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  1. ^ Mike, despite being a lazy sod you should try the ss output - 2 cable unplug/plugs, that's all - on my 01A it takes the sound a definite step up in terms of image focus, dynamics and resolution. I don't play vinyl anymore either!
  2. Happy belated birthday, Keith!
  3. Gosh. Random Spotify discovery. This is very good indeed at first listen Andrew Schultz - who the hell is he?
  4. A chocolate fireguard may be an excellent thing to eat .... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/11675543/Two-bars-of-chocolate-a-day-lowers-risk-of-stroke-and-heart-disease.html
  5. A bit mysterious, that, Rob - what is it? ______ 2nd system update. Klegg Symphony speakers, Philips 370 power amp, Audiolab MDAC, Pioneer 505 disc spinner, Rotel RP 3000 Turntable, Goldring Eroica LX. With an out of pic Jamo sub to add a bit of bass shudder where appropriate. It sounds rather good.
  6. Hmm, I've not tried. Bear with me until this evening and I will give them a try on a CD Walkman. They are great on classical but wouldn't be my choice for rock music etc. A bit polite for that.
  7. ... and more B&O. My B&O headphone collection, ancient and new. The (beige) H6 are probably my fave cans, maybe closely tieing with PSB M4U-1 depending on music genre (the delicately subdued red 'phones in the background are the PSB).
  8. Crazy idea. But I like crazy. This reminds me of my old Rega Jura Supertowers.
  9. Oh my god. Schoenberg's violin concerto. And I enjoyed it. It starts at track 5 ...
  10. Hi Ian - it's a Beogram 8000.
  11. Yes. Slightly different variants by Maverick and other companies as well. I'd be tempted to try some of them if I wasn't so happy with the DAC 01A.
  12. Well, it goes through the valve, so that bit has to be active!
  13. I'm not sure, you'd need someone who knows what they are looking at to have a peek inside. I suspect it goes louder than a passive would. Maybe I just like the sound of my favourite active preamp! 😀