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  1. ... Nein - fine performance by most of new England/wunder-Tor by retiree ...
  2. ... Dortmund ITV tonight - we can't do what we did last year in Berlin can we (they..)???
  3. Sad in fact to see again Eng so bad as often this season - I even watched them live on ITV/recorded my footie-Youth great performance ... Well done Ire, and Eng for equalling NZ record. Well done Oz Jones, though I prefer Eng to manage Eng.
  4. I am still jealous of your history/your 2 last FA Cups etc.
  5. All of the best, but I advise nice great 32" and a super budget HD projector for once-in-a-blue-Pensioner when you MUST large all up.
  6. Joy to all legally using Win 10 ... update is a hassle though/I dread if my 95x1/XP x2/Win 7 x2 sys don't work any possible way/that we have to rely on 10 or an even worse successor. A post-Amiga Win user avoiding Apple since 1995.
  7. ... because of e.g.: a) Some CDs made not to be cloned ... b) Environmental-random oddities ... c) Direction wind was purring etc ... Etc. There probably are other ways to obtain digital facsimiles of your CDs, but retain your originals if they work in CD drives ...
  8. ... Must add to search-possibilities for her unreleased rarities of course her recent potential married surname - Konecki ...
  9. Requiescant in pace all suitably ... I admit that I never appreciated his rock contribution.
  10. I agree with many of the above 'points', but: 1) Be safe for all - I reluctantly but wisely learned years of yonk to protect others by e.g. drilling small hole through e.g. top-plate of stand to secure speaker-cabinet above ... 2) Which is ideally spiked or hard-nutted etc to stand-solid floor by 3 apt bits of metal, or blu-tack/etc ... Height-position from reflective boundaries-listeners obviously is important also. Currrently, I have six speakers in this domicile triple-nutted etc to stone floor or brick wall-things ... My favourite stands were-are Linn hollows/still have for spare demos identical JPW spiked thingies, or for fun, something cheap on castors. SAFETY is priority.
  11. ... Actually, it seemed often a bit annoying, though when I finished the last 5 episodes yesterday I was 6 1/2 hours updating its display, a Win 10 laptop ...
  12. Yes, I was trying to appreciate its good points - then the final episode of ???? Maybe a non-Deighton future series will clarify, but ...
  13. I thought this was a bit poor - tempo-plot etc ...
  14. ... Last year's ' Crisis In Six Scenes' originally on amazon-wotever looks alright now to me - I understand why non-Woody likers do not appreciate it though ...
  15. Having done a flat 33 years ago with Dulux internally, yesterday coincidentally I did outside paintwork-gates-doors-window-sills as annually in Crown Chocolate gloss mixed up in local trade-mixing shop!!!