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  1. As Serge says - and the kids stream to their Sonos things. I had a hard drive plugged in prior to getting a NAS. It kept falling over and having to rescan. Every time you get a new CD you need to through a right faff to get it on a USB. With the NAS I just pop CD in the computer and it auto rips - job done Guys thanks for all the responses. I've actually taken the SBT to work. This with a cheap amp and speakers has replaced the pants old radio! Production is rocking and staff are much happier I'll revisit the home system again at some point ( possibly some sort of Pi solution)
  2. Thank you. I'm not sure I want to be dropping £300 on a PSU. Think I may wait and just get a new unit if when the CDP packs up
  3. What did you get for it? Thanks Martin
  4. Maybe, but I think there will be a small but stable pool going forward and with a bit of diversification I think most of the shrinkage has happened now ( I hope anyway!) This will be occasional boosted by the odd trend - there's been headphones, and vinyl resurgence recently. Oh and DACs have been v popular
  5. I've been using 'The Farce' bl**dy hifi!
  6. I worked for both manufactures and retailers in the past ( and things may well have changed since then to be fair) but there wasn't price fixing or cartels. What I did notice was manufacturers being concerned about discounting devaluing the brand. Retailers being upset with box shifters and online sales chucking out at low price without having to provide the support expected from bricks and mortar business. We used to get people walking into the shop with stuff they'd purchased online because it was cheaper expecting to get lesson on how to hook it up or use it from us! Even been asked to go and install it FOC as it was a brand we stocked LOL (I am talking 12 years ish ago). In response heavy discounting manufacturers would/could withdraw accounts, and in response to being to heavy handed with MSRP retailers would/could stop stocking the brand. This I would imagine kept pricing fairly stable. Difference today of course is we are much more used to shopping online, and if a good deal is got by someone it's very easy to plaster it all over the place for other people to see.
  7. Clearly personal. I sometimes watch a 3D film on my TV (55 1080p OLED) but I don't actively seek them out. I like 3D but wouldn't be bothered to get it on a TV again, I think it needs to be on a projector ( or larger TV) to fill a larger field of vision. I would actively choose a projector with 3D as I really enjoy the larger picture and the effect this has I also find that 30 or so mins into a film my eyes adjust and start to loose the 3D effect. Closing one eye or pausing momentarily seems to re-set me lol
  8. Had a bit of strange one last night so didn't do the rebooting. I sat down to log on and chucked the CD player on, and was left shocked by how much better the system was sounding. Quite a significant improvement. Fuller, more dynamic, better detail, and the bass seemed to be going deeper and punching harder. I ended up like I'd just upgraded new, kit with CD's strewn across the coffee table and a late night. Bit of a dilemma, and I need to establish: If I've shifted something when unplugging the SBT ( I have a fitted unit and it's a real pain to take things out and re instate) Or someone has moved some furniture and I can't see what it is. My mood somehow was receptive last night(no alcohol was used ) My ears have magically changed Or , my concern, that the SBT has been upsetting something with RF or I don't know what. Could be why some people have noted significant improvements with changes to power supplies? Either way I'm actually tempted not bother putting it back in. It could well be that my valve kit is particularly susceptible to RF It's being a pain with the NAS and if it is the power supply that's a cost on top of the hassle. Aside from the Kids using Spotify I'm quite happy using CD's and frankly I can trail a 3.5mm cable for them to plug stuff in if they need to use Spotify (And they can stream from the NAS this way to if they need to) Head scratching and confused face
  9. Thank you. I'll give it another go rebooting tomorrow and drop you a PM if I still get no joy. All this help is very much appreciated! Martin
  10. Getting a fatal error and server log is telling me there is another version of LMS running Very strange
  11. Getting error messages and the server is not running. I'm trying to look at the log but every time I do it freezes on the log window
  12. Thanks for the help - it seems v complicated to me but you are very very good at explaining it! I could run it directly but am trying the reboot now thanks - never knew you could log into it that way
  13. That was worth doing thank you. LMS on the Mac works fine and the SBT connected straight away and looks stable It asked to update the software to 7.2.3 but I've left it at 7.2.2 as I assume this is correct for the NAS drive I can only think that the update on the NAS is causing a conflict somehow. Wonder if it something in security settings?
  14. Thanks Ronnie, I've got LMS server on the mac so will check if it can see that tonight. It's behaving oddly and won't connect to anything properly (internet radio etc). I've come across this as a possible replacement But seems that the PSU isn't great and the recommendation is try a linear replacement. Any suggestions at a inexpensive linear PSU as I could potentially get one and try it on the SBT first? Cheers Martin
  15. Thanks Ronnie, Annoyingly the Missus seems to have booked me up for months with weekend arrangements so don't think I can do a Saturday for at least 6 weeks. When you say power supply do you mean the Wall plug or something internal? Thank you for the offer of sending stuff but I'm going to have a bit of a think about where I go from here anyway. I've been going round in circles a bit with my digital source and ignoring it whilst everything was working. I've got a bit of untidy front end (haha) big old slooooow DVD player and the touch into my big biscuit tin of a DAC. I'd thought to combine the CD and streamer into a neat box (I still like choosing and playing CD's - or maybe I just can't quite let them go) . I'd put it off as my current stuff was working but more importantly I can't quite find a model that works for me:- CD transport (or player) with network capabilities for flac on the NAS. Spotify (for the kids/missus) and wifi. Needs to have Coax or AES/EBU for the DAC I saw an Onkyo that looked great but doesn't have wifi, Arcam do one but it doesn't do Spotify. I am not going to get away with a computer or Pi type arrangement in the system. I get moaned at constantly about using a DVD as a CD player for aesthetic reasons as it is. We also have a screen ban in the room (aside from the display on the SBT) it's for music, reading, or games etc only Maybe I do just have to let CD player go ( shivers down spine!).