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  1. 'Audio Express' a Dutch magazine have just reviewed the Kii THREE, it is a fabulous review, including measurements performed at Delft University's anechoic chamber. More details to be found here... http://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/single-post/2017/02/16/Collating-Kii-THREE-reviews Keith
  2. PSI's A17-M would best suit a smaller room or even desktop application, they offer superb bass from a relatively small enclosure. Keith
  3. Just added 'Bob Macc's' superb Kii THREE review. Keith
  4. A couple of things you may be aware of but interesting nevertheless, http://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/blog Keith
  5. Kii THREE reviews coated.. http://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/blog Keith
  6. I am planning a loudspeaker measurement project, to determine if we can correlate what we hear with the loudspeakers measurements.. http://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/blog Keith
  7. The major change in the new Illusonic firmware is to the depth/immersion parameters ,essentially the Illusonic IAP processor separates direct, reflected and ambient sounds. The new version has three parameters, 'gain', strength of immersion, 'high', the brilliance and 'size' which is the size of the virtual room. The effect is one of incrediblely extended spaciousness , it isn't an audio 'effect' but to 'feel' the acoustic of the recording. http://www.illusonic.com/ Keith
  8. Illusonic have just released a major firmware update, details can be found here, http://www.illusonic.com/iap-winter-2017-update/ Keith
  9. Still available, PSI A17-M monitors, perfect condition, white which is an unusual colour for PSI. keith
  10. Just to answer a couple of questions, the new remote has to be physically connected to your Kii speakers, by the 'Kii link' ( rj45 cable), if it is inconvenient to have the cable trailing from the 'control' across the floor, you can use any Infra-red remote to control ,volume, mute and source selection to control the 'control'.I use the neat Apple remote here, so the control could be left near to the Kii themselves after you have configured the loudspeakers.Keith
  11. The new remote for the KII THREE offers adjustability above and beyond the standard controls available on the speakers themselves, details here, http://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/blog Keith
  12. More about the new Kii 'control' specifically how you connect it up here.. http://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/blog Keith
  13. The additional connections provided by the Kii 'control'.
  14. The new Kii 'control' aluminium with a 'blued ' steel finish, top view.
  15. Literally just arrived! The new Kii 'control' remote for he Kii THREE loudspeaker.