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  1. ... Just with Ms Wife checking out best Bach Opus 147 Cantata 'JJOMD' versions - no conclusions/only 2 on my HDD so far ...
  2. ... Ta, will check it out ... ... A bit poor/like an April Fool fun-thang - will listen to full album June 2nd (?Pepper 50th day?).
  3. Well done all - must go to Bristol 'Rise' next year/used to visit Zavvi or wotever till they went ...
  4. ... you could record it as WAV into free brilliant 'Audacity', and suitably-convert it free ...
  5. All of the best - ideally with e.g. Win 7 ... - though 10 is 'tameable' if you must ...
  6. Good luck. I recommend good PC with programmes-bits you want ...
  7. Interesting, for someone who had those/maybe a 105 (I after Google-search seem to have confabulated that) and too many others (now a good cheap maintained-mm believer).
  8. Good luck - only lay on top of a floor if it is comfortable/appropriate.
  9. Fine FM BBC is for me since .... good enough. Often recorded in WAV/saved as 320 kps mp3 ...
  10. Yes. Classic is what suitably does it for lots of folk - old-new at good price ...
  11. 3rd-final we hope series not too bad - or was it? I admit to watcching 24 eps because of Colman-Tennant-Somerset filming.
  12. Nice, or somewhere else suitable.
  13. Brilliant Aldi litre whisky gone up from £15, so I tried Asda 'talcy' Bells £15 litre slightly 2 days ago. Must try and access cheap Teacher's soon before end of excellent 'The Sweeney' re-re-re etc runs fortunately on ITV4. I have about 3 bottles different-Scotch annually, but Aldi litre is the best. Gave up on over-priced-over-hyped single-malt rip-offs.
  14. WE all have to vote every proper election/have fair PR system = something like proper democracy.
  15. ... Remember when people played footie for clubs they supported ...