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  1. Hi David, thats very kind but I meant to post that I am now sorted from London so thanks the offer. However I suspect others may put similar calls out.
  2. Good stuff David and good luck with the next step in your venture.
  3. Had a enjoyable although expensive morning. Mostly bought vinyl including Bowie at the Beeb for £45 which I thought was very good and a load of stuff I had never got round to buying including Paul Simon 2nd and 3rd Albums, Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues and Donald Fagen Nighfly. Also grabbed a used Luxman 320s cartridge and some GE 12AY7's. Appeared to be busier than before and there was still a queue to get in when I left at 11:00ish.
  4. I will be there tomorrow hopefully for 9:30 if I can get out of the house early enough to get the 8:30 train from Charing Cross. Robin, I will try and touch base with you to chat about Scalford.
  5. Well done, its a lovely package and LP.
  6. It sounds like either the value stated had the decimal point in the wrong place or the calculation had the decimal point in the wrong place. All I can suggest is to send Parcelforce details of the purchase and/or ask them to review the stated value on the actual item. However I am no expert in this area.
  7. Just added a order as well as now have lift sorted :-)
  8. I am still looking for a Sunday lift from North London or possibly Peterborough or Grantham as I can get a train to them early Sunday. Melton Mowbray trains on Sunday are useless with the first arrival after 12:00.
  9. Last time I used enamelled wire was as a child making an electro magnet. About 38 years I suspect.
  10. Doesn't look good although as you know ANother company used a computer ribbon cable to the input selector in their pre-amp. One day I may still get you to replace that
  11. Wow close shave their David. If you still looking for a manual I think Definitive Audio have been dealers at some point so they may have one.
  12. Matty, if you can't hear the control making any difference it may be a previous user has bypassed it.
  13. SALE

    Now Roy's who has collected them.
  14. SALE

    Ok free to a good home but has to be collected from NW3. Paul
  15. Pete I see is building one for someone else according to a thread on the other site. I was a member until the forum crashed and haven't bothered to re join yet.