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'Quite simply the best show we have ever had the pleasure to exhibit! Huge amounts of enthusiasm from so many Wammers who clearly share our passion for music. Can't wait for next year..........'

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  1. Thanks guys for coming to the show and putting in so much time and being part of the Show and acting like Wammers (complement). The whole presentation/workshop worked really and was most illuminating. As I mentioned it may be great to highlight the room correction part of the software to give people an intro to what the software can do. Once people hear how effective that is then they could get tempted to leave the shallow end. It certainly made a difference in my Klima/Renew when I had one.
  2. It was great fun to meet you and the family and eat cake. Yes, it worked well in your system and the whole thing gelled really well. Your current DAC is certainly no slouch but there was just that bit more with the AN DAC. Good things will come to those who wait. It will be worth it.
  3. And very good it was too Mark. We will need to let the guys get home, sleep and then do a full professional editing job.....I am sure it will be worth it.
  4. How about a half way house..... If exhibitors could get there early on Saturday and set up with possibly a bit of help. And then on Saturday PM the show (part of the Show) opens and people can come in and go around having bussed up there from a car park in town. Come later in the evening everyone has a jolly little time with the exhibitors set up in the hotel. At X o'clock a mini bus appears and takes the guys to the local hotel/BB....Come the morning the same happens again back to the show. People get a day and a half at the Show (normal Sunday entry applies). the Sat party is great. A good price for the hotel should be negotiated as it is quiet night for business hotels. The exhibitors are inconvenienced but people started appearing at 10/11/12 on Saturday.
  5. Enough of this softie talk.......remember we are British....
  6. And of course Thanks to Danny for looking after the show with the full support of Caroline (as well as Peter and Rachel). And remaining enthusiastic throughout the weekend. Although the rumours I heard about those manikins look as though they were true.
  7. Love the pics. What a huge variety of equipment for people to hear. Not only the members but thought the dealers had great sound in their rooms and they were really showing what their equipment can do. Loved what those little tiddly Boenicke speakers were doing....and...and....
  8. Suggested to the Linn guys they can encourage people to use the room optimisation software part, where you add the speaker dimensions, the room position and the room dimensions and it calculates the room nodes and corrects appropriately. Put that into the Foobar plug-in and you get room correction (free?). If you want to get better, measure it and tune to flavour (flat?). Hopefully hearing how good that was may encourage people to then use the full active set up. I used the software optimisation software of the Linn Akurate and it is now much more sophisticated taking acount of windows, doorways, wall materials etc. But getting rid of bass room nodes was worthwhile. Maybe that will help with small rooms at Scalford? Sunbeam's room certainly showed that off well.
  9. Cheers M8. It was the Dubliners not the Chieftains......
  10. Eddie: I thought your room, post adjustments sounded really good and organic. Not often you can say that about a Naim . Glad you enjoyed...Sorry I could not get back but the Sunday was a bit packed for me....What was the CD of that singer from the Chieftains + female singer?
  11. I agree Serge companies are using 'tricks' like upsampling or just lighting DAC lights, which is really cheating the buyer. The guys at Computer Audiophile also measure Hirez releases to see if they are what they purport to be. A free source of good data. The original author sells CD/SACD players, so has some commercial interests. And despite criticising other companies for bought in CD transports then goes on to admit his products use Oppo disc players. I bet they sell for a lot more than the original Oppos as they come in very fancy cases. As always software matters. I remember buying (cheaply) a Rolling Stones SACD and playing it on my SACD capable Esoteric P03/D03 combo. It was a real master tape transfer and it sounded....exactly the same as my CD. The limit of the sound quality was the original poor recording as the early Stones recordings were not that good. Only good news is that it is now worth over £200 having cost me £13.
  12. Metatron: Yes a few of us do understand what all this MQA malarkey is about as our knowledge about digital processing is not bad...I do image processing in astronomy and it is not too dissimilar to image processing X-Rays, just more difficult as there are far more variables and inadequate control over what you are imaging. And yes we may also know what placebos are about as well and we may even know how to avoid the common errors. No one is claiming infallability. I am sure you have added all that information to help out but it is coming across as look how smart I am. Now to address your comments....If I hear a lot of MQA albums and they sound better why would I not listen and enjoy them? They cost no more money to stream and what do I really care if it is a better master, better care in processing or MQA; it sounds better. An academic exercise can be fun but I do not want to fall in love with the technology just the music. And if all that is added is totally artificial echoes then guess what...it would not take too long to suss it out. I have commented already on the current trend to make speakers sound dramatic by boosting bass/treble. Yes we can be fooled but do not let the science close your mind. I do not have to prove anything. I am merely reporting my experiences for better sound. Some others have heard similar effects. Take or leave it. But proving for a mini-Serge is all but impossible as a lot of the details are hidden/propriety. If anyone wants to hear whether it is rubbish or not it is easy try it for yourself. What did you actually HEAR? I have no vested or commercial interest AT ALL. There are a lot of commercial interests and I expect all sorts of fight back and inflated promotion. For me the ideal would be unadulterated streaming of 24/96 but I can't get that because of my internet issues and more importantly NO ONE does it. Software first. Quobuz only allows you to stream the 24/96 that you have bought. If someone offered a great music catalogue of 24/96 then I would be one of the first few shouting about it.
  13. Yet another attempt to derail MQA by someone sold on SACD and DSD. His revenue stream is threatened and he attacks. Big surprise.
  14. Agree. There are now over 2,500 MQA encoded albums on Tidal.....Optical discs...1 obtuse demonstration recording. Have you actually tried it Metatron? Get a 1 month Tidal trial and try it out. There are over 2,500 albums to choose from and they have the 16/44.1 as well. Compare a dozen or so..
  15. Bankruptcy