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  1. SALE

    Vertex Taga 6-way mains extension block with built-in RFI filter. Standard model manufactured in 2011 , in very good condition but missing two small feet from base. http://vertexaq.com/standard-taga/ £625 inc. delivery.
  2. SALE

    Now sold
  3. SALE

    Isotek Syncro Evo mains cable, 2 metres in length with DC-cancelling technology.Manufactured in 2013, in very good condition with all original packaging, hifi+ review - http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/isotek-syncro-hifi-77/. £495 inc. postage.
  4. It looks like the back of Leonard Cohen's head to me, but
  5. Mark Kozelek - Lost verses live.
  6. Ha bloody ha.
  7. Patience is a virtue Jeff.
  8. a bit more
  9. next up
  10. I was playing that last week, always reminds me of the mrs. being pregnant with the eldest (he's 26 next week).
  11. Was is now