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  1. An easy one then
  2. If you know it you'll know it straight away. Funny enough I dug it out for my 'clean up and play' pile only last week. Not what you would normally find me listening to but a stellar talent no doubt.
  3. Following this with interest as I am waiting on the HR Power supply that should have arrived at the same time as my Gyro SE but has yet to appear. One question I have is that there is a very slight but audible whirr from the Motor when I start the TT....is this normal? Obviously I cannot hear it when the music plays but was just wondering ...as you do when you get a new toy!
  4. Toughie!
  5. Oooh so it is....your go I think enrae8...g'luck.
  6. Put us out of our misery!
  7. I like to think I am a bit of a maverick when it comes to music and though my collection boasts many genres for all occasions I have no idea who this is.
  8. Aha....I'm sure my wife would say the same......but then....she is currently under the patio!
  9. With a load of weird stuff too
  10. I'd never call that mainstream lol....definitely niche
  11. I have incredible patience....a week is meaningless to me as I rarely pay any heed to the concept of your time. I'm not about to post a bigger, more revealing piece of the clue without being asked as to do so would inevitably incur some sort of wrathful post about not leaving enough time for folks to guess! (see first sentence in reply) Anywhen for those of you who prefer the Feiner things in life....here is the full cover.
  12. I hadn't buggered off....I was waiting for guesses to my clue.
  13. This is comedy gold!