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  1. For whatever my reasons I read this as................. And it's not, two, three, four what are we fighting for? If I had read or seen that correctly I would have gone straight down the Country Joe road but I didn't I veered away into the wilderness
  2. Moby Grape comes to mind and if it is I have no idea of the album.
  3. Sorry who Mr Collins or Mr Stewart ?
  4. It's interesting in respect that all that stuff is cut out of a documentary and therefore can be out of context, I think all that stuff was taken from the documentary where Mr Collins says I know lets sell out, so we did, and he says something like, what the hell was he doing when discussing Gabriels dressing up. Also did you notice the cut/cuts during Gabriels bit at the end. That guy doing the commentary is one BIG angry fanboy as well and he is not going to take any criticism of Collins or the band. I also seem to recall it was that documentary that turned me against Mr Collins more than I was already. I used to like him I even have I think his first two solo albums, plus I would not say I hate him because I don't, nor would I accuse him of breaking up the band, its a dislike of his holier than thou attitude.
  5. Collins basically sold the the band out to keep it going, and he admits to that, they started out OK with him as the vocal man but he could not keep going being the drummer and the front man so another drummer was brought in. Things started to go down hill for the band, I think audiences where dwindling etc and he made the decision that the band should sell out to keep going, not sure if he did write anything, I would think he did because from that point you can hear the music change course becaming more mainstream. I suppose for a band to keep going for so long they to evolve and change, don't think a lot of original Genesis fans liked his general attitude either which became as I say a I am Genesis type thing.
  6. Yea apparently Hackett is the only original Genesis member who is still willing to play all the old Genesis catalogue, I wasn't so keen on Genesis after Mr Collins took it over, bought a few of the albums after Gabriel left but they just was not the same. I see them live with Gabriel, wonderful shows, but as I say I lost interest in them with Mr I am Genesis Collins in the driving seat, he was not even the original drummer. If you have not heard it take a listen to their first album, From Genesis to Revelation.
  7. Out of all the Mike Oldfield I have listened to in the past months my favourite is The Songs Of Distant Earth.
  8. I have the speakers on the rubber/silicone ( not sure which ) couplers that came with the stands. I assume adding the mass weights to the the top of the speakers just adds to the coupling factor through the speakers via the stands and spikes into the floor thus stabilizing everything even more.
  9. Repped for the Steve Hackett, not heard this one yet.
  10. OK, filled the stands, went the cat litter route. First impressions things sound tighter, then the icing on the cake, I removed the grills, as I popped off the first grill I heard the change immediately, more open sound. So itch scratched for now it seems
  11. I feel I should know this but just cannot recall it, or at least the band.
  12. OOV 1971 UK first issue, sounding its age but hey it has the right to, adds to the flavour.
  13. One of my favourite bands.
  14. Its in my collection and I also like it.