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    It's an Apollo soprano with the extra thick glass. It's about 85 cm long IIRC. Fitted nicely into 1m alcove and can fit a full size width item and a smaller item on each shelf tidily.

    Would this be any use?
  3. I think I have that..ill need to venture 'to the back of the garage' to check mind.
  4. Interestingly these older models definitely sound better than the kit version I had. I dont remember them having the midband presence that these have and the whole presentation is more energetic.Great fun and a huge sound. I'd like to try the really modern ones with the HE drivers at some point just to see what that brings and if it's the chip board cabs that add something that i like.For now I've slotted the WLMs back in and I'm remembering why I love them so much. A Smaller, less dramatic sound overall but just beautiful sounding.
  5. Had em years man 😀
  6. Speakers look good 👍
  7. Ha good spot. 😀 The gloss finish on them picks up finger and hand prints by just walking near to them!
  8. Having a tinker with some Audionote Es with chipboard cabs (I prefer chipboard ANs for some reason) . Amazing how different they sound switching from the 6 ohm to 8 ohm taps on the Leben. The Leben has very tight and well driven bass for a small 12w integrated which suits the slight bumptious bottom end that Es can have. I'm getting some good sounds...I definitely prefer these to the ply kit version I had. Greater scale than my WLMs, much more immediacy but still warm. WLMs a bit more refined and taught and obviously a lot prettier!
  9. Excellent. Let us know how you get on 👍
  10. I think they are Andy, just wondering if they different sonically. Got some older Es here if you want a listen mate 👍
  11. Any one have experience of comparing like for like with models with the different bass drivers? What did you find was different/ better/ worse? Had a little play with some older Es which sound great - better than the kit ones I had with the ply cabinets and especially well matched with my Leben - I'm enjoying the midrange particularly but would have to have more solid bass for further consideration.
  12. Beautiful pooch 👍
  13. She's six and can refoam Audionote speakers 😀
  14. Your daughter draws a special picture for you...and it's this!...
  15. LVs and ANs are more different than folk make out. For me, I prefer the more even bass of LVs as every pair of ANs I've owned or heard, the bass can be slightly uneven and difficult to get right. LVs are a tidier sound too...if a bit less fun with energetic music. having said that, I have some Es at mine that i plan to use with my Leben up them for a few weeks. The Leben has superb taught bass and is reasonably refined so should match the Es well. the only speaker I have preferred more than any of the LVs I've owned are WLMs. They are proving a tough act to follow.