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  1. Grails - Chalice Hymnal Fire Walk with me OST - replacement for duff pressing The Stargazers assistant This weeks haul...or some of it...just getting around to playing them this eve
  2. Twin Peaks - Fire Walk with me OST Sadly this is going back as it sounds like it has been sandpapered! You'd think after racking up a £37 price tag they'd at least make it a good pressing!
  3. Oh I'm sure they are having a 'Whale' of a time possibly even contemplating another Untitled Protest
  4. Nah....you just need to switch on your Mojo Navigator man
  5. This from the Speedy J is unreal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhmw4Jt2wYs
  6. Wierd as I was just listening to orchestral version of 'This Town'
  7. I love them but only really up to New Gold Dream which I think is pretty dire. I saw them a few times way back when they were edgy.
  8. I love this album!
  9. Hawk eyed perhaps
  10. Oooh a Breezy Raptor!
  11. Well I'm sure that'll remain unidentified for an age....I've no idea! Looks like loads of stuff I have but its actually none.
  12. I actually don't care if folks cheat...if they have no idea of the cover why not look it up. As has been said there are no rules. I have found some really interesting music that I'd never heard of and rather than have a whinge that it's too obscure I just give it a listen and see if I like it. What does it matter if I say I know it and don't reveal the answer? Just lets someone else have a longer think about it. Perhaps I am busy and cannot edit and post a pic! This thread has been the only thing keeping me around here on the Wam as it's a little fun. Hopefully it will remain fun!
  13. Full cover: I'm sure all here CAN work this out if they want me to stop being SECRETIVE about it.
  14. As has been said before this thread has been alive more than six years. It used to be fun.....If folks use image search software then thats up to them though I guess it is kind of cheating but only if they use it to reveal the cover and win. (BTW image search is built into chrome). For me I am cursed by an eidetic memory for music. I may not have many of the records but I do remember many covers. I recall a time where a group of folks would banter back and forth with the most obscure cryptic clues until someone got it or gave in. I found this most amusing and did try to resurrect it but the 'Guess The Album Cover Anti Craic Police' disapproved. What we are seeing here is a symptom of the overall decline.