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  1. enjoyable enough, unfortunately as much as I enjoy the music, backing, guitar work etc. etc. his voice irritates me, Always sounds as if he can not be arsed to sing,
  2. sorry to hear that fella, all the best from ''old'' wam
  3. Hi dave, where you been?
  4. phiilofcas has some S3/5r's I do believe, may be worth dropping him a pm, see what he compared them with. If you can find any the S5e are a lovely small floorstander. You need about 10-12" between them and the wall though.
  5. I worked with a Danish company for a few years several years ago. Always straight down the line, customer service out of the top draw. A real treat to work with. Sèems it'sa national trait.
  6. Good news, whats cheaper, parcel to Denmark or a cheap flight and pushing the hand luggage limit?
  7. I tried it again today, same result, so obviously my office system combined with Spotify is rubbish. I need to enjoy the basic music before I worry about the quality of the mastering. It can be the best recorded and mastered piece of music available, but if I don't get pleasure from listening, it won't get played.
  8. tried it yesterday, and had a very similar reaction. Depressing drone was the first reaction. Like Tim it was background music while working. I will try later, but as tidal don't seem to have it, it will have to be on Spotify in the office.
  9. You stupid boy Pike, it clearly says Video, and DVD. No a mention of multi bit Dacs, hifi fooery, or even audio. Obviously it will as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
  10. depends which deck you are putting on it, it very well may sound better on the lack. The cardboard eggcup type inner construction really suits some decks.
  11. why is it, that you can convince yourself that digits can be just as good, and as enjoyable to listen too as lumps of plastic. You spend a couple of weeks listening using Roon, or CDs. Then having knackered yourself in the garden for a day and half, no rugby this weekend, so think, sod it, I'll have an afternoon with the system. turn on the deck, and phono stage, wait for the amp to come out of sleep mode, lower the arm. Two tracks later, your bloody hooked onto the black stuff again.
  12. In that case my Google foo failed, and I found the wrong amp
  13. Have you tried it on the 4 ohm tap, According to the specs of both they should be fine together
  14. Why not have a word with hifi racks http://www.hifiracks.co.uk, they do Cyrus size srands, and some solid looking wall shelfs.