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  1. I have yet to hear a single driver system that satisfied my aural desires. I would be tempted to find a pair of the old Wharfedale E series loudspeakers. Seriously good loudspeakers for use with low powered valve amps being very very efficient The E90s were the best but big boxes .. the E70s were the next down I think and were well balanced (bright sounding for their time but that is more in keeping with todays loudspeakers I think which tend to be flatter and less rolled off). if you can find a good pair on ebay or in a local second hand shop they may be just the ticket. Another alternative is to look at some of the other speakers out there with ribbon tweeters (which tend to be more efficient than normal drivers and can be married to more efficient bass units). There are also seriously efficient horn designs out there as well developed to get the best out of low powered valve amps. Try to audition as many as possible and good luck in your search.
  2. I guess that you could have a separate fuse box with a dedicated supply to the hi fi and then a pass through that to the main fuse box for the house. This would take all the electrical items in the house out of the chain. Though I have to say since the 90s I don't think I have bought any appliance that has given me audible noise in the system (I remember in the 70s the hifi buzzing for a millisecond or two when the boiler switched on until the man fitted a capacitor or something in the boiler switch).
  3. For the sake of a few quid (a gallon of dionised then distilled water) is known to be perfectly free of any contaminates and will last for ages (I cleaned 1000 records and have about 1/2 of a gallon or more left. My record collection is precious so it is a small price to pay for piece of mind and guaranteed results ...
  4. Have you got measurements to prove that Serge? .. Perhaps the answer is all reviews should be carried out by blind or blindfolded people who are unable to see the appearance or manufacturer of the item being reviewed - then we might get some honesty from the HiFi press. I guess at the end of the day it is all about whatever makes you happy .. as for an extra 2 inches that might be a disadvantage as if that happened to me I can see my women saying "if you think you are putting all that in here you have got another thing coming" . As to old school, with my age I suppose it is old school now but it is not wooden (well not all the time).
  5. These may fit the bill http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Castle-Howard-Mk-1-Speakers-In-Rare-Queen-Anne-Cabinets-Skipton-Made-Originals-/292064380246?hash=item440064c556:g:CeEAAOSw4A5Y0v0J
  6. Distilled water is best as it has virtually no impurities I get mine from this company http://www.thedistilledwatercompany.com/ They specialise in it They demineralise through filters then distill the water so there are no impurities in it
  7. Usually the bottom way with tweeters on the inside BUT no rules apply - try both to see which sounds best. If you cannot get the speakers as far apart as you would like then put the tweeters on the outside it may help increase the width of the sound ...
  8. How about one of these for £120 to keep you going til you find what you want http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191122263857?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT.. for the size of hole ya want to slot it in Class D may be the option (Bell Canto or others ?) another one to check out is the HEED http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HEED-AUDIO-OBELISK-PM-MONO-BLOCK-POWER-AMPLIFIERS-HEED-PM-MONOBLOCKS-/182163799087?hash=item2a69cefc2f:g:1fYAAOSwvg9XWC-N
  9. Looks like it is an addition of glued down wood - check from the underneath and check out pics on google search. If you can get an SME mounting base plate with the SME slot the rega arm will slide along it and then fix it down in the right place .. alternative arm with SME fitting is the mission 774. One of their base plates will fit exactly over the SME slot but the hole you have may need to be elongated a bit.. You have a great turntable - better sounding than a Linn, but a bit of a bugger to set up as it has four springs rather than three. Enjoy the journey.
  10. Pioneer A400/A300, A&R 60, NADs, Rotels, Denons, Yamahas, Lux and many more Interestingly in the shop n the late 70s we tried the multi knobbed Denon PMA200 which was about the same money but was not in keeping with reviewers love of minimalist looks in 1978 .. it actually sounded better than the NAD. We didn't sell many though cos peeps came in asking for the NAD cos all the mags recommended it.
  11. I see where Serge is coming from but amps that measure well do sound different .. I have experienced it .. My Hafler measures as well as the Quad but it delivers a "faster" "crisper" "more defined" sound than the Quad .. but other factors undoubtedly come into play (mosfets versus transistors versus valves) also outside influences like RF .. for a time i was using unshielded connections from my Audionics B2 to the Hafler (an experimentation with 300 ohm ribbon cable (as used for fm aerials), sounded bloody wonderful with that combination .. changed the Hafler for a Quad 405 and got Radio Moscow ... So how well the amp filters out extraneous sounds like RF will come into play I should think. I could be completely wrong as to my explanation I am no expert but I have heard many amps that measure well but all sound different ... so synergy does come into play and of course there is the other end of things such as ability to drive difficult loads (e.g the Quad 405-1 used to half its output into 4ohm loads so speakers like Gale GS401s sounded flat and lifeless and of course the amp clipped earlier than anyone would expect (hence the change to the Quad 405 - 2 not long after). I can't explain it but I have experienced it
  12. Shhhhhhhhhh Linn will buy the world stock and sell them as MagiK Kushions for £250 (or more) a set of two .. and go to vast lengths to explain how they make the thing sound better.
  13. There is a review of a pair on TNT and it mentions the review is undertaken by the uk distributor Paul Letteri Mind you would you trust a review by a distributor Jean Marie Reynaud Twin Mk III Loudspeakers [English] - TNT-Audio www.tnt-audio.com/casse/jmr3_e.html JM Reynaud Twin Mk III, loudspeakers, listening test on TNT-Audio - Internet ... by the UK distributor, Paul Letteri,
  14. The main thing to think of is, how stable will the end product of speaker atop of stand going to be. Ideally your stands want a low centre of gravity (most of the weight at around floor level or massive base) so they are not likely to topple over if nudged or knocked. As a result stands that are capable of being loaded with sand or weights are a "safer" option. Once desired stands are found then fix the speakers to the top using blue tac and if you have solid wooden floors or laminate I would also blue tac the stands to the floor (worked well in my conservatory for years doing this) and if carpeted using spikes