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  1. The lentek was from the 70s and a quick google search will answer all the questions you ask
  2. Similarly Supertramp Crime of the Century 40th Anniversary edition on 180 Gram vinyl sounds better than my original copy (which had been played rather a lot over the last 400 odd years). With Saz, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Guitar and superb bass and mucho more this was always one of my dem records for buying hifi (along with Rikki and Fleetwood Mac and John David Souther and Jeff Beck and a host of others ) and a particular fav of mine Eddie Brickell and the New Bohemians. Picked up the album in a flee market for a quid .. got it home and cleaned it and it was pristing - put it on the turntable to play and no extraneous noises .. and it blew me away = put on CD to do a direct comparison and wow - this record shows just about every deficiency in CDS - the LP has a vast sound stage and front to back (the CD doesn't) .. but it is the timing somehow the vinyl version is bang on making you want to move and tap your feet .. the CD is well flat ... and before all the CD lovers jump on my back they should listen to Mr Dave Grusin who suggests that the only way to get decent sound off a cd is to record the album in one session with minimal or no overdubs .. he suggests every overdub takes something away the logic being is every dub is a sample so if you do a 32 track recording using all tracks and mix it back to 2 it is a sample of a sample and so there is loss .. Now if you listen to a few Grusin CDs (escpecially the Gershwin one) you will see the bloke does know what he is talking about as his CDs do seem alive
  3. Am not surprised at your comments - as I always say, CD players all sound different but when compared to a good vinyl playing set up, none of them sound right
  4. I would also try the Ortofon 2m Blue (same price point) but if you take into account the cost of a decent step up as well then have a listen to the more expensive 2ms. You may find that some of these modern moving magnets are a lot better than people give them credit for. (although I am a big fan of the DL 103 which is taken to another level when retipped by Expert with a fine line or paratrace stylus .. and a good match for the TP16 arm) .. Arm Screening should not be a problem with the Thorens in my experience - I had a TD 160 and arm screening was fine but putting a metal enclosure over power supply (modified cigarette tobacco tin) and earthing that to the chassis did result in a much quieter turntable. I used a Fidelity Research FR1 MKII for many years on it with a Signet Transformer (which I stupidly sold but have since acquired another just in case I ever go down the Moving Coil route in the future .. i still have the Fidelity Research and an Audio Technica OC5)... Hum is the usual noise problem encountered and it is usually playing with earthing arrangements that sorts it out I think
  5. Well the M10 wasn't shy in the upper registers to my ears .. but I know what you mean
  6. I am probably gonna wish I never posted this (as it will probably die now) but my 25 plus year old Pioneer 802S is still working a treat in my daughter's system - and I have to say it sounds mighty fine for a CD player .. I bought the Meridian 506 20bit because my daughter needed a new cd player (so i could upgrade and give her mine) but overall I actually believe the 802 was a far better player .. i have a 505 precision in my conservatory set up (with a Pioneer A400) .. so on the basis of my experience with Pioneer stable platter players I think they own the crown of the best classic CD players.
  7. Well ya could get the Deco 20s and use them as your coffin when ya pop ya clogs but in a way you are not wrong - in listening comparisons the Expressions tended to exterminate most of the opposition
  8. If it is wood it will creak as it gets hot and cold and moves about let alone walking on it - as for concreting on top of it that is fine until ya wants to get at the pipes underneath
  9. lasers do not last forever they burn out - and the older phillips ones are unavailable now There are a lot of expensive door stops out there now (no use for owt else) cos there are no laser replacements.
  10. No need to change tweeters that are too "hot", usually a 1ohm 15 watt resistor wired in series is all ya need to take the tizz off .. or find an L pad and wire it into the circuit to allow variable attenuation of the tweeter. The danger of changing a tweeter in a speaker is that it will hardly likely to be a straight swap from a measurement point of view (all the stuff like impedance and efficiency etc.) so if a speaker doesn't sound right in the treble department if the simple method (adding a resistor) doesn't do the trick then perhaps it is time for a change of speaker
  11. The answer is to try both .. it all depends on the input sensitivity of the pre you are using .. the advantage of using the main pre out is you can ensure that your main preamp is working in the best volume position (i.e. to overcome where amp appears to be at full volume but the volume pot has hardly reached a quarter turn on.)
  12. If you have a look on You Tube there are quite a few videos showing how to replace the surrounds when ya finally buy them.
  13. The top monitor on its own used to sell for over £4k .. and you surprise me about wife friendly - my missus actually chose my Impressions which are similar but mahoosive in comparison. The thing about the silver metalic paint is it kind of disappears in the room compared to the usual boxes .. especially when you shut your eyes and listen to the music they produce
  14. Be careful with any "Old" (classic) CD Player .. If we look at Meridian up to the end of the 500 series and before, they used Philips Laser mechanisms no longer made or available. There may be alternatives from China but ya pays yer money and takes ya choice cos it may end up irreparable. So unless it is very cheap or there are still spares available buy OLD with care. Having got stung on not being able to repair my Meridian 506 I got a Dacmagic Dac and can front it with any player with a digital out socket. So my view is get a dac and any player with a digital out (I have tried four different players with mine (Meridian, Pioneer, HB Burnit Pro and Marantz) and can confirm my my ears none of the players sound different when played through the DacMagic .. only the HB Burnit pro sounds much better when played through the Dacmagic than it does through its own on board dacs (twin wolfson so not shabby) and the Pioneer and Marantz do sound a shade different as to whether that different is better well there is another argument