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  1. I have a Moon CD3.3, which has a digital input, so same DAC for Tidal HiFi and CD. Of course, what you have to be mindful of is that the Tidal version, vs my CD version, may be a different mastering. It's very difficult to be absolutely sure of the provenance of the Tidal file, vs the CD (where it's easy to see which version you have)
  2. Unless you output your Aries to an MQA DAC you will not be getting MQA, even though you can see and play the files indexed under 'Masters'. You will be seeing the FLAC container. I now have a Bluesound and an Aries Mini. The BS fully unfolds MQA files, the Aries doesn't do anything, other than play the file (48kHz). There is a noticeable difference between the two! Having now listened to very many MQA files, both fully and partly unfolded, it's a bit like the curate's egg - good in parts. Some albums are 'better', some are strange and some are just different. I now strongly believe that most of the difference is in different mastering, not the file transfer protocol or type. My initial enthusiasm has waned. I'll now be solely using the Aries Mini down to its far superior App vs the BS. When the available albums are far greater and if/when other DAC manufacturers adopt MQA, then I'll revisit (as the Aries will pass the MQA files via its digital out). Having said all of the above, a CD played in my player trumps all of the above.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. About what I thought. The CD/DAC in question is indeed a very good one (Moon CD3.3). It's also a matter of having the same 'flavour of sound', whether from CD or streamer; hence play streamer through DAC. Having said that the analogue out from the Vault des sound good, but is noticeably behind the CD player. I've now bought an Aries Mini, so I'll have two streamers! I can play the Mini through the DAC. I also want to try out the Lightning App and the Tidal interface therein. The Bluesound App Tidal interface is OK, but limitied in that no sorting is possible. Using two streamers I can have full MQA from the Vault (MQA is a bit of a mixed bag, IME; some albums are really good, others worse, yet others mereley different), and allow the Mini to do the 'serious' stuff, if you take my meaning. All good fun
  4. My CD player has a coaxial digital input. My streamer has optical out. I'd like to try the CD DAC, vs the DAC in the streamer. So, I need to convert Toslink Optical to Coaxial. The very cheap ones seems limited to 44.1 kHz. I'd like to go to at leat 96kHz. The below looks like it'd do the job: Would those with more electronic engineering knowledge than I like to comment on suitability? Would the device be to all intents transparent? Or would it add jitter? (leaving to one side whether or not this would be audible). Any other products that could be recommended? Is there any pro gear that would be good, at a reasonable price?
  5. Langrex in Billinghurst is the place for you!
  6. Having an entry stamp for North Korea in your passport is going to raise all kinds of questions and concerns in the minds of those that issue entry Visas, allow entry at borders and the like. I can't imagine that the US is going to be that keen, for example. Just going for the sake of going seems daft to me; loads of places to go and see in the world. Much to experience in the UK, tbh.
  7. Well, this MQA business is all a bit confusing, I must say! My understanding is that the MQA files are contained within a FLAC 24/48 'container'. It's that file type which is causing your DAC to show 24/48. However, as you don't have any MQA 'magic' in your system, you'll only be getting 16/44.1. [But you may be getting a different mastering in 16/44.1] I have a Bluesound Vault, so I get half fat MQA. The BS is MQA capable (full fat via analogue out, similar to Exploerer 2), but I use mine connected to a DAC, so only half fat on the digital out. Highest I've seen is 96kHz. The BS app also has a dedicated 'masters' tab, which makes things easier. Many of the albums do sound excellent. It's the old problem though; which mastering are you listening to? That could account for 99% of the SQ difference. There's a real danger here of merely discussing the number of angels that can dance on a pinhead. For whatever reason, mastering or other, some of the MQA albums do sound markedly 'better' to my ears than the CD version that I have (for example; 'Kin' by Pat Metheny). It's a no cost option for me and I'm happy to take any perceived increase in SQ for free.
  8. I think you'll find that the 24/48 will just be the FLAC container. You don't have any MQA decoding/unfolding, as you have neither the software or hardware for this, if I'm reading your set up right?
  9. Another colossus of Jazz, Chick Corea, is coming to London with the Elektric Band. Classic line up. He doesn't tour in this format very often, so get get tickets whilst you can! (24th June) Line up as follows: Chick Corea: Keyboards Fearless leader, composer and high-wire keyboard aerialist. John Patitucci: Bass Mr. Energy and one of the premier bassists of our time. Frank Gambale: Guitar True innovator. Spellbinding technique and musicianship. Eric Marienthal: Saxes Fiery and joyful. Brings the excitement and warm sound. Dave Weckl: Drums Scary great, drum-legend. Founding E-band member. I've seen this master of the piano and keyboards many, many times, but I'm really loooking forward to this one. It's also at the Barbican which is an excellent venue. Really quite excited
  10. The A3 saloon is a nice car; very close to the A4. I agree about the Lexus. I has a Passat CC, which was a completely reliable, comfortable, nice handling car. Now with a VW Tiguan; superb car. Worth considering, if an option for you?
  11. Tube Technology is long gone. I seem to recall that they used Sony mechanisms; I'd try a Sony remote; it may well work. Also worth trying is this: when changing batteries take the old batteries out and leave them out for 60 mins or so. Then insert new batteries and try again.
  12. I've already done that; just shows a web hosting service as domain owner. Thanks,though.
  13. I've got my eye on an item being advertised by Has anyone had any experience with them, good or bad? I can't seem to find an address or 'phone number on their site, so I'm rather wary about them.
  14. Hi Nick, Sorry, only just seen this. I'm now sorted, thanks. I did buy a Hugo, but it was for portable use and I decided it was overkill/too much money to have tied up purely as a portable.
  15. Only just seen this. Sorry, sold ages ago as you migth expect.