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  1. The only differences I thought was magnet size .. I would be surprised if the rubber surround is any different from any of the other B200 drivers of the time .. personal view is the only problem with the surround is if it is stiffer than the original (or looser) but if you are changing both speakers then it should be fine as they will be the same. When i had Gale GS401s two of the foam surrounds rotted in mine (back in the 80s) Goodmans supplied me with two of theirs (foam rubber surrounds for an 8") for nowt bless em .. it wasn't the same as the Gale's surround (more dense?) but i could detect no difference after the repair (I tried them with the two repaired in one cabinet and compared to the other and then put one replacement in each cablnet to ensure they were "balanced" .. no change in sound could be detected in any combination). If you cannot get the 1054s then I would go with the kef 8" rubbers that the speaker repair site can provide for about a fiver each
  2. Hifi Sound 1974....... this one .. a lot of the tests are beyond the amateur needing test equipment but for us there are the bands you need to set bias and tracking weight .. with the bias remember only the dogs bollox of trackers will track the highest band with no distortion and only the very good the next one down ... I bought this to replace my old original one which was from 1969.
  3. Listen Inn disappeared many years ago David Eudale that owned the place was a good guy. Rapkin retired and his old shop has been taken over by Orton's .. seems nice enough but they don't take stuff in part exchange so you can guess it is mid to high range that peeps buy and then forget about .. When I moved to Northampton 37 years ago I was so depressed wondering what the hell I had done to deserve this .. it hasn't improved over the intervening years (other than pubs with real ale being the norm whereas 37 years ago you had to drive for miles to find a decent ale). They are building a super new shopping center at Rushden Lakes .. doubt that a decent hifi shop will be included though ... The nearest to a decent hifi shop was a chap opened a second hand one on the welly road but marital difficulties resulted in him closing down (not business wise he seemed to be turning over stuff very well) .. but when he was going some real pearls appeared from earlier days and from the present too ...
  4. I like high mass, solid and suspended .. I thought all men preferred suspenders
  5. per Wiki .. The SL-10 was the first linear-tracking turntable to feature direct drive, a Technics innovation dating back to 1969 with the SP-10 Mk I. The SL-10, along with its fully programmable stablemate the SL-15, was able to penetrate the consumer electronics market much more effectively than any preceding linear-tracking turntable, and it spawned a wave of imitators throughout the 1980s, along with many derivations by Technics itself. Unlike many of the inexpensive designs that followed it, the SL-10 is cast from aluminum and weighs 6.5 kg. Its chassis is the same size as a standard LP jacket, doing away with the large plinth, visible tonearm and general bulk associated with conventional radial-tracking turntables that the public was familiar with up to that point. The SL-10 came equipped with the Technics EPS-310MC moving-coil cartridge. Due to the low output of the moving-coil cartridge, the SL-10 includes a built-in, bypassable step-up preamp to allow it to connect to standard phono inputs. The original Technics EPS-310MC moving-coil cartridge was designed to be replaced as a unit; the stylus was not removable. The cartridge has since been discontinued; the SL-10 will accept any P-mount/T4P cartridge. The SL-10 is capable of being powered by an external DC power adapter or a standard AC power supply. The motor is quartz-locked, providing accurate rotational speed. Perhaps the SL-10's most unusual feature is its ability to play records in any position, even vertical. With the lid closed, the SL-10's internal disc clamp holds the record in place, and the tonearm, being dynamically balanced, maintains a consistent tracking force regardless of the turntable position. An example of the SL-10 is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.[1] Specifications[edit] Platter Type: 300mm diameter die-cast aluminium[2] Speed Accuracy: +/- 0.002% Wow and Flutter: 0.025% Rumble: -78 dB Tonearm Type: Dynamic balanced linear tracking gimbal suspension Effective Tonearm Length: 105mm Original Cartridge: EPC-310MC Cartridge Frequency Response: 10 to 60,000 Hz Dimensions: 315 x 88 x 315mm Weight: 6.5kg You prefer the latter even though you think solid in a high mass plinth is less prone to vibration? And are we talking vibration or the ability to make the thing shake if it is knocked or moved rather than isolating from air born vibrations? Also personal view is for best isolation mount the turntable on a shelf on a solid wall .. regardless of solid or suspended.
