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  1. Or perhaps similar makes/models.Must be in decent nick (perfection not required) and PWO.And courierable if not within reasonable driving range of Glos. Sensible £ paid.Wood or silver finish, not all black What have you?
  2. Yep, freq losses are included in age related hearing loss. I think we adapt to that as well.
  3. From my observations of other people and of my own experience (also entered my 7th decade a year or so back) I don't think that 'normal' hearing loss due to ageing is noticed by the person concerned until it gets very extreme. So no corrections are needed for relative youngsters like ourselves. I suspect that either you just like a 'hot' sounding tweeter, the other Wammer likes a warmer sounding top end than you, or, perhaps more likely, the overall synergy in your system is well matched with that component.
  4. The previous owner has got on to me asking what the hell am I doing and that it's priced way too cheap! He's right - this sounds way too good to sell (you would probably be amazed how good it sounds!) and it has great personal nostalgia value. Withdrawn from sale.
  5. Obtained for reasons of nostalgia, but amazed how good it sounds! Rightly regarded by some as a precursor to the ES range. This is fast and focused and detailed. Those who want to wallow in a lovely rosy vintage glow should look elsewhere! Interesting write-up in Vintage Knob who are also clearly impressed. http://www.thevintageknob.org/SONY/sonyvault/TA1150/TA1150.html Absolutely superb condition as you can see from the photos. A few tiny marks. PWO as far as I know, although I haven't tried the phonostage. !!Purist Alert!! - slightly modded by a previous owner to provide decent, modern speaker binding posts rather than the naff original springclips (which are still there). £125 plus £15 UK courier - or collect Glos GL17. This model was my 1st ever hifi amp, way back in the day. Hence the reason I have it. Re-visiting my long lost youth. Why sell? - I simply have too many amps!
  6. SOLD

    Swap deal now arranged. Sold.
  7. The rumour I heard was that the WHF listening room was a very heavily damped affair (heavy curtains, deeply padded sofas etc) so they chose overly bright kit to make it sound better balanced. It wouldn't work well in a more typically damped room. Just something that was mentioned somewhere, I never heard the setup myself.
  8. Wow - thread resurrection from 2009. But the topic is as relevant now as it ever was and there's a whole bunch of new Wammers since then. I've settled on 95% of system cost going on my speakers. Great sounding electronics can be had for relative peanuts these days .... as previously noted, transducers are a more expensive problem. It works for me. Sounds bloody fantastic!
  9. SOLD

    Swaps or px - anyone care for a deal?
  10. SOLD

    Green? Do they look green? Nope, black. Yep, great value for one of the best little class d amps.
  11. Great reviews across the internet. Includes an internal USB DAC. Excellent condition and PWO. I have the original boxes and packing. £200 plus £10 UK delivery. Overseas at cost.
  12. Wow - that's brilliant, thanks Pete! http://gb.mapometer.com/cycling