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  1. Hmmm nice, I wonder what the cost is....? Very funky looking/modern. Young kids would love that....!!!
  2. The Promitheus Audio TVC passive pre-amp is doing a stirling job connected to my recently acquired Quad 303, thanks again 'awkwardbydesign'....!
  3. Would any 'Audio Innovations' owners have one spare metal grommet pin that sits/locates on the top perspex plate of any of the A.Innovations valve amps please..? This is for an audio friend of mine who's missing one and trying to source one. Cheers. I'm of course willing to buy this and pay for postage etc... Regards; Peter (Central Scotland)
  4. The A.S. gear is utter QUALITY, I've owned many of their audio products over the yrs, Passion/ProPassion/Transcend/Desire/Baby Passion/Passion 8 etc..... built like a tank, Uber quality and sound! David Heaton is a fantastic and talented knowledgeable audio engineer, I've met him in person at his home, a humble guy.
  5. I park my Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 in the garage from December to March and connect it to an 'Optimate Battery Charger' 24/7 during all this time. Throw a couple of crude large bed sheets over it and make sure the chain is slightly lubed and spin the back wheel from time to time. Come spring, check and adjust tyre pressures and engine oil level and drive off.
  6. So which Icon Audio valve amp/s did they use for your spell bounding experience ? Would love to know....
  7. Hi Richard and welcome..! I've recently bought a standard Quad 303 (fantastic power-amp) and have it hooked up to a Promitheus Audio TVC passive pre-amp, the sounds is truly excellent....! These pre-amps seem to sell for around £220 ish, or you can buy new from their website of course, I was lucky recently and found a Promitheus Audio TVC on the used market and cost me £210 Inc postage etc... As I type this response to you I'm actually listening to 'Linn Jazz' Radio being streamed at 320kbps and it's utterly superb sounding via the Quad 303 and TVC passive pre-amp. Hope this helps you. Best regards; Peter
  8. This morning I resurrected my Sony JE-330 full size minidisc player/recorder and slotted it back into my main hi-fi system...... wonderful thing, sounds excellent, I've had this for about 20yrs and play it often enough on and off, I love the versatility of it, I've around spare 100 minidiscs to choose from and at times record from both Radio or YouTube etc. I also dusted off my Sony Walkman G-750 and enjoyed playing Frank Zappa whilst out walking the dog today......Fantastic!! Oh I do love minidisc I do. Anyone else use this long/lost format in seriousness....??
  9. wOOw so nice to hear this...... brilliant for you, this act of kindness/gesture isn't done enough out there in the audio world....! Great news, really happy your getting it sorted. Well done 'GATO'.
  10. You can't beat quality...!
  11. Richard, that Siggy f/1.4 Art glass is simply stunning.
  12. Out for a wander today with XT1 - XF10-24; Gean House - Alloa - Scotland; Gean House by Macvisual Photography, on Flickr
  13. I must say it was all Ian's fault I recently bought a Quad 303 power-amp but really can't thank him enough for his post regards his newly acquired 303 a short time ago. Very much appreciated Sir. Only yesterday I had another couple of hours music session with the (iconic) 303 and was stunned by the bass control on a certain tune that was spinning at the time, amazing to be honest....! I personally have now found my "AUDIO NIRVANA" now the Quad 303 has slotted into my audio system, it's really that GOOD!!!!!
  14. The view; The view by Macvisual Photography, on Flickr
  15. Cheers myles. I call it; "Audio by Stealth".