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  1. Still available, open to offers. Keith
  2. I have added the 'Part-time audiophiles' Axpona Review to the Kii collated review' stream, https://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/blog Keith
  3. Kii Audio factory tour courtesy of Mono& Stereo, http://www.monoandstereo.com/2017/04/kii-audio-factory-production.html#more Keith
  4. It really actually looks like the 8C are ready to be shipped! More about them here, https://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/dutch-dutch-1 Keith
  5. Yes that's the one ,are those your room's dimensions? It would be useful to see the acoustic measurement plot of your room, you might also try the frequency generator function of REW, not too loudly or for too long as you might damage your loudspeakers but set the 'problem' frequencies and then walk around the room, you should be able to hear the nulls and cancellations , you might have to squat,stand up squat because the cancellation could be related to the room's height . Keith
  6. L- shaped rooms are always problematic, but if you enter the room's total length ,height and the width of the section you are sitting in, the Hunecke one has a nice graphic representation of the high and low pressure areas. Keith
  7. Have you entered your room's physical dimensions, in an online room mode calculator , I like the Hunecke one but there are many , that would help determine if the cancellation is the result of a standing wave and in which axial mode. Keith
  8. Kind of counter intuitive but you need to absorb bass to smooth out the response, there is passive treatment that will absorb low bass, helmholtz resonators, tuned membrane traps . Keith
  9. I try and add every new Kii review to the Purité Audio site, https://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/single-post/2017/02/16/Collating-Kii-THREE-reviews Keith
  10. Still available and open to offers, Keith
  11. They do appear to be much longer than the rest of Europe weeks! Martijn has promised faithfully next week, we shall see! Keith
  12. This is quite an interesting initial comparison of Kii THREe versus Amphion loudspeakers andsubwoofer, courtesy of 'Gearslutz'. mpr #678 3 hours ago The Kii's arrived today and I had time to quickly set them up in between the Two18+Baseone25s. I have deadline work this week so I couldn't take the Amphions down. For now I placed the Kii's inside of the Amphions which are at 70" equilateral. Id say the Kii's are close to a 55" equilateral (close I know but temporary). The first obvious thing I noticed was how the Kii's sounded as I walked around my room (18x24 Pelonis designed hexagon), that the low end sounded freakishly EVEN. I've never experienced that before. In contrast the Amphion low end is all over the place, and why a heavy dose of Trinnov (IIR) is needed below 250hz, focusing the flattest response solely at the mix position - while everywhere remains a mess. Sat on the back couch and smiled as the bass remained shockingly firm and stable. Clients would hear close to what I hear... At the mix position, with the Amphions Trinnov'd 20 to 20 with the BKatz target curve and the Kii's set to Free Space and flat, I was immediately shocked at how similar their responses were down low. I thought wtf! as the giant Baseone woofers were excursing like crazy to keep up with the stupidly efficient Kii woofers. But in the end the Baseone+Trinnov combo landed the firmer, punchier, flatter low end on heavier bass/kick material, but not by much... and this is with the Kii's naked. The Kii's slaughter the naked Amphions down low. I started going thru my usual refs and could immediately hear that the top of the Kii's is nowhere near my preferred target curve. They will need Acourate from 20 to 20 if they stay. This is not a deal breaker for me since the goal is to avoid revisions much as possible, so you gotta know the boundaries of the speaker curve like the back of your hand. Back to the music. The Amphion sound stage was wider, but that is likely because they are sitting 2 feet wider! I will swap them soon and know for sure. Then I started noticing the phase tightness of the Kii's. Snares had a punch that was consistent from the stick crack on down to the shell. Vocals had a uniformity that delivered more realism into the room. Bass guitars were vertical pillars. Phantom center was incredible. Left to right panning was perfection. And I had thought the Amphion phase delivery was at the very highest, but they sadly could not keep up with the Kii's. On the more critical side of things: as good as they sounded it was very clear to me that had I decided to finish my days mastering on them, I would have failed. They definitely need to be dialed into my ear+room in order to produce results that won't generate more work later on. Either that or I spend countless hours learning them before doing any paid work, and thats not gonna happen under my current workload. I will learn them to a degree, but before that I think I need tame them to my room first in order to hear that familiar curve I know and love. But make no mistake, these are game changers in my world. Just jaw dropping once you let your ear relax into them. I was looking for an immersive speaker that could also translate well and I think this could be it! Need more time... __________________ Mark Robinson - Master Recording Studios 3 Share Report Quote
  13. A relatively new Kii THREE retailer recounts his experience, this particular retailer may be familiar to some 'long term' Wammers! https://www.wintersaudio.co.uk/kii-three Keith
  14. Srajan has finished his Kii THREE review which includes a couple of interesting quotes from Bruno Putzeys. https://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/single-post/2017/02/16/Collating-Kii-THREE-reviews Keith