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  1. Yes. Veggie tastier/better for our animals etc-planets ...
  2. Still having 1-2 bottles £1.99 weekly Aldi Taurus - works well watered down warmly over 4 days weekly ... Other more expensive stuff can be supreme also, sensibly imbibed-expelled ...
  3. Home-brewing well worth the initial outlay-time-hassle, BUT: - too easy to enjoy the product, so my last brew was last March ... a)2 plastic Wilko 40pt + barrels at c. £20 each b)some tubing for syphoning etc c)cheap Asda 'Little Gem' or something nappie-sterilizing tabs redone in storage-plastic bottle every 3 months d)left-over plastic nappy-bucket with lid for initial 14-day ish fermentation e)home-made ex-metal-hangar-rubber-banded J-cloth in-barrel brush ... Even using cheapest finest 40 pts monthly home-brew kits-39p a brew sugar kg ...
  4. My fave digital-era stuff is value-Marantz, and I know that they did some fine analogue stuff also.
  5. Interesting topic as ever - amazed that c. £150-£250 r/c mains box with HDD-size of your choice has never meaningfully been publicised-sold-successful ... Refuse to pay Linn-Naim - even Sony etc prices, so carry on with my USB sticks/cheap great audio-video lappies for this ...
  6. iPlayer still great on Win computers/rubbish on fine VM ...
  7. Interesting tip re backup to external HDD from Hummie - thanks. Never use our adored dusted Toppie now (not even plugged-in, but 'in position') as all needed taken from VM cable-box-PC TV recordings for PC usage ...
  8. Wotever the joys of woofers, I prefer one in each of e.g. 2 front stereo-speakers ...
  9. I dislike glib Sir Lord Tony Blair, but he is correct to suggest that majority rightly-leftly want UK to stay in improving Europe. Wot a chaotic referendum that St John's Eve/my wedding-anniversary last year (different marriage ...) was-is ...
  10. I too like the titles-content (having bought them on vinyl-CD etc) in first 2 topic-posts. Not overkeen on Ed Sheeran's maths-signs stuff titles though ...
  11. 'Triplicate' rather than another single crooners-cover album out 31 March - I sadly ordered it to go with everything else/will love it (though could have been on 1 not 3 discs).
  12. I agree re e.g. E.Enders etc ... Ms Adkins often great soul-delivery though ...
  13. Interesting history-voice ...
  14. W/e off - inevitable occurred last one - Scot-Wal should have won, but ...
  15. Ever Ever - fine side/can't remember them not in top-flight - enjoy your viewings.