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  1. Trust me Cosmo, the Scalas are a tough act to beat once you settle into them.
  2. Really good, certainly no power or volume issues to my ears although tonally I think they suit my Leben more as the Decware is quite an upfront sounding amp and the WLMs aren't shy!
  3. I've got some if these now.... 97dB
  4. Dunno what sort of volumes you're after but the Decware Zen is fantastic Also the Ming da 18w SETs are very good - not as good as the Zen but obviously have more power
  5. Still got the Es mate, dunner worry 😂 A very classy speaker Keith, hard not to like to be honest.
  6. And suddenly I'm back to stripes....,
  7. Fair mans torture is another man's normality!! Shall you be coming to the Stoke game Andy?
  8. torture!
  9. I was thinking more selfishly about when they are coming my way 😀
  10. More importantly...what's happening with the Sintras? 😛
  11. I don't listen loud and my room isn't huge. Listening to Dylan, at moderate levels that I'd say are realistic for voice and unamplified instruments, there is no hint of lack of power through the Es. Playing electronica at similar levels it is also fine - I just think it would really REALLY shine with slightly more sensitive speakers.
  12. Do you prefer the overall presentation of the kefs over the Royd or is it the scale that the kefs give you that make them more appealing? There are some Royd RR2s available at a dealer not too Far away from you if you like the speed of the Royd but want a bit more warmth, composure and scale. Ported on the side.
  13. It was our chat the other week that inspired me to try one Vinnie. Hopefully trying sone 97dB WLMs 👍
  14. That was Nicks (myrman) I'd imagine.