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  1. This thread could and probably will roll on and on, I for one am going to treat his statements and comments with the contempt that they deserve and move on and play some sounds. You know the old saying " Don't feed the troll "
  2. Answer the mans question, How do you know Sharia law is coming?
  3. You could be the american president, but still be a racist prick.
  4. He saw it on Fox news, so it must be true.
  5. OV and I still think this has the better SQ than the remastered version on CD, although the CD remastered version does have complete tracks where as on the vinyl a few are cut to fit.
  6. Repped for the Genesis.
  7. On Tape TEAC A-3300SX 4 Track Hows that, we both posted this at the same
  8. You just have to, one of my all time favourite bands.
  9. CD. Hawkwind at their best.
  10. This was one of the first things I see regarding Rammstein and it made me go looking for more.
  11. I do not like either band.
  12. Re worded my OP.
  13. None the wiser, do not like either.
  14. Never heard of it.