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  1. Apologies if this has already been highlighted, but this could be just what every audiophool needs:
  2. I'm interested in the Davone Riva speakers listed on the bay (perhaps owned by a Wammer?). They look great and Davone has a good reputation in these parts, in general. Has anyone listened to these and would like to comment? Any feedback on reliability of these? There's no dealer listed in the UK, so support would presumably have to come from the manufacturer. Speakers, in general, are rarely problematic iME, but it is a concern as these aren't exactly cheap. Another speaker of interest is the Heco Direkt. Again, any comments/feedback? (and please see below for detail of room/system) I would be using these in an average size lounge, 5.2 x 3.1m, firing down the room. They'd need to be quite close to a rear boundary, but I could allow around 40-50cms if necessary. One drawback is that one speaker has to fire towards the flat end of a low sofa (around 50 cms away). This is far from ideal, but it is what it is for the time being. I'll be moving within a year or so, so don't want to faff around with a different room layout. My current Art Moderne's work very well like this, but their drivers clear the top of the sofa, as it were, hence nothing to directly impede propagation. With the Riva's the mid & top would probably be sufficiently high (physically!) , but the bass would fire directly towards the sofa. Bass frequencies being not so directional I feel I may get away with this perhaps? Related to this is some confusion on the porting arrangement on these. The pictures in the seller's listing clearly show a front mounted port, yet description calls these sealed boxes. Were there different versions of this speaker perhaps, or is the seller merely incorrect? ( I have asked the question, but others may be able to offer some knowledge). I'm looking for a slightly more dynamic sound, that has a touch more air/HF openness (not brightness) than the Arts. The amp is an Ocatve V40SE, which is spectacularly good so I don't want to change that. I like, fast, accurate bass but not too prominent (extended bass is a problem for the room and this is a flat, with neighbours to consider). I listen at low to medium volumes.
  3. Celestion Ditton 66?
  4. That takes me back, Steve. One of the (very) many amps I've had. Nice open, airy sound. I used it with some Zingali's; can't remember which now. They do come up from time to time. Worth having a look.
  5. Floccinaucinihilipilification
  6. Mountebank
  7. +1 I use one of these. Pricey but very good indeed
  8. There are two parameters that are commonly used for matching; Mutual Conductance and Anode Current (gm and Ia). gm is measured in mA/V and Ia in mA. I suspect that these are the figures you've been provided. Take a look here for a fuller description and explanation:
  9. They are an immersive experience. If you like to hear exact positioning of instruments, then that's not their strong point, IME. I think people tend to use Naim with them as they reflect a deal of the Naim approach; a holistic type approach, if you take my meaning. They certainly fill a room with music though.
  10. Have you ever heard Shahinian speakers Steve? They are a very different approach. Wall of sound tyoe presentation. I've heard them a number of times in various systems. Not my thing at all, but i can see why they're liked. If that kind of presentation floats your boat then they're probably the best of their kind. If you can get a listen before commiting then I would advise you to do so. Of course, if you buy at a reasonable price then they're easy to sell on. And they do take a while to acclimatise to. Naim is often used with Shahinian (the best I heard Shahinians was with Dynavector amps, but they're very spendy), but I'm not sure what you'd get for £500. A small NAIT might cut it, but I doubt it. I'd be looking at something from Exposure (2010s is a thought), or perhaps a Creek Destiny?
  11. Absolute Sounds
  12. WANTED

    Still looking. The Harbeths have gone, so no swap deals. I'm very happy with my Arts, but do fancy giving these a go. Note: I've seen the ones on ebay that have been listed again (i.e. unsold in 6 months). They are tempting, but a hassle and a half to collect, plus they're a bit spendy.
  13. I've had several PLs in the past. Fine sounding, well put together and reliable, IME. However, I've now moved on to an Octave V40SE and this is in a completely different league. OK, it is more money but I'm sure that a deal could be had that would bring one quite close to what you'd pay for the PLs you're contemplating. If you're close by, you'd be welcome to come and see/listen to mine, if it would help?
  14. For those that hadn't seen it announced, Mr Metheny will be at The Barbican later this year. There may be a few tickets still available.