  6. As in the words of the famous song from the album Crime of the Century, "Right (right) , you're bloody well right"
  7. That is why I use my ears and don't use one the bouncy sub-chassis of my turntable isolates it from vibrations and as I listen loud it is a mandatory requirement .. the EMT and SP10 was designed for Radio/DJ use where instantanous was a requirement .. I hasten to add of course that Thorens in there move to develop sound moved to a bouncy sub-chassis and with their own arms and the way it was set up it was no easy to induce bounce when using the inbuilt lift lower device .. this of course was the TD150 which was copied and impoved by Hamish Robertson to arrive at what eventually became the Linn Sondek. Good spot - know nothing about the SL10 other than we didn't sell many in the day ..
  8. You are not wrong
  9. In addition , ideally get HiFi Sound test record (or similar) to ensure the bias and weight is set to the optimum. If an arm floats to the outer rim when the cartridge weight has been set then the bias is probably too much. The £15-20 spent on a test record is money well spent and a pittance in comparison with most other items necessary for your hifi system
  10. He asked "so does it make any difference in terms of sound quality (not volume) whether you have 1 woofer or 2? " This has sod all to do with the possible benefits such as one and half or slim loudspeakers .. I do love your knowledge and eloquence Serge but the answer to this one was .. "No the number of units used is no indication of sound quality" .. i was gonna say perhaps he needs to look at the measurements for each of them to determine the answer but then I thought I better hadn't .. although in this case it would at least provide a picture of which loudspeaker provides the best frequency response but of course that still would not tell him what it sounds like until he listens to it ...
  11. Ooh rhetoric and syntax .. with the way language is bent and twisted using text speak and all sorts of other slang do not worry we will do our best to understand (or not) depending on what is said ..
  12. It is a fine turntable and had the best poster ad in history (an SP10 with an HMV arm needle horn arrangement making it look like a wind up deck).. it is fabulous for radio and dj work as it goes from 0 to 33 or 0 to 45 virtually instantaneously .. however, with age the anodised aluminium tends to tarnish (have seen them resprayed with auto paint looking all gleaming and lovely) .. BUT at the end of the day do you want it to be the best sounding turntable you can get, or do you just want a good looking turntable that sounds good .. the SP10 falls into the latter category it sounds good and looks good but will be outperformed by decks such as the LInn, Systemdek, Aristons, STDs, Heybrooks, Oracles, Pink Triange, .. much the same as the Garard 401 .. so you pays your money and you take your choice
  13. In summation, some only use their ears all the time and take no notice much of measurements. Others use their ears all the time and may have a look at measurements if they don't like what they hear to confirm there is a cause. The rest don't like to use their ears unless their eyes like the measurements they see. It kind of gave me a take on the three monkeys or put another way, If they see no evil they need to listen to determine if they hear no evil and then they will report on whether there is evil or not if they see evil then they assume they are gonna hear evil so won't listen and then of course will say it looks evil but they don't know if it sounds evil. There are very few that see no evil hear no evil and speak no evil ..............Oh bugga I'm rambling again ... What the hell does it matter as long as we are each happy in what we do to assess what we like and what we don't .. Group hug now? Perhaps not ...
  14. Depends on the design of the loudspeaker and the make/type/size of drivers used, the cabinet design etc. etc.. Some with two sound awful some sound good, some with one sound awful some sound good . there is no such thing as "more units = better " .. get your ears around them and buy the ones you like the sound of best ..
  15. I moved to the area (Northamptonshire) in 1980 and have so far failed to escape .. what has struck me since moving here is the lack of decent hifi shops (getting worse not better with closures of old favourites like Rapkins In Northampton) and i so miss Guildford (though doubt I could afford to move back now) .. there is a discount outlet for Argos near Corby (I got my last dvd player recorder from there half price) but as to hifi shops that would hold your attention for longer than five minutes .. none that I know of.