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  1. Back a week would make it better for me, we may have finished making a mess of the kitchen by then. Postpone your birthday
  2. Thanks George, My wife has had enough trouble adjusting to waiting for the VTi's indicator light to stop flashing before lowering the stylus, rather than switching on a SS amp, and its good to go.
  3. couple of questions if I can please, what speakers did you use for the review, and just to clarify in use, you turn on the amp at the rear, then at the remote, then press standby, and wait for the leds to extinguish. Trying to work out the practicalities', 'cos if that is right it may give a few problems
  4. sorry for being late, had a bit going on. Starting to catch up with this now. This album did not help any, its just a bit looong. One or two tracks brought back some unwanted memories, others I feel are best forgotten, The tracks that is, not the memories.
  5. moving from mid range MM or HOMC carts to halfway decent LO MC.
  6. not worth the effort really, although I thought the Auntie Beeb one was quite good.
  7. are you certain you have the cart aligned properly, and vtf set right?
  8. He's talking about Harrogate, not Casvegas.
  9. Date dependent yes I'll give it a go.
  10. Plenty of decent laptops around, somethin from the Lenovo idea pad range may be. To move across something like this may be worth checking out https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/transfer-your-data on checking the link on my pc vigi link has hijacked it and made it useless, copy and past the link into your browser, or pick the continue to Microsoft link on the vigilink in home page I hope the revenue from viglink to the site make the inconvenience to forum members worthwhile.
  11. may well be do able for me.
  12. well that's a win them
  13. a better system may let you listen to more detail, nuance, timbre and texture, and all the other hi-fi jargon, but better enjoyment of the basic music, not really. people enjoyed the music on wind up gramophones, and crystal radio. If a better Hi Fi is needed to enjoy music, how did people get into Hi Fi in the first place. Unless pride of ownership, one-upmanship, or elitism takes over from musical enjoyment.
  14. Cos its difficult to cart my system down to the fishing lake, but I still want music with me. Just because I prefer to listen to a ''better'' system when I can does not mean I don't enjoy music away from it. It strikes me some people take this interest in a few boxes of electronics far too seriously.
  15. I must admit I find the not enjoy music because of kit bloody odd. I enjoy music on a transistor radio when sat behind the rods, or sat in the garden. Certainly I don't enjoy the music any less for not being sat in front of a objectively subjectively pleasing system.