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  1. Holy moley Mark - what a story. Many thanks for the sound advice. You're quite a philosopher these days and I can see why.
  2. Look at reference fidelity components. I use the Venus between phono and pre. Uses Furutech bits and sounds fine. The cheaper versions are vfm too.
  3. Makes my stent look like small fry in comparison. That experience must have been hell.
  4. A though provoking reply Steve. Much appreciated. Must do something for the BHF myself - its personal now!
  5. Cheers folks! Onwards and Upwards!
  6. Last week I had the occasional ache in my chest when out walking so I slowed up and it passed quickly. Next day same again. Next day same again except it didn't pass and I broke out into a cold sweat and had to sit on a wall. Luckily mrs. Monya was with me so she went and got the car and off to the quack. I threw up in her sink, she called an ambulance which arrived 6 mins later, they took an ecg and then off to hospital like greased lightening. I was on a table within 5 mins of arriving. Home now with stent, pills and permanent breathing difficulties due to some muscle damage caused by late presentation i.e. I didn't know I was having a heart attack so left it too long. My lifestyle assessment had me down as a 15% risk - guess I'm in the 15%. Bummer though..... moral of the tale - it needn't be crushing pains - just an ache. If it occurs, don't wait!
  7. Dealer fitted it. I forgot it.
  8. When can we have the old site back please? It wasn't broke so didn't need fixing. I use this forum far less than in the past. Shame but the site is too much faff for me.
  9. I always assumed I didn't need a conditioner and previous experience wasn't positive. Earlier this year I had another go as my equipment had changed and tried a couple of Isol 8 units at various price points. I ended up buying one as the effects were clear on most source hardware.
  10. Aurorasound Vida if your budget stretches to around 3K. Bought one myself recently.
  11. Suggest you address your comments to Alan Sircom. I'm just the messenger and wasn't reporting on the show as I didn't attend.
  12. A report also on hifi+ where it was noted that the show was well below par and needed rethinking or scrapping given the competition.
  13. Dollar down from 1.5 to 1.3. Euro from 1.4 to 1.18. Japanese yen from 180 to 130. This is going to have a nasty impact on pricing of your favourite goodies if not home grown. Also not helping with my holiday to Japan next month either. A pisser all round!
  14. Check out Origin Live turntables as well. Good value UK made and better than Rega but cost more too.