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  1. yes one of them posted on page 3 of the thread I highlighted . might be worth asking . however I have done many floorboard repairs and I can`t see much problem replacing them . what is a pain is that modern tongue and groove is a different size and thickness to 1930`s type and its sometimes a pain to match it up size wise . seems a lot of work though , can`t you just fit thick carpet and thick underlay?
  2. just missed eric bibb broadcasting from the Cheltenham jazz festival , did anyone get to go ?
  3. see post 16 in this informative thread
  4. yes great choice , I hope to be at bd audio in the next few days . the primes are great and love to hear simons [sjs] pre amp sometime must keep you fit bazzer , with the volume control at the bottom of the rack !!!
  5. is there a definite date yet ? October getting very booked up !!!
  6. ah the joys of having folks round !! its so good to see friends must admit to chatting too much sometime ...but he ho
  7. not really , I had 6mm in the past . I love chord epic but van damme is just fine and very cost effective
  8. ah yes I saw that !! used to have a trusty ferguson reel to reel
  9. van damme sounds a brilliant idea . go for it
  10. glad you had a good time gary
  11. WANTED

    funny , you see these everywhere ! but can I see one now .......
  12. listened to this for years but still fresh
  13. hope it goes well , got to go to Winchester cathedral for a bash in july so looking forward to seeing it
  14. I am sure we passed this amazing place last time I went up to Harrogate by train .
  15. very neat , love the square holes .