v' Mk2 body? Do you like the Oly system more than the Fuji X etc...? They seem quite similar. Regards; Pete
  5. Logitech Squeezebox Duet
  6. You could check out Micromega cd players, nice (French) kit ok but not that reliable. I'd a Duo and a Solo transports many yrs ago and they both broke, unfixable, bin mode.
  7. I want one . . . . . soon.
  8. oldius; That Lentek integrated amplifier looks the mutt's nutt's! Is it an amplifier from the 1980's/1990's by chance..? How many watt's output etc? Has it a switchable MM/MC phono-stage onboard? Is it a class A amp with those cooling fins each side I wonder? Thanks: Peter

    Try searching for a used AT440MLa, Excellent for the money.....!!
  10. I'm running Squeezebox server via a Netbook, and for main hi-fi duties using a S'box Duet connected, and for a 2nd hi-fi system in dining room I'm using a Joggler tablet running Squeezebox software. Both versatile and glitch free. Marvellous.....!!
  11. Richard, that 'Ready For Take Off' capture is sublime....!
  12. joyful
  13. SALE

    Pity I'm situated in Central Scotland or I'd have these.
  14. Hi all hi-fi DIY'ers. Can anyone point me in a direction where I can buy a quality wooden box to build a valve DAC into please..? It's probably going to have a clear perspex lid, it's a hi-fi friend of mine will be doing the build, not me. Dimensions roughly this; 12"w x 9"d x 5"h, maybe slightly bigger. Cheers; Peter - Scotland
  15. Richard, that Belton House capture looks like a painting, a very calming place! Lovely work Sir. (Pete)