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  1. Quite like the look of this one half way down the page
  2. These are what you want Clive
  3. You would be better off with something like this rather than a bar Clive
  4. I have a puresound A8000 cd player that is now redundant since I went to streaming,its got remote and spare valves and had a new transport fitted by Guy a couple of months ago. it is a really nice sounding player and I want £400 for it (about £1000 new) Clive Smith
  5. Here is the link I have heard these wirh the mark audio drivers in and was very impressed with them Clive Smith
  6. Does any one have any experience with voltage reducers,I first saw one on a tv programme being fitted to save energy/money. This, if its any good may be the perfect soloution as it says it takes in 240v and converts it to 220v it would be nice to get everyones opinion in something like this Clive
  7. I have also just got the cd and amp (as a package to save money) and am very happy with them. they sound really nice and the amp is silent with my 100db sensitive speakers,they also have high waf which was a consideration. the full review is here Clive Smith
  8. perhaps ask on the squeezebox forum somone should know on there Clive Smith
  9. Audioworks in Cheadle have Onkyo docks in (at least I saw one when I was last in)perhaps if you give them a ring you could have a listen and make a decision if its for you. dac wise I dont know what theystock but something like a v-dac is around £150,so it will be £300 for the dock and dac against a cd repair/purchase. Let your ears decide Clive
  10. what about this Clive
  11. Have a look here,ive not heard them but i think the dealers are on the wam and may be able to help you. They seem to have good quality drivers Clive Smith
  12. If you fancy one in slate,John at slateage(near Burnley) is your man Clive Smith
  13. I looked at them a while ago but could nt raise the cash at the time they look very interesting Clive
  14. All the details are here of the American arm Clive Smith
  15. I assume you are in Germany,if so you could see if you could listen to one of these. which seems to be the same principle as the naim unit with built in storage,I fancy one myself but there is no UK seller it seems Clive Smith