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  1. King Creosote tonight.
  2. Yes,you get the impression everyone's made up for the two young lads.
  3. I've seen the one you mean Baz, I'll try with my Hudl which I used last time, can't work it out on the laptop. What a performance though , one highlight for me, which may not be on the tele, was Lukaku celebrating and fist pumping on his own by the centre circle when Mirallas scored.We need to build the team around him and let him know that's the plan.
  4. Have that, you slap-headed Spanish fraud
  5. Brilliant album.
  6. I had an Oto on loan about 16/17 years ago and decided one day I'd have one, I was concerned about the kids and the heat back then.The Mastersound is a very good amp and sounded even better with the Amperex 7316 valves I've got in the cupboard now for future use in the Oto.I got it for a good price from Ob1, who I'm sure you remember, when he was a serious box-swapper and got the 300B bug out of my system.
  7. Sun Kil Moon - April
  8. It was mine until a month ago.
  9. Stocked up on Owen and American football in the Polyvinyl sale.
  10. Deepest sympathies to you and your family Chris.
  11. It's being reported that Usmanov's USM Holdings have agreed a "multi-million pounds" naming rights deal for Everton's training ground. Bit of an odd one if it's true or has he finally had enough of Kroenke.
  12. Let's wait for the stewards enquiry. @mike chadwick
  13. Wouldn't have got it without the last clue.