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  1. Yes. I believe that UMG put the spoiler into all their music that is streamed but do not use it on CDs. The spoiler is in the 1kHz and 3.5 kHz region which makes it very difficult to remove the spoiler without impacting the sound. It therefore makes the spoiler more annoying as it is right where the ear is the most sensitive. I also love the irony that UMG have put an audible spoiler into their streamed music, which will soon be streamed using MQA to improve the sound quality. With one hand we give a little and with the other we remove an awful lot.
  2. I have commented on the Sound Quality of Tidal vs Quobuz in the past and recently a friend came round and I played one of our fave albums but it did not sound that good. I normally prefer CD, then streamed music from next door and finally Tidal streamed. A possible reason? Take the test it is fun and hopefully illuminating. A little old but UMG are back in the news with MQA.
  3. And Tidal....and it is rather good....
  4. Agreed. Now at about 1400 albums on Tidal. And with UMG joining the party that should keep you happy. Now come on Sony, join the party.....
  5. And now Universal Music group is going MQA......... Now if Sony says yes then it is all but done. Sorry Linn, Naim....don't get left behind.
  6. Nice.......
  7. With the new Top Gear due in early March it is ironic that the introduction of the new Tax Category will raise the cost for a lot of their cars from £500 to £2,000.....not a bad increase.
  8. I am very keen to increase the number of reviewers as it adds more variety and we are getting more and more products for review. If anyone wants to review products then please contact me and we can see what we can do. It is fun and not too demanding. Honest.
  9. Awww schucks.... We must not forget that there were a few others involved such as Alex, Neil and Ian. Thanks guys. I was surprised that we had nearly 2,000 hits for the Allegri (which has been up the longest) and over 2,000 for the Nord. Of course the good news is that this attracting others who want to get the benefit of a review in RealReviews. What that means is that although we have a great team already we do need MORE Wammers, who are willing to review some of these products. If you want to have a go at reviewing then please contact me and let's talk.
  10. Yes please let us know how you get on. And it is good to hear that PQ is sorting it out.
  11. slacking there...... Now you will be listening to your music system at home we expect lots of posts about your system and music.....get to it man
  12. Interesting. I am guessing that Linn are not planning to go for MQA. Some of the comments are unusual coming from Linn who have been known to re-issue high resolution music after marketing the CD. It is not only Warners who like re-mining their music catalogue. In the end I believe that what will determine the success (or failure) of MQA is the software. If the other big boys join in and it becomes the 'big three' then MQA will have a very high profile. MQA will then have such a huge 'updraft' hardware companies will be 'forced' to join in. Just look at the saleability of any DAC without DSD in the US or Japan.
  13. Robin, a good warning. Although it would have been better if you had been seen quicker, thank your lucky stars that your good lady did the right thing and got you seen, quickly. The alternative is not worth thinking about. Now, you MUST look after yourself properly (and your other half as well). God/nature has shown you a yellow card. Looking on the bright side you will need to have lots of good relaxing music to help you recover and you have a nice system to help there. Get well soon.
  14. And miss the Norwegian Blue; a legend of a parrot......