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  1. Insulation is a good idea but adds cost and is not going to get past the house police. I'm going to be hard pressed to keep any freed up cash for the other room from the better half. Headphones is an interesting one. I could perhaps downsize and keep a bit back for headphones. Then we can enjoy music with friends or together and I can have some phones for individual listening hmmmm... Never done the headphone thing before so need to do a bit of investigation
  2. Thanks. I'm not moving room though. I have all my records and CD's in the current room and I want to keep it separate from the AV family room. Kids are now 8 and 10 and they are bouncing around. They can do that in the TV room without me panicking about the hifi getting damaged. They do use the hifi but when they go to do so they are comletely respectful of it. Also means they don't bother with it when their mates are over so I retain my tweeters.
  3. HAHA. probably right. But I've found this thread very cathartic and am in the process of organising a dem of some Rega kit. I used to have the original planet and it was a really nice bit of kit for the money
  4. Not sure I get your point? My cinema set up was precisely that, a cinema set up for a TV room to deliver great film sound whilst catering for aesthetics in a small room. I had no music consideration on it whatsoever. TV room is just over 3 x 3m (see pic - hopefully attached) even if I could put in massive speakers it's not for music. It's not laid up that way. Don't get me wrong if I chuck a CD or some such on it sounds impressive and most people are surprised but when you sit down in front of the hifi it's not anywhere near the same and I'm not trying to shoehorn it into the cinema It sounds fantastic on films and given the time spent watching it I may upgrade ( looking at MK) but not to play music on but to get more out of the film aspect. My hifi sounds awesome to me but doesn't get the listening time it deserves. if I downsize the hifi it will still be used as the primary tool to listen to music but I'll probably upgrade the cinema to give me even more on the film front. It had crossed my mind so I am arranging a demo or the brio and the elex.
  5. I can't separate them like that as I use one for AV and one for music. I agree that the AV struggles with music but it's not its primary purpose. Based on time alone I'm getting a lot more from the AV. But those odd times when I can sit and spend some time with the hifi, well you know how that is! I think I need to dem some items and be prepared for a small trade off for what will essentially be a still very good music system
  6. LOL - its sooooo about the equipment (and films in my house at moment). I'm really enjoying the Dolby Atmos AV, have honestly been blown away by how good films are sounding. It does help that I can shut myself away once everyone else has gone to bed and ramp it up head melting levels without annoying anyone
  7. Thanks Miles. Yes I'm at stage one - been prevaricating for about 2 years on and off but we'd been talking about moving so had used that as an excuse. We've decided not and when I actually stopped to think about how little use it gets, much as I enjoy it, I'm not convinced it's value for money any more. Glad to hear you got on well with your changes - did you audition before selling? I can't swap/change rooms around or integrate (aside from upping the spec in the AV room which is very tempting!) I've got 9 speakers and a sub on AV duties and its wall mounted as is the TV and the associated kit. Trying to get 2 extra massive speakers and the rather oversized AN kit into this room, which is a little over 3 x 3m plus all the media is not feasible. Also the kids are often in the TV room watching rubbish, playing games, having lightsaber fights, dropping food, using the sofa as a trampoline etc. I'm not changing my speakers, I spent ages getting the right ones to work in my room and I'm very happy with them. I love the fact that we are able to have a room for the hifi without a TV. The kids leave it alone and we can entertain with just music. I'm just struggling to approve to the investment to time ratio and thinking that freeing up some from the hi-fi to put into the system that is used daily would be sensible.
  8. I've monitored my hifi use vs my home cinema use (wasn't exactly difficult) Long story short: one gets used pretty much daily and has been used once in two months. Hifi sits in a room where it is underneath bedrooms and basically disturbs the whole household (wife and two kids). Cinema is in a side extension which I can listen at reference levels without disturbing anyone. Hifi won't fit in cinema room. I know I should really downsize it - possibly to add some cash to the cinema set up to improve that given how much use it gets. Which may make music listening on that system feasible Thing is when I do get to listen to the hifi properly it sounds sublime and I struggle to get to grips with moving on some really cherished stuff. I've been thinking that the simple thing to do would be to let the DAC and the AMP go to someone who will enjoy as much as I have and to replace these with something small and simple like a Rega brio (always had a soft spot for Rega gear) or a Pro-ject box. I'd keep my speakers and my turn table as is. I just can't get my head round the thought of replacing a DAC and amp that would have a combined RRP of about £7.5k (if bought new now) with an amp of around £500-600. And of course you don't sell for you paid so maybe I'd get £3k for my current boxes. Plus having listen to a couple of different (read less expensive) amps in my system they have all sounded good but coming back to mine immediately reminds my what wasn't there - probably the valve thing. But the amount of listening is seriously low. It's not likely to change anytime soon ( be 10 years min before kids leave and I hope the missus is in for the long haul) Those of you that have downsized did you just bite the bullet and sell before listening to replacement kit? Should I perhaps do it that way then I'll have nothing to swap back to compare and enjoy a new component for what it is? Anyone going from a good valve setup to a small SS setup happily ( i.e stayed with it for while and enjoyed the music)? Martin
  9. Is that the Simaudio 180 mind (and what power supply) you are using now? Do you prefer it soundwise to the SBT or is it just easier to use and therefore gets more airtime? Thanks, Martin
  10. I can't justify that sort of money on a PSU. Even if it did make the difference I'm quite happy with CD and vinyl. I've dug out an old Ariston amp and some Celestion speakers and taken the the SBT to work. We are getting hours more enjoyment than I'd get time to listen at home. I'll re visit the streaming at some point if and when I get I either get more time to listen or I find a simple cheap interface to link to the phone that i can run off a battery ( actually that's probably a Chromecast isn't it!)
  11. As Serge says - and the kids stream to their Sonos things. I had a hard drive plugged in prior to getting a NAS. It kept falling over and having to rescan. Every time you get a new CD you need to through a right faff to get it on a USB. With the NAS I just pop CD in the computer and it auto rips - job done Guys thanks for all the responses. I've actually taken the SBT to work. This with a cheap amp and speakers has replaced the pants old radio! Production is rocking and staff are much happier I'll revisit the home system again at some point ( possibly some sort of Pi solution)
  12. Thank you. I'm not sure I want to be dropping £300 on a PSU. Think I may wait and just get a new unit if when the CDP packs up
  13. What did you get for it? Thanks Martin
  14. Maybe, but I think there will be a small but stable pool going forward and with a bit of diversification I think most of the shrinkage has happened now ( I hope anyway!) This will be occasional boosted by the odd trend - there's been headphones, and vinyl resurgence recently. Oh and DACs have been v popular
  15. I've been using 'The Farce' bl**dy hifi!