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  1. wow simon ....3 months for the arc repair....that has dampened ones enthusiasm a bit !!! thought it was back by now
  2. thanks Justin
  3. agreed strongly
  4. interesting you thought the bass was booming on the 707 , I know they had a job setting it up . it did not seem boomy to me , it was pretty addictive and controlled . interesting how 2 people think ! I commended the hi fi critic folks on their speed , I ordered an issue the other day and got it in 3 days or less . I rather like their mag
  5. yes I still have a nokia c2 , it fits in my pocket easily unlike these new fangled smart phones !!!
  6. SALE

    if you have a spare few mins you are welcome to bring it over to brum to try the 300
  7. I am sure you are right but these lines didn`t seem to fit with churchill Still he's calling us out of our sleep My friends, we're not alone He waits in silence to lead us all home
  8. yes sorry I should have given index page http://www.arcdb.ws/index.html not good news re the remote though .
  9. sad to hear this guy died recently . amongst many other things he wrote `one more kiss dear` in bladerunner http://www.nme.com/news/music/peter-skellern-dead-youre-a-lady-1979601 he had a strong faith and was ordained in a beautiful little church near Fowey which we visited not so long ago http://www.lanteglosbyfowey.org.uk/
  10. this is a very interesting site for everything arc . complete database of products and pics http://www.arcdb.ws/amplifiers.html
  11. losing count of the number of pre amps I have tried now ....they all were different and did different things . really exciting trying them all . hope to try a preeda sometime from guy and one day get the ref 6 . the ref 5se was totally mindblowing
  12. judging by the fact that in 2 years i have not managed to get into the b&w room due to the queues ! he might be wrong too !
  13. some nice pics on here http://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?49869-Bristol-H-Fi-Show-2017-Pics-and-BS&p=838896#post838896
  14. if you did ever want to audition in uk , i see that you can get flights from about 65 quid one way and very good hi fi shops like cymbiosis offer to pick you up from birmingham airport . you might just get a listen to that amazing new kudos 707 if you go there ! https://www.cymbiosis.com/contact/#findus