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  1. Due to the absence of an Everton match this weekend 3 of us are going to Berlin (one's there already). We're going to Dinamo Berlin v Hertha Berlin U23's in the Regional league north on friday night, then Hertha Berlin v Bayern Munich on saturday. I've not been to Berlin since I went on a coach trip in July 1989 when the wall was still up.
  2. B*stards
  3. I found Washington and Philadelphia interesting, plenty of history. Nashville was great and I want to go back ( but I like country and western ).
  4. If you're signed up for O2 priority on your mobile you can get London tickets 15/2/17 9 a.m.
  5. http://consequenceofsound.net/2017/02/ranking-ryan-adams/full-post/ someone else's list.
  6. First among equals (sort of) but my favourite song is on Heartbreaker - Come pick me up.
  7. I immediately thought it was Argus, but
  8. Donald's growing on me
  9. A bit more
  10. As Graham's 12 (?) hours ahead I'll assume I'm right.
  11. That answers my guess as well.
  12. Emre Can has released an album ?, may as well, he needs a sideline , he's shit at football.